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  1. Back before I joined Second Life. I was in another chat called Excite super chat, and a guy I was just friends with decides one day to log in on his name, and pretend to be a cousin saying he was instantly crushed by his van he was working on. Had a group of us all upset and sharing memories that night of our time with him, next day he logs in on same name to go hang out with a new group of friends in another chat room. Then in 2011 I had a guy just up and disappear , had his friends call me in RL, and tell me he was put into prison for assault and battery on a felony level. Only to log in aga
  2. If you're gonna do that and suggest books pertaining to the Vampire lore, why not go with The Vampire Encyclopedia by Matthew Bunson, The Complete Book of Vampires by Leonard R.N. Ashley, Vampire: The complete guide to the world of the undead by Manuela Dunn Mascetti, The Complete Vampire Companion : Legend and Lore of the living dead by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Vampires : The Occult Truth by Konstantinos, The Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger. I have all these books and have read them, Most were vital when I use to play the pen and paper versi
  3. These were taking a month or so ago at our log cabin. Ironically my Husband has opted to return to his original favorite dark skin. I can't blame him. Not everyone likes Mesh.
  4. Or just go to his flickr page, and highlight his name and do a google search. I did that and got this as a result and yes his SL profile is listed with Links.
  5. It's not a fictional town, but yet there is no true information about it. I found this link that well was quite interesting to Read. Ashamore, Luzerne County PA
  6. No makeup as I just checked on my [AK] Elen Head I have them all turned off. so what looks like Makeup is probably from the Dante Skin Applier from 7Deadly s[K]ins that I bought a while back to match the Elen Head.
  7. The first one is June 22 of 2010, . Second one is the most recent look now to date.
  8. Looks like the names they give you in the SIMS 4 game..Gesh...Come on now, but Idk Ravenhurst has a nice ring to it, but nah. I'm stay with my "Greymoon", and it sure isn't worth the $39.99....
  9. I chose LadyShad0wz because I came from Halsoft Chat, aka VPChat, and it was there that I became a Lady of a manor full of vampires, so yeah it was based on RP purposes that I kept Lady Shad0wz, and as for Greymoon, I kept refreshing the last names at the time, and this one popped up 5 times in a row, and I thought it sounded all mysterious, and later on a friend said it even sounded like Celtic in a way too. Also at one time no one in SL had the name of LadyShad0wz with a Zero in replace of the O. I just decided to keep my name, but change my display name because I'm not very lady like. Even
  10. The first one in all pink was roughly end of 2010 when I joined and last one is updated. I think I changed her around a lot. My partner in both. His first avie was 2013, and took me 6 years to convince him to go with mesh. He is a little picky on skin color still. He's not quite happy with it yet. lol..
  11. I was bitten my first night in Second Life. I met someone that talked me into adding lindens to my account so that I could buy the HUD myself and let myself be bitten. I knew about the game because before joining I was researching vampires for a role play I was doing in a forum and ran across an article for Second Life and various dark themed RPs I could do. I was becoming bored with the forum para RPs, so went out seeking something new. Came to second life and started frequenting the freebie galaxy, and other various places and was approached by someone who took me to their clan land and intr
  12. Progeny is still around, but from rumors I've heard is it's more about in fighting now. There are other games that most have joined like the Eternal conflict, and other stuff like that. I no longer really follow much of Progeny based stuff, but I do have friends that are still apart of it, and that is what they told me. Most have moved onto other games with Angels and Demons now. Eh, myself. I'm a bloodlines carrier, but with Forever amulet I don't play it anymore. As for Progeny I doubt they will ever truly leave. Most just went to find new games to play now.
  13. My RL/SL Husband, and myself. Taken just for fun a few weeks ago.
  14. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hello-Grymmy-Cyber-Dragon-Exclusive/4666701 As for the other items, they are harder to find without names, But the above link is to the Marketplace where that is listed. Hope it helps somewhat..
  15. Thats the thing, it was NOT apart of the progeny system, it was being developed as a HUD by myself and a friend who has scripting knowledge, and yet you still don't understand the fact, there are many things that are NOT apart of most systems, but the players use them. Just because it is NOT apart of the system via the original creator, does NOT mean it's players will not make them, Like for example: Spikes, Claws, and etc are made by others that use the Bloodline Scripts.
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