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Found 23 results

  1. Class is back in session! Second Life University returns today at 11:30am PT with Second Life’s Tier One Support Supervisor, Spots Linden. Spots will be giving us some very helpful Linden Exchange tips! Learn more about the LindeX: Economy of Second Life More about Account Balance How to Update your Billing Information Watch it live today at 11:30am PT on the Second Life YouTube channel. We will be monitoring the YouTube chat and answering your questions. Stay tuned for future updates about Second Life University. Happy learning!
  2. Hello, Anyone knows how to solve this please? I tried to cancel my order in "Open Orders" and it says: Please correct the highlighted entries Could not find that order. See the attached picture: https://prnt.sc/22mimkn Thanks!
  3. After years, I finally decided to venture into the (for me) mysterious practice of cashing out. I have zero knowledge in economics/stock markets, and although I think I somehow managed to get the very basics of LindeX down, I am finding the whole thing pretty fascinating and would like to learn more about it. Can anyone point out/recommend readings that provide more insight...? blogs, websites, even articles if they exist! Google hasn't helped so far TIA!
  4. I bought two refills of lindens, one of 2650 LS and the other of 300 LS, finally, On my credit card, these TWo charges appeared and another one of 16.47 dollars that did not fit my account, i need urgent help.
  5. Yesterday I bought L$s for 50US$ ... the money was fetched from Skrill without problems. Today I see that the order failed, see this image. The money wasn't brought back to Skrill, but if I try to buy L$s again I'ld have to buy more US$ 'cause the buy-option doesn't seem to know that there is money on my account. So: Where is my money and how can I buy L$ with the money I actually have? Thx for your help! Nighty
  6. Linden Lab just announced, at least it seems, that Tilia will no longer be part of SecondLife? The message was a bit shadowed in the recent "An Update About Second Life" Blog. To Quote the Blog: Excerpt: IF Tilia will cease to exist, will we be returning to the old system for Linden Exchanges? Or? I'm sure many Residents would love a better explanation of this.
  7. Good afternoon, last night I had added a new payment method and attempted to purchase more Lindens. It loaded and a notice at the top popped up saying the payment had been cancelled. I tried two different times. When I checked my card balance, Linden Lab had taken .10 cents each time I attempted to buy Lindens (20 cents in total had been removed from my account). I stopped my attempts and have been looking to see if anyone else was having this issue and what I should do about it. I used my American Express, Bluebird card. Thank you
  8. i had two sell orders placed and waiting before the whole Tilia thing arrived. and they were sitting there pending. i recently cancelled one, in order to try a different sell price. then when i went to sell them, i ran into the whole 'you need to register for tilia' etc etc deal. that's fine. but what is going on with the lindex orders that were placed before the Tilia thing came in, and are not being filled until afterward? will they be processed using the 'old' system? will they be processed into tilia, and then people will have to register with tilia to finish the transaction? are they in limbo and not being processed at all?? my friend also has a buy order that was placed before the changeover, and she is still waiting... will she wait forever? that would be good to know...! thanks!
  9. Few more questions: 1. How long will it take to sell L$ at the exchange rate of L$250/USD$1 on these days ? 2. If it take too many days, what would be the best rate you recommend to sell L$s that take only one to two days? 3. On the sell page https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/sell.php?lang=en-US you see today best sell rate is L$252/US$1. But on the market data page https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/market.php you see that amount mentioned as best buying rate. Why they mention the same rate as "best selling rate" at one page and "best buying rate" in another? 4. During the last 90 days, I can't see anyone sold higher rate than L$250/US$1 in the table or on the graph. https://gyazo.com/a86c4c9e26d6e7d004877e2ee5780ef8 But the table on the "sell" page shows that some sold higher rates as L$233/US$1. Is that means the sell page shows the data older than 90 days? Any kind of answers will be useful as well as I hope those who experienced in selling L$s in LindeX will answer in here too. Thanks a lot for any support.
  10. So I just recently had a pretty major issue happen on Thursday January 31st at nearly 3:30 AM my time, almost 12:30 AM SL time. Aprox. 2 hours before trying to purchase some lindens in the amount of $49.99 US total I added $50 US to my Skrill account, which left it with a total of $50.04 US. When I tried making the purchase it said something went wrong and it had failed and declined. So I continued to keep trying, at different amounts, usually lesser because I thought maybe $49.99 US was too much for whatever reason. My last attempt was for $49.99 US again, at which it also said it failed and was declined. However, when I go to check my Skrill account it shows that the last attempt had been processed and sent to Lindenlabs, yet it never went through on Lindenlabs end. So the money is now gone from my Skrill account and LL is saying it failed and was declined. This is frustrating beyond all hell. I have been using Skrill for months now to purchase lindens and not once have I come across this issues. I called LL and spoke with a representative who said unfortunately there wasn't anything they could do over the phone and to file a support ticket with as much information as possible, and that if I have any transaction photos even better. I told them that I had already and also attached a photo of what it shows on Skrills end that it had been processed and sent to Lindenlabs. She said perfect, and also recommended that I try to contact Skrill. She said basically my money is stuck in limbo and her words were "I can guarantee you that your transaction will either be processed on our end or the funds will be returned to your Skrill account." I am really hoping this is the case as this has never happened before and my money is just gone! So meanwhile being in Canada myself and Skrill being in the UK I stayed up that night until 3 AM my time for when their office opened. The representative at Skrill said unfortunately they can't give me any information on another clients account (meaning Lindenlabs) but had assured me it was processed and sent to them. So he emailed me verification, which all it was is the transaction ID number which I already have and sent in my support ticket. I attached a photo of that email though anyway and added that Skrill claims it had indeed been processed and sent. In other words the problem is not on their end. So now it is a frustrating waiting game to hear back in my support ticket. What makes this worse is I have to my rent today in world for my land and my frigging money is gone and just floating out there "in limbo." How does this even happen? This is so very frustrating! And how can they not help over the phone with something like this when all they have to do is look up the transaction ID number and see that it had been sent from Skrill. Why must we go through this long and painful process of waiting for a support ticket to process? My money was taken and lost and it was on their end.... This is not ok. There should be better phone support for an issue such as this, but there isn't and that's messed up. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what ended up being their final result in the matter. They are currently having issues with people buying gifts on the MP so I wouldn't be surprised if they are also having issues with people just trying to purchase lindens right now as well. Funny thing not long after I called it showed up on the grid status that their phone lines and email went down as well for a bit. They are clearly having issues bit of course won't release anything to the public as to what those issues actually are. Also.... How long will it take for a support ticket such as this one to process do you think? I have in world rent to pay ffs, I can't wait too long. That cost me nearly $70 CAD ffs, it's not like it was only a few bucks that got lost and I can just be fine with trying to add more. At this point I am not attempting to buy anymore lindens until this matter gets resolved, and resolved as it should be.
  11. Hi, So I want to save money on purchases of L$... so I have been buying them using the "Best Rate Buy (Limit Buy)" ... I don't mind waiting the 4 days or so, as long as I can save a few pennies. I have been successful using this method more times than not. However, sometimes, this takes a long time to fill (like 2 weeks or more), and sometimes never happens (I had an order from a year ago I finally had to cancel, as it never got filled). I called LL to get more information as to why this happens, and the guy was very helpful, but I got the impression that this is a business secret money making thing for them, and that's why they cannot divulge too much (I'd rather think that, than that they don't understand it enough to explain it to me). Basically, he explained that the system has to wait for the exchange rate to match what I ordered, in order for it to be fulfilled. I tried to see if there was a better way to keep track of this (as it does fluctuate, depending on what ppl sell L$ at), and he could not point me in any other direction than checking the Buy L$ page. Is there a "L$ stock exchange like page" other than the Buy L$ page I should be monitoring to keep track of this and better predict as to whether or not my orders will get filled within a few days or not? Do the frequent users of the Best Buy Rate (Limit Buy) purchases buy what they need at a few different Exchange Rates to ensure an order gets filled, and then maybe once it gets filled, cancel the other orders? How do you guys ensure an order gets filled in a timely manner? I noticed as soon as I purchased using this method, the Exchange Rate went down, meaning it could take even longer to get the order filled at that rate... Buying and selling probably affects the Exchange Rate... so I'm having trouble predicting whether or not an order might be filled in a timely manner. What are some tricks or tips I could pick up on from you guys? I don't want to give up and just buy L$ outright using the Instant Buy method. I suggested that there be an Exchange Rate that you could manually type in "from 'X#' to 'X#'" as that might work better for those of us who do not mind it fluctuating a bit, as long as some order gets filled... What do you guys think? Please explain to me how to achieve my goals better! Thanks!
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  17. Hello.Can someone explain to me how "Selling lindens" work?When can i start selling lindens?Do i have to buy lindens in order to be able to sell?Is it worth playing secondlife just for making linden dollars and sell them?And what's up with the selling limit?Thanks.
  18. So my friend said he put in an order for $1,000,000L to /$1.00 Usd....he said it would take 14 days to fulfill....I am skeptical about this, I was wondering how far have you stretched the lindex? What is the biggest Linden / usd difference you have used and actually gotten money from it? How does it work? Will said friend actually get paid out or will he simply be waiting for forever?
  19. Exchange in progress almost month, but write usually takes 2-5 days. In previous times, all translations were conducted without problems. Type: Process Credit to Skrill Status In Progress Date/Time June 5, 2017, 5:11 p.m.
  20. I am a little confused and frustrated. lol On Sunday, June 25th I placed a Best Buy for Linden at 265 which was the rate listed. It has been 5 days. At the time it said under 7 days. I have seen nothing come into my account yet. I see all these Open SELL orders at much lower rates. Are these people that are wanting to sell linden at that low price? If so, wouldn't you think they would jump on the chance to sell at a higher price? I purchased through Paypal. If I cancel my order on the Lindex, will that money be used for my 'instant' buy or will I be charged again and have the first amount returned to me. I am on a tight budget so am trying to avoid any extra fees. Any help at understanding this would be very appreciated. Thank you.
  21. hey, I wanna sell my lindens to withdraw to my paypal account, but my limit is 0,00, why? how can i increase my limit?
  22. Hello! I recently used the exchange method of buying lindens but canceled the order. Do I get a refund, as I payed through credit card and I got the transaction from paypal. But cancaled it so I won't get my lindens and want to keep my mony for normal buying.
  23. So since the increase in fees I have been waiting to cash out in order to get the fee percentage down (which I am guessing was the reason for the change :D). Anyway, can't cash out. I get a message that I have gone over my Lindex Limit but of course that has nothing to do with sending money to Paypal as the US dollars are already there. Yes, I completed a ticket, but wondering if the message SHOULD have been "you need to reconfirm you RL person details". I didn't have to last year and it is a pain for me as my town ONLY has mail boxes, not home delivery and getting someone to realize that is almost impossible (many times, many places). So has anyone else had to reconfirm their info on file for the IRS? I am hoping the website is just not working right :D. Thanks.
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