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  1. So very true. Back then I had one of them funky names like daywalker15_15033, then eventually became xXx_Vampyr_xXx.. Excite had some crazy names for sure.
  2. I started out in Yahoo chat, then moved to Excite Vp chat, then Halsoft VP Chat, tried a few others after Excite closed down, namely voodoo then in 2010 I decided to try Second Life when I was doing some research for a para forum RP community I was running with Vampire the Masquerade , and saw that I could become a vamp, so I came here and ended up in Bloodlines, then tried another one around late 2012- 2013 then just became myself afterwards. Walked away from all forms of RP. Still apart of Bloodlines but not active, and don't care to join up , Now I just come in to travel around and just hang out mostly with my RL partner, some friends I made as a Vamp, and as a DJ, that didn't care I wasn't doing that stuff anymore.
  3. Indie Artist I found a few years ago on Facebook, then YouTube. Seckond Chaynce Seckond Chaynce - Love Like Never Before
  4. I came for the concept of doing more then just para role playing. When I was role playing a vampyr who lived as an outcast because I couldn't and wouldn't conform to their rules, or get into the little petty squabbles, I then became a DJ, started up a shop and it worked for a few years. Then I reconnected with my RL partner and I left it all for a few months, came back and everything around me changed that I just opted to stay to myself. I no longer RP as a Vamp, Don't DJ anymore, and build when the building bug strikes me, but other than that I rarely come in unless RL partner wants to hop in with me and go on a shopping spree and take photos of us together.
  5. I'm over 40, and I tend to travel the roads on Mainland, only cause I'm always looking for something interesting. I use to DJ and when I quit that, I quit clubbing. If I'm not on mainland, I'm hanging out at my home with my other half. Less headaches, and less hassles.
  6. Our wedding in 2013 shortly right after he joined SL for me. Our current photos from last year after he let me make him over in Mesh. He was finally happy with the over all look, course my explanation to him on why I was in awe with his AV made him think twice about our SL lives. Since we are both SL and RL, we don't come in often together. My explanation to him on why I chose the mesh for him was this is how I see his personality. To me it's truly a beautiful thing that instantly drawn me to him over 30 years ago when we started out as friends. He's my first and my last in both SL and RL. No other way I could explain it to him other than I based our avs on our personalities.
  7. After a search on Google, and then going to marketplace I found this store that has a few that have no rez rights https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/193851
  8. My better half finally decided to go with a total new look , first is his original look from 2013, and 2nd is his new look now. 2021. Only took me 8 years to convince him it was time for a full mesh upgrade
  9. If you're gonna do that and suggest books pertaining to the Vampire lore, why not go with The Vampire Encyclopedia by Matthew Bunson, The Complete Book of Vampires by Leonard R.N. Ashley, Vampire: The complete guide to the world of the undead by Manuela Dunn Mascetti, The Complete Vampire Companion : Legend and Lore of the living dead by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Vampires : The Occult Truth by Konstantinos, The Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger. I have all these books and have read them, Most were vital when I use to play the pen and paper version of Vampire The Masquerade back in the late 90's early 2000's ...Except the Psychic Vamp Codex, I bought that for a good read.
  10. These were taking a month or so ago at our log cabin. Ironically my Husband has opted to return to his original favorite dark skin. I can't blame him. Not everyone likes Mesh.
  11. Or just go to his flickr page, and highlight his name and do a google search. I did that and got this as a result and yes his SL profile is listed with Links.
  12. No makeup as I just checked on my [AK] Elen Head I have them all turned off. so what looks like Makeup is probably from the Dante Skin Applier from 7Deadly s[K]ins that I bought a while back to match the Elen Head.
  13. The first one is June 22 of 2010, . Second one is the most recent look now to date.
  14. Looks like the names they give you in the SIMS 4 game..Gesh...Come on now, but Idk Ravenhurst has a nice ring to it, but nah. I'm stay with my "Greymoon", and it sure isn't worth the $39.99....
  15. I chose LadyShad0wz because I came from Halsoft Chat, aka VPChat, and it was there that I became a Lady of a manor full of vampires, so yeah it was based on RP purposes that I kept Lady Shad0wz, and as for Greymoon, I kept refreshing the last names at the time, and this one popped up 5 times in a row, and I thought it sounded all mysterious, and later on a friend said it even sounded like Celtic in a way too. Also at one time no one in SL had the name of LadyShad0wz with a Zero in replace of the O. I just decided to keep my name, but change my display name because I'm not very lady like. Even though I no longer RP as a Vampire, I do keep it as a reminder and just incase I do happen to get back into it.
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