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  1. The oldest max I have is 2017 , not sure if Primcomposer can manage it as I cannot access the page of instruction as site is down , do you have a copy of the instructions?
  2. Hello , I was looking to recover some scripts that I used to have and use for creation of sculpt maps in 3dsmax 2009 and beyond, does anyone knows where to find ? I can't seem to be able to find anywhere them . Or alternative versions to create sculpt maps now?
  3. For future people that might have the same problem , the problem was me not having space in the download folder and drive, so without notice the download just failed, moving the download and or freeing some space solves the problem. Thankyou.
  4. Hello , sorry if this is not the right section of the forum but I am not sure where to ask ... I tried to login after some time I couln't and firestorm asks me to update the viewer, but when I go to download the new version it says download failed all times... looks like there must be a problem , I tried deactivate antivirus but that was not the cause, apparently seems I do not have permission from the website to download?
  5. Seems easy to introduce for developers and seems to grand similar results to the Unreal 5 nanite tech ! What do you think ?
  6. probably I need to understand how a script shows the texture, which is the difficulty I am having, what portion of the texture etc ... so I can arrange the uvmap accordingly ...
  7. I wanted to use a single face possibly couse i made a line of balls of like 32 balls or so , andi don't want it to become too primmy , I created a rainbow pattern that I wanted to smoothly slide in the bulbs but for some reason it doesn't flow as should there are half cuts in the look .
  8. I would like to create a mesh with light bulbs , using a texture but I have no idea how to uvmap the balls or to arrange the texture like, any idea ? I wanted to use with a script so that the colors of each bulb change , illuminate , may be glow and flicker.
  9. yeh contacted the creator but not yet got answer.
  10. Hello , I bought a full perm mesh but I need to understand how is uvmapped the model in order to retexture it , is there a way to check the uvmap of a model fullperm that I bought in SL ? Or somehow?
  11. Everyday I am seeing a new Metaverse beeing announced, Metaverse , Omniverse, Decentraland, Earth2 , and so on and on ... some based on nft, other on cryptocurrencies other on the Billions of their company and so on , how you see all this and how will touch Secondlife? Should LL ride too that Hype? Eventually Turning to nft too etc?
  12. Thanks a lot , but it doesn't allow me to download anything unless I subscribe to an yearly fee ... is there a free site where you could share those?
  13. I know I had a version working with max 2017 , but I can't find it anymore, is there an updated site may be with the latest released version?
  14. Hello does someone know where I can find a primcomposer plugin for 3dsmax 2017 or 2022? I know its old tech etc but its still usefull for some stuff to make sculpts but I can't find anywhere anymore the tool!
  15. I would propose something else instead... What about Having a new revolutionary approach to avatars, by using avatars created with metahumans ? may be implementing metahumans into SL to have better realistic avatars in a simplier way ... because right now it feels we are building over an old system and keeping all together with laces and tape and this is why it become so ankward and clunky to create avatars, too many layers, too many weird steps to take , too much stuff to learn , and most peole that come for first time will be just overwhelmed and discouraged. The two systems could work side by side , this would give creators the time to switch gently on the new system and also give the time to create enough new content to be able to use the new bodies at their full potential , without the need to have multiple layers, bom etc...
  16. Now the question , what could be done or should be done to simplify and yet keep the same quality we have reached for avatars so far? To simplify the user experience especially for noobs?
  17. I had really a hard time getting to understand all the new upgrades with the bodies to look good, reaally a lot of patience from a friend of mine explaining me how to and a lot of time testing stuff... Its not that easy pike buying a chair and rez it ... Is this keeping new people from joining SL? Especially since their first approach with game seem to be nooblevel areas, noob level avatars and difficulty in the learning curve?
  18. Its something like SL ? What it is and what you think of it? https://apnews.com/article/technology-business-lifestyle-games-mark-zuckerberg-f57e01cd5739840945e89fd668b0fa27
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