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  1. Thankyou , I have playied with the setting and I managed to improve the motion , I am wondering though : 1 Using the timer causes any performance problems to the sim or else? 2 How I do to fix the fact that once the script runs , then I cannot turn the boat or whatever it is in any other direction of tilt and it snaps back into its position , I suspect that could be couse I am using world coordinates? And not perhaps local ones ? Its good to use the world coordinates for the height and position , I have infact added a way to move the center of mass to the water level , but I
  2. Ok I fixed it even more, but , I do not understand how to fine tune, the Vector and the Rotation , As the description on the wiki is pretty scarce... for example which one is x y and z? Why use tild in the first two parameters? And how I cange the direction of tilting when rezzed?
  3. I did, or tried, but as I said I am not a scripter, nor I have the time to beging studying the whole scripting, I just wanted to find a good float, rock , smooth script because the ones I bought aren't good and can't find anything else around.
  4. I don't understand, I am getting syntax error even when I copy scripts from LL lib.
  5. Mmmm I tried, but I get a load of syntax errors :(.
  6. can u make a sample of how to ? I am not expert in this, also what means leaky?
  7. Tried that in a prim but seems immoblile without moving , I am missing something?
  8. thanks but how Iadd the gentle roll , yaw and the pitch?
  9. Hello , I am looking for a script that could let my boat to float and rock and look like is buoyancy on water. I bought and tried many scripts and all look bad, robotic , not smooth , jaccy or need a reset after a while, some after I run after some days stop work and show them above water... I noticed a good one in one of the objects I bought recently for a buoy that looks good but is not on sale , so can anywone help me make a good one or point me where to find one? I need that for an item to put people on sit and cuddle . not a vehicle.
  10. A new function like Prim_Type_mesh is not present?
  11. Mmm no , I wanted to change the whole chair while sitting , doesnt mind if it makes me stand after I click it , but is possible to delete the chair and replace with a new chair of different shape but same content?
  12. Cannot even rename them? Or replace with another one?
  13. Is there a script that allows to rewrite content of a notecard with a button and that it autoexcludes as option after?
  14. Ok thankyou , as another question , if I lets say have the item rezzed on ground, removed the rezzer from myself and I want to replace the item right on the spot, touching it , Can I do ? Like I touch the item a manu comes out and rezzes a different version of the item in the same place and rotation and deletes the previous ?
  15. This is giving me syntax error , I tried to implement it in the script but seems I am not able to make it work seems ?
  16. Problem is that the objects do not have the same name. in case of different names how I remove them?
  17. I am lost, any hint on what should I write in those codes?
  18. Yeh I am not getting to finish that 1% part that makes it derez when I rez another item .
  19. Here is what I coded: script on a worn prim : integer on = TRUE; default { state_entry(){ llListen(312321, "", "", ""); } attach(key x){ if(x){ llResetScript(); } } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(message == "back"){ llSleep(0.5); } } touch_end (integer count) { if(llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()){ if(on == TRUE){ llSleep(0.5); float number = (float) ll
  20. Hi , I have an object worn on shoulder, I want to be able to rez an item when clicking on the object, and I did that , I did also so that the rezzed object is randomly selected among a pol in the worn object, but what I would like ot do if possible is derez the previously rezzed object once its rezzed a new one , but with a permission menu on when rezzed that asks if or not to finalize it if finalized the object won't be drezezzed when a new one is rezzed, is it possible? also is it possible to add a command on the rezzed object when clicked that desits the avatar and adds an object to t
  21. Hello I would like to understand better the corrispondence of materials in SL and materials in other game engines and material pbr creator like quixel or substance ... To my understanding Color is Diffuse map Color Alpha , is Alpha Normal map is Normal map Normal map alpha is ??? Metalness ? Specular Map is ??? Roughness ??? Specular Map alpha is ??? ???
  22. Is there any trick or system to redouce Land impact of huge structures imported into SL ?
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