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  1. Is there a way to block certain people to access your merchant store and products? I have got someone blackmailing to get free stuff or leave bad reviews.
  2. I have created a sugestion feature Jira https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225397 The Processing of credits to Paypal is extremely disadvantageous to non US citizens because Payapl applies extremely high conversion fees plus a distorted exchange rate in their favor Higher Conversion + 3.2%-3.5% ) . This results in businness owners from Europe or other parts of the world to be subject to a further fee that panalizes non US citizens. With a direct transfer instead to https://transferwise.com the fees applied are in line with any other normal bank (0.6%) , its a service t
  3. I am looking for a good looking finely built animated rowboat to allow my visitors to go from island to island , eventually in couple or more sitting in it ... any sugestions?
  4. Hi , I just realized that I have built the whole sim using the wrong group so now all objects are having a group that is not even mine ... how can I mass change the whole sims object group to mine?
  5. I tried , same problem it only happens with some Linden objects not with mines... they are weeds .. perhaps they need proper terrain?
  6. Thats the message I get when I try to rez some objects on my owned land .. any reason why I get this message?
  7. Las Islas was the only and the first and you can visit the new updated regions too now. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Las Islas/24/145/21
  8. I dunno I did apply once in past but I forgot even where to now ... its a park.
  9. I mean I see beaches , editors pick, and other nice selections, but my place is never showed neither considered to appear there , I wonder why .. I don't think my place is not good looking or worst than others so how you get selected to appear in the destinations windows? That's my place btw. Las Islas https://www.flickr.com/photos/141448849@N02/?
  10. Well I ahve 1080 gtx ti... but is still 512 the max distance.
  11. Thankyou. It has all features of mesh updated at latest ones?
  12. I am using the official one ... may be I was using firestorm , where I download it?
  13. I had set up so that I could see fine items far away now they disappear or pop up lods everytime ... I have set up all at max in preferences so there must be some other settings I had enabled befor e that now I seem to have forgotten.
  14. Is it possible to increase the "keeping" of texture load by distane ? So far I have 512 m but I remember it was possible to set more afar like 1024 or 2048 ... how I can do that? my lods keep popping up and down and its annoying.
  15. ah , so basically baked textures is an improper use of the word? so far as I know backing textures is the process of transferring details from one model to another. The baking tool starts a certain distance out from the model.
  16. Ah , if I understood well it is a system to avoid for example to wear a mesh body , to apply textures like normal maps etc directly on the normal usual base model of avatars?
  17. Sorry if I ask but what are bakes on mesh?
  18. Hello , sorry if I ask or if this might be already answered, but , what's the status of animated mesh , ? are they available yet? Where can I read about ?
  19. No I disagree, Shoulnd not be expensive at all and keep the same price of a sim otherwise defeats the purpose of having larger sim , when you could get several sims together. The problem is right that , too expensive and too small piece of land. SL needs to renovate on that level or it will lag behind most of the modern technology for games around! Also it incentivaters people to create more nice landscape for free , which helps the game to prosper, if you have instead pay rent to maintain a sim it just makes the place ugly and worst!
  20. Is it confirmed that we can't have 4096 sims instead of 256?
  21. Sansar is nothing like SL and its very narrow focused . I wonder why not apply the technology of Sansar to SL and turn the 256 m islands into 4096 ones, that would be good .
  22. Would it? I think larger Sims are desperately needed, 256 m x 256 m are way too small , and too expensive.
  23. Sorry didn't read that and that you were a moderator. Deleted the images.
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