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  1. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hello-Grymmy-Cyber-Dragon-Exclusive/4666701 As for the other items, they are harder to find without names, But the above link is to the Marketplace where that is listed. Hope it helps somewhat..
  2. Thats the thing, it was NOT apart of the progeny system, it was being developed as a HUD by myself and a friend who has scripting knowledge, and yet you still don't understand the fact, there are many things that are NOT apart of most systems, but the players use them. Just because it is NOT apart of the system via the original creator, does NOT mean it's players will not make them, Like for example: Spikes, Claws, and etc are made by others that use the Bloodline Scripts.
  3. If they use that and the Open Collar Leash script, just place them into a hud, and it will work. At least thats probably how they are doing it. We were designing a HUD with that script, An online script to show us our enemies, and so forth. It was beta testing, and the friendship ended because I refused to bow down and kiss a**, whatever happened to the HUD beyond that is well beyond me, because I didn't care. I deleted mine along with everything else that belonged to progeny
  4. The type of script she's talking about is listed here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/AvatarFollower They have scripters may have rewrote that script to allow it to work in No script areas, I know of it , because back when I was apart of Progeny a friend of mine and I were developing a HUD that didn't go anywhere. It was just used for us, after the friendship ended however. It was given out to a few others, and I don't know what or where went afterwards. I'm going on Two years out of Progeny and I must say I'm loving it. Then again I don't go into SL all that often as I play games online now, and have no real desire to sit in SL dealing with the progeny BS anymore.
  5. nice to see that group take off like that. I don't log in and stay on long enough to even think about joining anything. Hope this works out for everyone. I really need to log in one day and clean out offlines. Just read they upped it to 50 for prem members. I pay for it, and rarely use it now. Sad huh?
  6. When I see skins with those lips, makes me think of suction cups, just wet them babies up, and slap'em against a window. I'm sorry I just can't see the need to have lips bigger then ones head per say. There is a lot that makes me question SL anymore, and a lot of it is the skins.
  7. I totally understand the time difference thing myself, and let's not forget that some just well give up SL all together. I'm in the same boat as you are there with some that are different times then I am. I guess that is why I rarely log in anymore. A little about me, I'm a loner of sorts, I do hunts when I remember which ones I like the best from the previous year, I'm 37, not into the clubs, but love to explore mainland, and hang out trying to help new residents, and make new friends, but I wish you all the luck in the world. I don't log in all that much, maybe we'll run into each other via a HUNT or something along that nature.
  8. Not a lot do RP with para styles. They do it mostly with HUDs, weapons, and etc. But yeah like Kitti said, you're best to either start your own, or even check out the one she's posted. I came from a 2d chat , and a text based chat and gave up looking in SL because a lot just dont want it.
  9. Thanks for lumping me with Snowgoose and RA1, but apparently clueless about me. I only gave insight about certain things with progeny, and their lack of Role-playing. I agreed with those that felt they should have the opition to be left out of their little game. As I've at a time or two hated being apart of Bloodlines as well because of the bad reputation that it had gotten in the past when I have read the older forums before garlic. I got labeled a griefer even though I never sent a bite request unless it was someone I knew in my old horde, but then I didn't even do that. I saved enough lindens and bought my blood before getting my forever amulet. I have been online since the early 90's when it was all text based chat rooms. Knew of SL, hell probably even have a forgotten name that is older then my one alt I found a few months after creating LadyShad0wz. No I won't give it out, because it's a name I keep hidden from the world. I use it for storage only now. I've lost friends due to Progeny, but have gained them back after leaving that horrible game. Yes that game like so many others can destroy friendships when they can't stop RL attacking in a RP scene. But like so many other SIMs I've visited in the past, the RP starts and then stops once they forget to seperate themselves from their character they create, or lack of creativity. Who is LadyShad0wz Greymoon now? No one, it's just a name that I log into SL with to check offlines, read forums, reply and then I go back to my RL Name and forget this world even exists. Even my Star War characters have names, some even a back story that I play out in the game, but over all, my RP days in SL stopped when I decided to detach myself from a game. Yes I now see SL as a game that so many will play cause they do NOT respect the people behind the avatar anymore. I feel for the ones that can not seperate themselves from this anymore because at one time I was one of those people until I left cause of RL issues, I thought I had friends, but in the admist of it all. I found out, I was just another name on someone's list that was it. Some of the people I've met while Djing became more then just a random friend in my SL list, they made it to my FB page where it has my SL display name Shadowz Greymoon (Shadowz Dragosani Brooks) but has my RL info listed on it. Yes I have a RL FB too, but don't use. Random Facts to be known. The internet once named Arpanet was created roughly around 1969, the internet known as the World Wide Web wasn't created until 1989, but wasn't released out for others until around 1991. http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2010/05/the-first-website-ever-made/ http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/internet/internet-world-wide-web-are-not-same-thing-n51011
  10. This is what I think most are complaining about, now correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe most feel this. First off let me say this. ROLL PLAY is a wiki site for DND, (Dungeons and Dragons) http://rollplaydnd.wikia.com/wiki/Rollplay_Wiki , I googled it because I wanted to know. It's also a loosely used game term too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing_game_terms#R_3 And that states this " Roll-playing: A derisive term for rules-heavy games, occasionally to the point of requiring players to focus on game mechanics at the expense of role-playing" Now taken from the dictionary.com site for what "Role-Play" is. verb (used with object) 1. to assume the attitudes, actions, and discourse of (another), especially in a make-believe situation in an effort to understand a differing point of view or social interaction: Management trainees were given a chance to role-play labor negotiators. 2. to experiment with or experience (a situation or viewpoint) by playing a role: trainees role-playing management positions.verb (used without object) 3. to engage in role-playing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing now what Progeny claims to be is a RPG (Role-playing Game), and it's easily read here as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing_game I've even seen some say that it's a loosely used LARPG (Live Action Role Playing Game), which yes most of what happens in SL can be considered that when on their own SIMs and such, but the players love to come out into other SIMs, while having a group chat or two opened, and attack other players and laugh about it. Either way, There is no role play with their "Food" as they call the non-players. When I was apart of Progeny (shutters at that thought), but how I was approached was funny, an ex-friend IMs me asking if I wanted to be apart of the "ELITE" and I accepted, after a week, I dumped the HUD, and walked. Came back because I was asked to give it a second go so I did, thinking things could change. Sadly they didn't change. It was still the same ole BS , I survived as best as I could. Even found a place within Progeny that I loved for over a year. Could do as I pleased, and didn't care. Wasn't until I was put into positions that I didn't care for that I started to back out. I had a few that I made into Vamps like me, but they wanted it at the time. Then RL hit and I left SL and Progeny for a good 6 months. Came back to the same ole BS that I left from. Only this time they were getting braver with their attempts to break their beloved masquerade. Alts were being thrown into the game, etc. I watched friends get accused of things they didn't do because it made one Arch Vamp laugh. Etc. It wasn't until last year that I had my fill of it all and decided that I would go against their TOS which was to not talk bad against the system. I did so on their own forums to say the least. I laughed when I found out I was gone, happy too because now I had control of my life and not felt the need to be pressured into anything. They feed on the negative of the outside world. So they do read these forums and feed on that negativity. Shows the true mentality of them. Very few have I seen ever Role play. Most didn't know and still don't know what a Character Creation was, let alone how to go about creating one. Then there was those of us that did try to use the HUD just as it was designed to be an Aid to Role-play with. But were told, "This isn't what it's for", because they couldn't see the understanding that was taken. This house that was in Progeny Role-played among themselves on their own land. I know because I was also friends with that house owner as well, and he just like so many others. Grew tired of the "Coming Soon" on certain tools that were promised to the community (yes progeny see themselves as a community), They packed up their buildings , removed their fangs/huds, and deleted Progeny from their SL and deleted SL from their computers as well. A few of them I still talk via skype from time to time, but all have said same thing. They are happy to be out of that waste of a game". Now progeny just uses SL as it's own personal feeding grounds, and doesn't care who they drag into their world, if you don't know or do know about progeny ,but aren't apart of it. You're just their food source, and they will treat you as such, Not all members of progeny are like that, but vast majority are, and they love to attack other houses. Which at one time even made it impossible for them, because there was the time all vamp blood was poison to those outside of their bloodlines. So they attacked the humans that were aligned with said houses. Now it's a free for all, on each other, and others that consider "Food",
  11. Vampires , and etc are still of interest to me, and I will always speak out against progeny now that I'm done with that scene in my life. I come here to the forums mostly now. To read and laugh at some of the other posts I've seen, not only on this topic, but others as well. I don't see the need to be in a system where well as the old saying goes "Money talks, and BS walks", but I do like to make others aware of that system , I don't come into SL often now because it's just not worth my time to stand around and watch idiots be idiots. While yes I do have a shop still in SL but only on MP and I've given up working on that. My scripts that I stored outside of SL are long gone because I gave that up as well. And RA1. If you read my words carefully it was "I LOGGED IN ALTS TO FEED ON", just because I got tired of having to go out and deal with the other players of progeny, and I did not want to drag anymore people than I already had into progeny. That was my way of trying to protect people that did not wish to partake in that type of RP. I did NOT once say my alts were apart of progeny itself. I did the same before I got the forever amulet in BL as well so I didn't annoy anyone with bite requests, plus at the time I didn't have the L$ to spend on 200 apples for a blood doll. Vampires have always been a high interest to me, way before I ever knew of SL, Vampire The Masquerade, and etc. It was just a dark side of human nature and listening to others talk about it. While in my older days in text style chats like Excite,MSN,YAHOO,AOL,well Excite had a virtual chat room with pictures customized that I got into RP online with a dice roller and other tools. This is what upsets me about Progeny is they contradict themselves and drag everyone into their game even if they are aware , or unaware of it. I don't go scanning for people using the HUDS and or FANGS cause well I'm not in SL often. When I do go in. I clear out notices, and answer offlines that appear from friends that do still pop into SL, which isn't often because they too got tired of it and found happiness outside of SL. While in Bloodlines I made my own clan so I didn't have to join up with anyone that required me to do things I did not and will not do. Progeny made it nearly impossible for the same lifestyle for me in there, so I became an outcast that just did not care about it anymore. Still to this day they demand "RESPECT" to their leaders. Sorry maybe I'm just old school here, but I firmly believe that respect is something earned and can not and will not be demanded from me ever in life. So a system that merely reeks of demands is something people need to see. While yes they claim it's the most realistic game in SL, which I won't agrue with, because it is, but it's also without it's flaws. So people , next time you decide to include my name into posts that refer to things that I DO NOT do, re-read my words and understand my viewers for SL sit in a fold named "BS " and if I do log into SL on one of my many ALTs, its to be free from the creators life I gave myself in there, and to roam freely as just a regular joe!
  12. Wow a lot of reading I just did. Not to mention the "Spell Checker" ringing loudly for most of the words. Plus I'm curious as to what in the hell is a "Lindon", I thought they were called Lindens, and for Vampire lore lovers? What books did they seriously read, Anne Rice, Twilight, Cause I have done extentsive research into Vampires, and the various forms of lore, and not once did I see anything like Progeny in it. Still amazes me that some do not get that Progeny is truly a bottomless pit of hopelessness. It's claimed to be a Role Playing aid (or better known as a Tool), but yet in same sentence has "Ecosystem" in it as well. This is why I truly gave up in there, because outside of the areas designed for RP, we did not take it out into the public open SIMs to interact. I won't say I wasn't a good vamp, and didn't feed off those that were new to SL in general, or in info HUBs, because I did, until I started logging in Alts to avoid going out and about and dealing with other "So-called" Progeny Vamps, back to the topic. I believe this game as they see it, along with SL, and yes I've seen many say and chat that SL and Progeny and everything inside is a game. But I've also visited SIMs that were strictly set up for RP only and gave their rules, information, and such, and what is and is not allowed to be done on the SIM, most of the time I just used the "Observer" Tags to watch people stand around in those SIMs not saying or doing anything. I just feel it's a sad time that a new resident can not even go freebie shopping without being hounded by these leeches, while some do not drain them dry, others will. It's how they do it. Most don't know what they are doing in SL when they first join it, and are trying to learn the way, learn how to walk, interact with others, and well yes sometimes annoy the women with IMs saying "Hey baby I want the sex", even though I still have yet to figure out what "The SEX" is. I know what Sex is in general, but not "THE Sex" as some say. So my opinion is this, if progeny is to be a RP Aid, then state that, and if you want your little ecosystem in it as well, well keep those damn players in the SIMs you have set up for it, Super andA few of them were building weapons to help Progeny grow into something more since so many were using DCS to fight , and yet when they left, there went the HUDs and weapons for that set up. Why must outsiders of progeny continue to be punished for not wanting to be apart of the RP in the first place?, Now that I've truly had enough time out of SL and Progeny , I can see it clearly for what it is. A system that will always be "BETA" because it's not good enough to be anything better, no matter how many changes come. When the so-called "Slayers" and "Lycans" come into play as well, rest of SL Community that wish to remain out of it will be harrassed and targeted by those as well. I just don't see it ever being anything more then a hopeless dead system that is and always will be consumed with the "Greed" for money!
  13. Not just the fangs, but the HUD as well, but of course now it's been made that they have to wear the fangs for the HUD to even work. It's funny too, because the fangs come out only when they are biting someone, rest of the time they are invisible to the naked eye. But even though, most will not do that because it becomes tiresome after a while. As I've stated in the past, turning off scripts doesn't work because Lachiel found a work around to enable the HUD useable in No Script areas. Which there I feel is a violation of something, not sure what, but if people turn off scripts on their lands to reduce lag, then everyone including progeny members shouldn't be able to use that HUD at all. But I keep forgetting who the creator is. He feels he is above all the TOS and Rules set forth by Linden Lab. AR them just doesn't seem to do much good. Because in all honesty, unless you are seriously threatened by them, best they'll tell you to do is "Ignore" that person. While that is all in good, but in reality, they are using their alts to join the game as well. Something he wanted to save the game from since most of Bloodlines and a few other games allowed Alts to join right away, they have managed to circumvent the rules there too as well. Create an alt, let it sit for 30+ days, then embrace it into Progeny from a friend of theirs. So nothing is as crystal clear perfect as the source would have been believed. His feeble minded narrowness is his own destruction. But I agree, with Randy, there needs to be a better way to detect those fangs and HUDs to keep others aware of a progeny vampire within range. So for now, use the tools that we're given, and it works not just in firestorm, but Singularity and CtrAlt Viewer as well. Any 3rd party viewer that has "Area Search" enabled.
  14. You may find some that will be willing to bow down and kiss butt, but rule #2 is something that just will NOT happen. You can not Force respect upon others. Respect is earned and not easy to force upon others. if you try that , you'll end with a backlash really hard and fast there. Only way people will respect the royal heirs is by learning from them, getting to know them, etc. So good luck with that.
  15. There is no seduction in progeny, to be quite honest, there really isnt much of anything in progeny cept a lot of moaning and complaining. Like I said in the past, as an ex-member who became smart and got out of the world of progeny. Nothing will ever truly change with it. For them it's a game to be played and with everyone in their wake to play it whether they know it or not. Much like the poseballs that do ask to animate your avatar, they will never ask to animate your avatar to bite you. They feel they have every right to be within 2 meters of your avatar, and the newly aquired "Follow an avi around " well thats an old script that can be dug up anywhere, just someone played around with the coding to make it more useable. The script I know of that they probably played with is the old "/15 name of avatar " that will follow them around even on non-scripted SIMs, see that is the whole end game for them. To use their HUDs where ever they are in SL and feeling that they are above the rules from others that have to abide by the "No scripts", while their SIM, well they lag worse because they don't limit how many scripts one wears. Yet they truly do complain about it. There is no pleasing anyone in Progeny unless you drop to your knees and well you get the picture there. Or dump a ton of Lindens into Lachiels pockets so he can pay yet another months of SIM rent. Even at one time they used the Open Collars to leash themselves to their prey and followed them around. This is how much of a wasted time is spent. Trying to figure out how to reach an end game here for that system. I for one am glad to be away from that life in there. While yes my avatar is still a vampire, it's the nature I designed for it. I just no longer partake into any of the vampires in SL. I live my life in solitude, and isolated, As for the Masquerade part of Progeny, well that was apart of their whole "Bill of Rights" thing they have been trying to introduce into Progeny for the last 2 years I believe. They want it to be a "Law &Order:Vampire Edition" in there. Hence my other reasoning for leaving, majority of progeny is made up mostly by those in Raven's Claw , while I have talked to, and met some nice people from there, I just feel sorry for the rest that are living their lives like disdained mindless drones always believing what the admins say. That is why I will always refer to progeny now being a "Cult", because if you don't agree with what the admins, or creators say, you're labeled an outcast. Well I welcome the title of "Outcast" because if it that is their normal, well they are truly sad people indeed. Since the opening of Progeny, you'd think by now they'd be out of "beta" stage, and yet they aren't, means someone doesn't code it properly and people find work arounds the scripts that Lachiel so painstaking claims to have created. They circumvent the game, by disassembling the HUD, and figuring out how to get around his API coding. Much like any type of coding. It can be hacked into, just plain and simple. As for the Dove device. I am not even sure it was a HUD< or just some type of device you placed on your land and it doved their huds so they couldn't feed there anymore. Either way, it would be nice to have for those that do not wish to be hounded by the progeny trolls. At least with Mars, once all the complaining stopped and etc. He had his development team create the garlic that even though it puts a users UUID into the system, it also stops the invites from happening. Lachiel will never allow that because he was greatly disappointed in HUNGER, Bloodlines, and a few others which is why he even created progeny. Realistic yes it is, annoying, Most for sure. In that world, I went from Vampire to "DEAD and BANNED", back to being a quick , their term for "Human" in their worldly annoying game. Does it bother me, Not in the last bit. I got smart and started seeing that it was making life complicated in there for me, that is my reason for leaving the game. I agree with a few here on the forums, that while yes this may be an annoying debate for some. For other's its about bringing awareness out and about to a game that as much as they have tried to keep it a secret isn't a secret anymore. so while we keep talkin bout it, maybe just a small glint of "Maybe" one day they will change it and offer something to keep our names and UUIDS out of their little game. But I wouldn't hold my breathe on that because that day will never come.
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