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  1. It's actually a part of Community Standards (article 5: Adult Regions, Groups and Listings). You're right that it seems to be pretty-well hidden. The purpose behind the rule is that all resident profiles are listed as 'General', and can't be filtered by maturity rating, therefore they have to apply the strictest rating. To quote the SL wiki: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Maturity-ratings-and-search/ta-p/828865 People tab The search system does not filter keywords when you search for avatar names or profiles. Information in Resident profiles should be General. Please refer to our Community Standards for details. 
  2. tl;dr. The forum's just a dumb place for people to crowd-source for answers, or for people to waste time when they can't get in-world. Politicizing it is crazy. Get yourself a more rewarding hobby. =]
  3. Slaves in the Gor books have no rights, and no right to say 'no' or 'I have a headache'. How this is interpretted in SL will vary (though usually not by much). However, all RPs have Out-Of-Character Chat (IM is considered 'OOC' by most people, alternatively double brackets ((...)) tend to be used when done in local), maybe if you ask real nice the typist behind the Gorean mister will take pity on you. In short, it will vary by participant. If you're just looking for 'good' roleplay, and not many of the other things Gor offers, you'd likely be better off in a more relaxed setting. Good luck.
  4. Good luck! As a bit of history, I started SL in 2006, but didn't settle on a 'look' until February 2008. It took a lot of work (nearly 3 months!) before I had my avatar as I'd invisioned. Since then I've made some alterations (and I don't know if I've worn the same outfit twice yet), but I view it as a constant cycle of change, as my vision of 'Freya' becomes clearer in my mind. Lemme see if I can Google hunt some pics This one was taken in maybe early-2009, by a smart little lady called Gita Rau. I wish I had more pics, but I'm at work right now IRL. >.> I'm making another big change soon, and I've got butterflies. =]
  5. Many people in SL have this issue. I'm afraid making a well-designed, super-cool looking toon (SL residents tend to call them 'avatars') can take a very long time, and require hunting through dozens of stores. Most people understand that it is a process, and many people go out of their way to help new users get their look right. Your walk will be caused by an AO (animation overrider, it replaces the SL standard avatar animations with custom ones). You may need a new one, or if you don't have one already, you may want to get one. =] Your glasses should detach by right-clicking them and hitting 'Detach' on the menu. I hope that helps with a couple of the niggles, and while it can take a while, try not to get too disheartened. The reason it's NOT built like the Sims is to allow for an incredible variety of looks, all made with objects made by other users. This Flickr set has some lovely pics of what other users have done, given ample time:- http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/second/clusters/life-sl-secondlife/
  6. That error message comes from rezzed objects that are trying to animate you but haven't properly asked for permission. If it's travelling around 'with you' as you TP, it's likely caused by an attachment. If you can find a way to the 'Script Error Window' on your viewer, do that. Without knowing which viewer you're using, can't help you there. However, I recommend you attach/detach your attachments one by one to see which one causes the error on attach. Good luck =]
  7. Have you tried relogging? Sometimes L$ balance doesn't load right away. Check your Transaction History via 'My Account' on www.secondlife.com (You could always try using 'Answers' to post questions, too.)
  8. Cinnamon Lohner wrote: But in general, you cannot sell RL items using lindens. This is covered in Section 5 of the Terms of Service. This isn't true. You can use L$ to pay for RL goods, providing the transaction takes place inside of SL. Section 5 of the ToS states that you're not able to claim compensation from LL for L$ lost, and that it isn't 'cashable money', just 'game tokens'. A far bigger worry (to my mind, anyway), would be people copypasting the link to the file to each other, and skipping on payment. But good luck, all the same.
  9. The history of your purchases can be found by logging into the Secondlife.com website, then selecting 'My Account' and 'Transaction History'. That should tell you who to contact regarding your issues. The link is: https://secondlife.com/my/account/transactions.php?lang=en-US
  10. Partially loaded/grey avatars over a long period of time are usually caused by packet loss/connection issues or LL-side communication/asset issues. A solid workaround is to change your group tag. For some reason, this forces all avatars nearby to re-rez. For those that don't rez, try going out of viewable range (fly up real high maybe) and then come back down. Failing all of that, the odds are that the texture baking is borked on their end, and a polite IM to ask them to rebake usually works great. Using a combination of these three steps, I never see grey avatars. Good luck.
  11. Considering that logging chat (including IM/group) to textfile is a feature of the viewer, I can't see any issue with recording that chat 24/7 for personal use. Anyone idling in the group IM is effectively doing the same. I don't even think you'd need a disclaimer (though those on the worryful side may appreciate it!). If the chat's being logged to another system, such as a personal website or being copied into Notecards for distribution in-world, you may run into ToS hurdles. =]
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