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  1. Haha my patience runs pretty short on the regular, I'm careful when I'm speaking to unknown audiences (e.g. in a public, busy sim) because... I don't know where that might go. But to be clear again, I wasn't pointing at any specific people's approaches! There's definitely a place for being able to narrow down your likes, and you seem to understand that it's a balance - too negative and you will seem negative, too jaded and you will seem jaded. It's not just experienced roleplayers who are having trouble finding good times, new users have this trouble too. And when they find an established Sec
  2. I think you and Harrison may be onto something. I agree that finding things in SL has always been hard - quality is often a fairly limited resource. But it is still your world, your imagination, right? When things don't match what you expect to find you adjust your world. If everyone around you talks "lyk dis" and you'd rather they spoke "like this" or "L1k3 7h15" then... find those people. Why sit around growing bitter and frustrated, resenting either other users or the platform? Why would it be anyone elses' perogative to give you the experience that you want? I've always found that a lot
  3. So much shade, so little time. I'm not yet thirty (ALMOST, NOT YET, and don't you dare suggest otherwise), I've been active in Sci-fi, BDSM, Gor RP as well as general erotic, crime and/or relationship/girlfriend experience stuff. I've absolutely no interest in family/urban/kids/pregnancy/emergency-response/MC/vampire/breedable stuff. Been roleplaying from angles that I love in SL for 10 years (since my first week in-world), and across the Internet for a fair while before that. A lot of my closest friends roleplay daily - just about everywhere - and all hold themselves to high standards of qua
  4. KaiKing26 wrote: Yes, it has been possible within the last six months with the release of a free password launcher. In addition to Rhonda's very sensible advice about payment information and SSC... Don't be silly enough to install an application that you don't understand, to control password access to anything. Not only can it steal your Second Life password, but if executing from inside Program Files (the default Second Life install folder) it can grab and transfer private information from just about anything. It might sound like a fun thrill in the heat of the moment, but it's def
  5. oCHANTYo wrote: AM i doing something wrong? Yes. I mean, it's not possible to guess what you're doing wrong since all you say is "when I used the scripts ...". It's possible that you're confused - Second Life scripts don't have universal operation, they won't ALWAYS "lock" your door, because that's not a thing. Scripts run through actions that APPEAR to lock a door if the door is constructed in the same way the script expects them to be constructed. They'll rotate (this varies, sometimes they slide) 90 degrees (this number varies) on an axis (the axis varies) which appears to make a do
  6. Bryce Kidd wrote: Generally people who pass me notecards from people I muted, get muted too. High five!
  7. ziicutie wrote: Be sure the write an apology to this person wether you believe you did something wrong or not, and don't make up any excuses or explanations about why you did what you did that cause them to unmute them. If you mislead them once, you're not going to be able to mislead them ever again because they will most likely never listen to you again, and possibly ------ --- --- -------------. This is a recipe for disaster. It's far more sensible to only apologise when you believe you did something wrong - misleading them by writing a fake, half-butt reply will most certainly t
  8. Phil Deakins wrote: a minimum of US$10,000. Lol. Oh LL, never change.
  9. Alwin Alcott wrote: mystree Feila wrote: . I have a premium account directly from my bank account... impossible Just for your info, you can have a premium PayPal account linked directly to your bank account (called verified and linked via instant transfer) - I think this is what Mystree is referring to. Them complaining here instead of to PayPal (like they should've) mixes up all of the messaging in their post. [Source]
  10. Firstly, we're just residents and can't help you take action against a vendor. Secondly, you're not allowed to name names on this service. Please remove those names from your post. Thirdly, I don't think selling things that don't work is actionable, and you have no obligation to support from vendors. Second Life has always been Buyer Beware.
  11. bigmoe Whitfield wrote: that means users are clicking links they think are legit and giving the bad guys their informations Well, sure, that's one way. Phishing has increased in recent years, as it turns out that there's a reasonably easy profit to be made here, for a combination of reasons that I'm hesitant to post. (Users familiar with the reclamation process will probably see why SL accounts are low risk, high reward) The easy/short answer for services in wind-down is that as support, moderation and development incentive wanes and staff get assigned to other platforms/projects, we're
  12. No worries. Win10 research is permeating brainmeats. Added bonus (in business environments, mostly) is new 'Business' Windows Update, which avoids Win10 Home's abandoning of user control over the update process. I see that article has a link to an MSFT-hosted list of core changes - may be useful too.
  13. Qie Niangao wrote: KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Oh, Windows 10 Professional to be sure. Really? I'm genuinely unaware of what I'm missing by running Windows 10 "Home" -- I think I checked at some point (probably way back when I installed 8 over a creaky old Ubuntu) and decided I'd never use whatever the "Professional" features were at the time. I'm obviously in no position to contest your suggestion, just curious what of value one gets for the extra US$50 or whatever it is. Maybe this link helps? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_10_editions#Comparison_chart I've always used Pro (si
  14. AloniBudasa wrote: MY HUSBAND CANT HELP ME Sounds like most of your problem, right there. It takes (at least) two to tangle! Check out their site: https://sites.google.com/site/hudmamaallpa/
  15. Bluemoonn00 wrote: And in rare cases it does lead to RL relationships, which in turn fail in 90% of the cases according to statistics. Which statistics? And on what metric do they 'fail'? 100% of RL relationships fail over a long enough period ('everyone dies!) - the percentage is meaningless without qualifiers. Bluemoonn00 wrote: In the real world 50% of couples cheat on their partners. My rough estimate is that its 90-95% in SL. Which makes it a general rule, if everyone does it, its no longer cheating but do keep that in mind to prevent getting hurt. 50% doesn't seem lik
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