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  1. More than a month ago I offered a significant amount of lindens at L$247 / US$1.00. 17 days later, with my order still open, I canceled it and top the amount to bigger, offering again for the same rate. It has never before taken more than a week to sell lindens at this rate. I have even written to a Support to confirm my order, which they did. Any reason why this is taking so long now? Thanks
  2. Here are the problems I see. Some were not there with the previous transaction layout and some are new: 1. No 24 hour history (I know, we all wait for this one to change). 2. BIG PROBLEM: a certain period would never start after midnight. For example, 2-3 June where I get a transaction history for both days, the 2nd never starts after the midnight. However, if you choose to see 1-2 June, you will get the 2nd correctly with the 1st missing some of the first transactions again. In other words, the first day of your period will miss some transactions and the total for that period will be incorrect. Be ready for some manual calculations. 3. If you choose the period starting with any day of the May - June 1st, you will get it till June 2nd. So, not only you get two days to see the last day of the month, but you get three days here! 4. This point probably has something in common with No.3 because if you chose to see your period starting with the last day of the month (May), click the View and than click on the calendar button to change your period starting with the next month, in our case June, it always will go to July. You can, however return to the June with the back arrow, which only takes one more click, not so much time wasting. 5. "Stale session" appears (to me that means View button is not working always) and you never know if it will be after 3 min or 15 min that your page has not been refreshed. After refreshing, the date is changed to today with Show L $0 transaction checked. In other words, it takes lots of clicking (read: time wasting) to get what you need. 6. "Items per page / Show all" of course we want to see all, that's why we filter dates etc, because we want to know what happened in a certain period. However, 25 items per page is what is decided must fit to all and there is no way to memorize my choice of Show all, for example. In other words, more clicking (read: time wasting) to get what you need. It really is quite frustrating. Let me know if you have same problems.
  3. Haha, if you are dreaming than I am dreaming, too! I see the same
  4. I agree with all of you here - the worst thign ever! And the day in transactions in no longer SL day, but your residence day. So I have my MM etc on SL time, but not transactions. And no Toatal shows that a person without a sense for business did that. Not to say, once you change the date in filter, it does not remember it. Oh, and there's more - the friends list has gone with new Transaction layout. For business people here it is handy to have them on one page. I do like the new function, but no need to sacrifice all others. Sighs and hopes this will get fixed soon.
  5. I've had the same problem. Thanks for your answer that helped. I've found out that the ALM will not compress image as long as the Height (in Custom) is kept to 718 px or lower. Make it 719 and you get it compressed. Than, the solution is uncheking the ALM. Hopefully this bug will get fixed.
  6. A REVIEW CHANGE ABSOLUTELY NEEDED! BAD REVIEWS BY INCOMPETENT CUSTOMERS: As a creator I sell and buy on Marketplace. I have seen numerous times bad reviews by incompetent customers! Some would rate an item low just because the prim skirt does not look same on a sunset as it does on a daylight (lol) !!! Others would give one star because "It's not so nice" or because they do not know how to use Edit tools to adjust the prim. It is very easy for them to rate low, but to us, creators, every star counts! We have spent hours and days to create an item that is probably very nice, but its reputation is ruined by the first incompetent customer, forever. I strongly suggest to, at least, create an option for each item we put on a Marketplace as to decide for it whether or not we want that item to be able to rate by our customers.
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