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  1. If, you say, so I am not to argue about it because I am right, and you are wrong have a good day.
  2. I think Linden Lab needs to pay for our non copy items even, if they do a 2012 rollback my stuff will still be gone at this point I am not sure, if I should contact the creators that I bought the stuff from, and ask for a redelivered, or have Linden Lab pay for my stuff, and most of the stuff that was returned is non copy items meaning once they are returned it's gone forever.
  3. Yes, there is, if it is related to something important business related that is.
  4. That still doesn't stop people taking over the group founders should still have the rights to take back their group.
  5. Well Cindy Evanier the whole part of this post that my Brother made was to get peoples opinions there is going to be agree, and disagree, so no drama intended at all.
  6. Well because they were in a different crew, and we thought we could trust this crew, but we were wrong, and that's why the founder gave them ownership in the group in the first place.
  7. Cindy Evanier let's back up, and think about this for a moment, if someone took over your group that you are a founder of, and, if you want to remove owners from your own group, and you can't than you would have to contact Linden Lab, if a founder had more rights be able to eject a owner from a group than that would put less strain on Linden Lab, and you don't have to wait around for Linden Lab to reply on the tickets just to get rid of some people in a group. I don't know how that would be drama in my opinion.
  8. Phil Deakins, if we were the same person than we both would have the same ip address which we don't. So, no we are not the same person at all.
  9. I agree to this, and I know what you are talking about. I think this would be awesome feature because it would help the founders to get their own group back, and ejected people that ownership rights. Founders should have the right to have more rights than owners do in my opinion. I think Linden Lab should be on top of this as, soon, as possible.
  10. And, yes I am referring to the G rated sims.
  11. I mean what about the changes to the adoption kid sims where apparently adults have there nipples showing under their shirts isn't that a little overboard?
  12. I would like to hear people's opinion on the new policies the Linden Labs put in place I want to hear what people think of it :) Thank you Patrick
  13. Well it's not totally gone yet.
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