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  1. Just an idea to share. Apart from the default categories that are provided by LL, I would like to customize my own categories on my Marketplace Store. For example, under Animations, I'd name a tab called "Typer Animations," which its product still shows up under the LL's default category on search but the customers can easily browse stuff on my MP accordingly. That way the merchants would have better opportunities to present their products. Let alone saving energy/time answering peoples' questions involving the product lines we have. What do you guys think? Will LL listen to this kin
  2. I just noticed the increased fees. First of all, I have no idea why the revenues and fees must increase at all? Linden Lab is discouraging me as a merchant to create contents when I'm aware my earnings will be less every year. It's a slow kill in my opinion, and Second Life will be about just big brands who work in Linden's favour very soon. The great thing about SL used to be small designers who create authentic, fun, fresh contents that increase variety for all kinds of audiences. However, today I'm burdened to pay for premium that promises me nothing (even the customer service seems like an
  3. So you're perfectly fine when it hits 300 cos market changes all the time?
  4. I see numerous merchants on the marketplace lowered their prices down to 50 (from about 300 per item) because of its capiricous profits which i suspect is affected by the whole collapsing promise of our steady income like last year. I strongly believe a lot of residents are actually money laundrying in second life and Linden Lab can't do anything about it to stop it. Even if they're manipulating the market to "prevent" something, it's equavelent of burning up the entire field for several flies and I don't see we'll make any money here in the future, unless LL would cut the veteran merchants s
  5. You guys know what I'm talking about. It's a matter of time the exchange rate solars up to 290 over night at this point. I'm so disappointed whatever/whoever is causing this ridiculous suicidal marketplay because I remember when I could sell for 247 after waiting for 7 days and the rate was still steady. That was last year. What the hell happened this year? It's 261 right now. Are you kidding me?
  6. Ive been having the same issue since last week.
  7.  Enough said. Remind you this is just A portion of my empty listing malfunctioning. I can't even remove them. LL, you've got to fix this bug.
  8. Yea I use Singularity and use the official viewer to upload my stuff. The following behaviours will cause your blank listing: 1. Messaging / receiving notifications during, 2. Creating lists of a bunch of them all at once 3. Creating Lists too fast (i.e. Immediately create listing after transferring your stuff into the Merchant box) The following behaviours would cost you less trouble: 1. Make sure you freshly restarted your viewer 2. Set your status "Do Not Disturb" to pretend incoming messages/notifications 3. Create Listings slowly (give it a few seconds before you list) 4. M
  9. Great, I was about to write about this, I've had enough with this issue. So annoying. My ghetto solution for this was blocking all the incoming messages during uploading your products. Talking to someone seems to create this problem. This is some kind super-delicate system to work with. I hope they fix this bug. This bug created over 10+ empty listings that I cannot even remove.
  10. You should probably contact the other thousand of merchants who do the same. By the way how is this related to the topic I posted lol
  11. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: What is their complaint? Just a helpful tidbit of info.. You really need to link your demo items to the actual product.. Not a single one in the 4 pages i went through was. They have no legit complaints. That's the thing. For demos, It's too much work to include the demo on very single product page especially when I release the new item in every 3-4 days. You can just search the demo by the lowest price they all show up at once. I find that more convenient for the regulars who keep up with new releases.
  12. As a customer myself, I'm so used to seeing the profiles that say "IMs capped, please send me a NC," or a merchant saying I should've sent them a notecard, so my autopilot to contact a merchant is a notecard. As a merchant I prefer IMs of course knowing it sends to my email right away, but some customers would rather persistently do the notecard.
  13. Some people start off with report threats when they're unhappy with the product instead of asking for an exchange or A/S. They usually calm down and apologise later on as I'm helping them but geez it becomes so repetitive I feel like I need an assistant to take care this thing. About Scammers. I have at least 2-3 a month sending me a fake receipt in order to get a freebie. Thankly I save all my transaction records. Also there are scammers who claim that they have bought from me and the product magically disappeared from their inventory. I'm not sure if it's a universal thing they pull to get
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