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  1. I have a customer asking me to redeliver items he lost which he bought a year ago in MP. Can I do a search of his name in the orders somehow? I dont see any search option there. Is there any other way?
  2. I did a process credit on January 3rd and today is the 7th, it still has not gone through. I canceled it and did it again just now. Aren't we paying a fee to get it done in 2 days? Have you experienced something similar recently?
  3. Suddenly, 899 linden dollars disappeared from my account and I checked my history to see what the heck. I see this: ID prefix: 556a0270 Detail: Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1439139574 I am not subscried to anything. What could this be?
  4. Hmmm someone made a purchase and I see it in the viewer but on the site on top (where it shows my lindens and buy and sign out...) it hasn't changed. It's been more than 3 minutes.
  5. ok thanks you all. Freaked me out. Sometimes this happens in other places I build, I freaked out.
  6. I know I did. It shows the transactions since last night but I don't see the yesterday's total. I am almost sure I still have the same amount as last night.
  7. I feel like since last night my lindens did not change. I didn't record it so I am not sure but I really really really remember the same amount. I have had several sales since then. Is it just me?
  8. Hey can you explain this a bit more please. Right click on the viewer icon does not show me any editing options lol I am sure this isnt what you meant.
  9. I have been wondering about this too. It keep going up and never stops. I have a question, if I sell it for $L248 does it ever sell? I know it will take months perhaps but do I ever sell the lindens? I once tried and waited 3 weeks and nothing so I changed it but I keep wondering if I should wait. I sell once a month and each time I am scared to see what the selling range is. It's going up all the time and really saddens me.
  10. Mine is not working either. I have other problems too. I make items active they stay inactive. Wtf is going on?
  11. OMG no making products active in Firestorm is not working either. They looked acive when I did that but today after about a week I just saw they all turned inactive all this time!!!!! Wtf is going on??
  12. Is this a new change? I just added 3 products and no matter what I could not make them active from the MP site. I finally tried in firestorm to "list" them and they became active. I clicked the "active" area in MP and update the page but nothing happens. Weird.
  13. 248 was my usual one and used to take about 5 minutes. I have been waiting for a week now. I will try 249 now
  14.  Here is an example. 15 and 16. Also they are not deletable.
  15. Hi, I have been coying my new products and then "create listing" from the Avatar - marketplace listings inworld but although most of my products work ok some do not get listed and I tried every way to delete those and make new but they can not get deleted somehow either.
  16. when this happens, I delete the " settings folder" and relog. Always fixes for me.
  17. I tried to transfer less than that about $350 just once and I got the email. I have to provide a pic copy of valid passport so it is taking time for me. I submitted my old passport and even though they did not hold my account until I submit the new passport and gave me 1 month to submit it, I am not able to sell any lindens.
  18. oh thanks I have been freaking out and staying away from people. I will check if i am wearing it. Thanks a lot.
  19. Hi, I had a gift button I used in my shop and today when I was standing in a club people said they were getting a " gift button" gift under my name offering my products. How can this happen? The only gift buttons I had are in my inventory and I only used them in my shop. I have to put a product in it and put a price on it and when a person clicks it, they can put their friends name and pay and the gift goes to their friend. I do not have them in my shop only in my inventory. How can this box work directly from my inventory, find the names of people around me in a club when I am just standing there and send gifts to people? I deleted all of the gift buttons in my inventory and they are all sitting in Trash right now. What else can I do please? Is it possible some stole it from my shop with a flower in it and sending free gifts to people? The thing is when u use the box, u actually have to click on it and pay the price of the flower and then it gives you the flower. I don't know this can happen. Also all my flowers are copy and modify so how does it even delivers it? LovedWarrior Quan
  20. hmm maybe you can ask this inworld in the firestorm group hundreds of people there and u always get an answer to anything. Also try builders brewery group. they r free so just go and keep asking. Not many people come to forums here. I really think someone might find an answer there for you.
  21. Yes I would also try to contact the merchant several times, with notecards, groups and so on. Maybe that merchant is not working in sl everyday but eventually they will prob come back. I see people writing bad reviews to those merchants lol I am not saying u should but i wonder if anyone else had the same problem with that merchant and wrote a review. You could search that to see what's going on. I think 400L is a lot and you should receive your item. But it also happens a lot. I have customers tell me they got a box and only one shoe in it. So I don't know if it happens during upload to market place or during buying the product. Sometimes things go missing and have to be replaced or redelivered.
  22. I am basically new as a merchant but I see that sl customers think you are online 24/7 so they demand fast help. But i have not had any real difficult customers. I always give them gifts if they r not happy with something and they are mostly shocked when I do that. Keep your email connected to sl so u can see ur customers Ims. .
  23. I read this before so it not my direct knowledge but I remember it being impossible. Each store goes with one avatar and that's it. I opened 3 different stores about to open a 4th one all with my alts. I also did not see the possibility. I remember reading it somewhere that people were asking LLs to make it possible but it is not yet possible. I also used same names (thank God I had same name alts from before with diff. last names lol) it helps to keep the same logo and watermarks and stuff.
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