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  1. Thank you all for sharing your rez day experiences and photos! I was looking for more recent rez day experiences to see how things have changed, but I was happy to get so many replies and a variety of experiences. I just read in a Second Life blog post that Premium account holders will be able to change their first name, last name, or both in early 2020! There is a one-time fee per name change, and I do not know how much this costs. The first name can be anything that is not already in use, and the last name will be from a list. This is great news for Second Life residents! But I think I will keep my original name for now.
  2. Hi Amanda, I agree, never sit on a stranger's poseball or you might be unpleasantly surprised by what happens next XD. I also like the Shelter.
  3. My rez day was February 6, 2010. Back then I was allowed to choose a first and last name for my avatar, unlike now when all new avatars are given the last name Resident. I joined Second Life because it was a requirement for a class I was taking then. When I joined SL, I was given a selection of about five or six avatars to choose from. I chose a brunette with a pink polka dot dress. I remember starting out on Help Island in my rez day body and clothing. I learned the basics on Help Island, and then I teleported to the location where I met with other avatars from my class. We were all newbies except for the teacher. I am curious about what a rez day experience is like in the present day. What has changed over the years about a rez day experience? I know that now all last names are Resident and it is hard to find a first name that has not already been used. Do you start out with a classic or mesh avatar? When you joined SL, were you given the option to choose your avatar from a variety of avatars with different appearances? Did you start out on Help Island that only new avatars can access? Where was the first place you teleported after leaving that island? And did you change from a classic to a mesh body and why? I still have my classic body. Please share your rez day experience!
  4. Thank you so much RikaOfThunder !!! The artist who created the rose painting is Arthur Albin. I was pessimistic that I would ever be able to find the artist, while searching in Second Life, a friend suggested that I ask in the SL Forum and look... it worked... and fast! Thank you again!
  5. I am looking for the artist who created this painting. I saw this painting in Second Life on 10/14/2012 at 9:39 PM. I took a picture of it and cropped the image so that it only shows the painting. Unfortunately I was a newbie in 2012 and did not look for any info about the painting by clicking on it and seeing who created it. Now if I like something in Second Life, I always look up that information so I can buy it. I looked in my chat logs for 2012 and teleported to all the landmarks listed in my chat logs for September and October 2012 hoping to see it again. I could not find it. I also looked on SL Marketplace at art of roses and could not find this one. The reason I want to know the artist's name is I love this painting. I want to buy it in Second Life. I am an artist and I want to ask permission to paint a rose like it on a wooden box.
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