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  1. Thanks for the answers ...I am wondering when they will allow larger and better terrain tools ? ...
  2. Hello its been a while I have been out from SL for health reasons and other stuff, I am wondering if there are news things , I mostly jumped the whole 2016 and 2017 till now ... Any new engine updates, news introductions ? Are still people in SL , we have a demographics increase or decrease?
  3. How can I add a page for my Las Islas Islands tropical nature park? http://secondlife.com/destination/las-arenas
  4. Wow I dropped this thread a little time ago and I find 7 pages ... Thanks everyone for answering , I will take some time reading throught all comments ...
  5. Its since I am on SL that this tax is always rising and never lowering , at least not that I remember of , and can someone explain me why? Just a few months ago I remember it was at 247 now it rised to 258 L$258 / US$1.00
  6. Thankyou , I took some new pictures and opened a group in Flickr, for who likes to go there and take pics, I am also working on the next island wich will feature huge Thailand style cliffs and a Whole rainforest . https://www.flickr.com/photos/141448849@N02/
  7. hello , I wanted to give alook into how to make mesh heads or avatars , but I cant find any tutorial , I have all the needed external Know how , but I have no knowledge on how to make work all in sl or whats needed .... Could someone point me to the right tutorials or informations ? Thanks a lot for any answer.
  8. Hello everyone , may be someone remembers the Las Arenas Rosadas Island , back from 2007 it was one of the most appreciated places for romantic moments and nature immersion... Unfortunately due to several problems , like high rents for the 5 sims that I was keeping as a park , the copiers that have reduced the incomes of the main brand for the las islas estate that helped supporting the park , and finally my own absence from the scene for the last years , I had to close 3 of the 5 sims I was keeping online for everyone to enjoy. Las Lagunas, Las Olas , Las Islas , las Arenas Rosadas and Las
  9. Also another question is : is better to export lod and Hd version as one single mesh with different IDs or as two separate objects , that so in viewer can even be delinked?
  10. As an example I did an object that has : Download :1.1 Physics 0.2 ( its just a triangle, not sure how can I go further down here ) Server 0.5 ( also is this the minimum and what is affecting that ? If I remove all lods and just type 2 poligons in the generator it creates a mesh with 0.5 prim Is the 0.5 prim the minimum possible? I also noticed that its ifluenced by the fact that I have two or one ID material , one for lods and one for main ,if I reduce that to just one then I shoudl get a better count , but problem is I have to renounce to a HD texture , Is there a way to
  11. hello , is there a specific maximum number of poligons to be able to stay under one prim when expoerting a mesh ?So to know how to model something and be sure to have 0.5 prim impact
  12. no because are still showed ... apart that I noticed the problem to disappear if I uncheck the object object occlusion in developers rendering menu , but I have to relog then ... What can t be ? Looks like a bug to me .
  13. Hello , I have a problem with some meshes , the meshes are like 32x32x3 m and they intrude partially in water and partially outside, then I have other meshes that are completely underwater and intersected with the undeerwater part of the first mesh ... What is happening is that at certain angles of the camera, one of the two meshes disappear, but only the underwater part, this means that the first mesh half in water and half outside gets not rendered only for the underwater part , while the outer one stays rendered, this happens only at certain angles and the meshes look like blinking in and
  14. Hello does anyone knows hw to manage the terrain textures on land? I mean whatever I do they get alwys scattered like a mess and is not really controllable like its sayin in the terrain texture editing page here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Creating_Terrain_Textures
  15. What I would really like and what I am waiting for since decade now its larger sims and better terrain tools .... hOw hard wuld be for them to provide that and of course without charging us double for it .
  16. Ok thankyou , but how about Secondlife future ? There will be updates ? Improvements? What about the terrain tools?
  17. I did and comes out. Stuff about a region , rents and land sales there , plus some really old news about Sansar .
  18. hello , its been a while since I. Logged in SL ... Mostly I was dragged out by the old project of Blue Mars , though that never lifted up , so after sone years I am back and apart the mesh new things I am still seeing the same old tools for managing land , 4 textures with no normal maps with few control on the positioning and very small terrain areas .... I am wondering if there are plans for updates and expansions for SL or instead now all the good things will be only for Sansara? And btw about that last thing where can I read the latest informations about that new platform and how will it re
  19. pparently putting all the roster of normal maps in the editing script solves the random change at relog, but still not the other bug .
  20. Hello , I did a script to change mesh texture, normals and speculars on a mesh different faces . SO I ordered them to be exactly changing the specific texture... My problem is that the script works, when I click one group type , it changes the several faces textures, normals etc, then when I click on another group type to try another texturing solution it works only for the textures and leaves the previously loaded normal maps ... But If I relog I see that the normal maps have been changed to the right ones ... Why ? How can I do so that the viewer shows the proper normal maps loaded?
  21. llo , I have a problem exporting a mesh from 3dsmax to Secondlife . I have a mesh with 8 faces , I assigned in order the face ids from 1 to 8 ... but in Secondlife the correspondence is shifted and it is like : Face 0 --> ID 2 Face 1 --> ID 3 Face 2 --> ID 4 Face 3 --> ID 5 Face 4 --> ID 6 Face 5 --> ID 7 Face 6 --> ID 8 Face 7 --> ID 1 Why that and how can I fix?
  22. Hello , I wanted to export some sculpts from 3dsmax and import them into SL , I used primcomposer to generate the tga , but I would like to import them with the exact sizes and dimensions defined in my 3dsmax viewer and not having to stretch them , because its a mess when I have several sculpts that need to alighn ... I tried to use maxport but doesn't work or not sure how to make work right ... I can export the hpa files, but dunno how to import , any idea? Is there may be a feature in the viewer to upload?
  23. Hello , I have a small texturing problem in world , I have this plane made of 8 faces squares in my mesh model , in 3dsmax the texture uvmapping is fine and I see no seam line , but in SL I see this gray line following the path of the junctions between the planes ... http://i.imgur.com/uRxHDbm.jpg How can I get rid of this and why in 3dsmax I do not have that? On right the 3dsmax Uvmapping and on left the SL result , even tiling at 0.99 or less the line persists .
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