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  1. I've been doing some research for an avatar project and had a question: Project Bento's skeleton added a LOT of bones for making non-human avatars, but there still seems to be a deficiency in it for avatars with long, articulating necks, like dinosaurs and Dragons, being that there is only the single neck bone. What can you all tell me about the parameters of the limitation (or am I wrong about that)? Are there any "proper" (ie, supported) workarounds for it? I am not too crazy about deform anims, especially since I have read that LL fixed the uploads to disallow them as part of the Bento
  2. The Viewer has downloaded and installed this same version 5 times tonight already. I keep crashing after about 30-45 mins of activity, and every second time, it reinstalls.
  3. Getting through the basics: 1) Yes, it is real, at least in theory. I know there are implementations of it, and they still work, because I made a "proof of concept" ages ago. Verified today that it still works. 2) It is nothing to get worked up over. More damage is done from fretting and worrying about it than the tool actually generates. The chances of any resident actually being griefer by this particular tool are quite low. That said, it is against the ToS (Harassment), and can be dealth with via normal channels -- AR, ban, etc. 3) Viewers can NOT "revoke" the perms, since they are stor
  4. I was given a new skin by someone, and it works fine on their av in the same sim, but when I put it on, it is 100% transparent. I tried creating a new skin from textures, and the same thing happens. I even tried a new skin with just blank textures, same thing. The other person is using the latest Firestorm viewer. Is 3.6.1 borked with skins? Rolig/Lindal: Not that I am aware of. The av uses the human base shape with some prim parts. The existing skin works fine, I can even put it back on and it shows up afterwards. However, any skin I make myself from two textures (top/bottom, not head), or
  5. Any proposed solution to respect this BAD policy change overlooks the fact that there is a LOT of content out there to which there will be no updates, and no way for the users to fix when it is broken. No, I think the entire policy needs to be reconsidered. It is FAR too late to try to put the genie back into the bottle.
  6. Note that sim restarts can cause translation (movement, not rotation) to stop functioning. So, if you have any persistent objects using this function, sim restarts (for any reason, including sim software rollouts) can break it. This issue is being investigated atm. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7556
  7. Setekh Ichtama wrote: Complaining won't do anything so just accept the changes and move forward until they ban Phoenix or make it so inoperable that it's really not worth using, which is likely the desired intention and you really can't blame them, it's their show afterall, not yours. The adfarmers said the same exact thing. "Complaining won't do anything...". Well, guess what? THEY WERE WRONG. Now, I will grant you that, in the majority of cases, you're right; however, there IS value in at least attempting to elicit change for the better because, sometimes, it DOES work. Also, I thin
  8. Faye Feldragonne wrote: Hasn't anyone listened to the recording by Linden Oz about these changes? I have the link but not sure they will allow it posted here. Yes, I listened to it last night. If anything, it reinforces what I said above and will say below.
  9. I posted my take on it in the JIRA, but here it is for more angst and hand-wringing in a different venue: Here's the way I see it. True online status has been discernible since, well, pretty much the Beginning of Time. The limitations on who could see it were added to the viewer at some point, but it has ALWAYS been known that it is not absolute. Anyone who wants to know that you're online could simply rez an object with a script which queried your true online status and they could find out. This isn't something that has "recently happened", either. It's been this way for years; ostensibly
  10. Not at all, you can use one of the methods listed above to iterate through the links and then check if the name returned is equal to your specific names, and then do those functions on that link.
  11. Venus Petrov wrote: LL Community Management is interested in attracting new residents by pushing content out to FB. I understand this for without new residents (particularly PAYING ones), SL's might not survive. However, if one takes the long view and is successful at pulling new residents into SL, who will be left to answer questions, mentor, lend a hand? Oh, there will always be someone(s) to fill the void (no pun intended); and they will get burned / burned-out and leave, too. One would think that this would be a death-spiral cycle, but it never turns out to be one. The company n
  12. Rufus Darkfold wrote: Given that the purpose of this forum is to discuss scripting and to help each other with scripting questions, it is unfortunate and rather baffling that LL seems to have run off its most knowledgable and helpful contributor. She wasn't the first in that category, and she suuurre won't be the last, which I think is the greater point she is exemplifying by her leaving.
  13. Yeah, I could have told ya what the ultimate outcome of this would be. :-/ Stellar winds to your back, Void. Perhaps you can sing to me sometime.
  14. Ahh.. well, this is the wrong place to have a discussion on that. Sorry to see her leave the forums, but I completely understand her feelings on the matter, having long abandoned them myself for similar and different reasons. Anyway, I don't think she's leaving SL completely, at least I hope not.
  15. I think she is messing with us again. She BETTER be messing with us again. <.<
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