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  1. Thank animats, I have no problem about sl domain name. I used key value mapping web service to update new sl server URL evervytime it restarted. I currently can remote control my item from outside world without problem SL http server use port 12043 as show below. https://simhost-03efdf8b1d043ec69.agni.secondlife.io:12043/cap/b87 But only some web service deny to use this port. I might use relay server between this web service and sl http server to fix this issue, but that is more complicated. I just want to avoid it.
  2. Requests one HTTPS:// (SSL) url for use by the script. The http_request event is triggered with the result of the request. HTTPS-in uses port 12043. as I read the document, default port for LSP https server is 12043, Can we change it to another specific port , for ex, ,88,443 or 8443 ? The outside world server need only some few specific port and deny to connect to in-world server.
  3. Anybody know what if I delete whole inventory to be empty. I know it is one way sync from main to beta grid and will not effect main grid. Not sure by this way I can refresh all my beta grid inventory to be the same as main grid. My beta grid inventory is messy and unorganized.
  4. I have 2 suggestions. 1. Replace "list invwntoryItems" to "string inventoryItems" 2. I recommend use Change event trigger http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Changed whenever you remove and add new items into object. it will trig update event. no sleep, no timer needed changed(integer change) { if(change & (CHANGED_OWNER | CHANGED_INVENTORY)) // Either of the changes will return true. { put your item update script here } }
  5. this is mine, the quality of tattoo is depend on quality of tattoo texture. if the lines in the texture is not sharp or smooth enough, line width, line color intensity
  6. I notice the inventory has not been updated for a couple of weeks or more. Usually login /logout beta grid, login /logout in main grid. this will trig inventory sync to beta grid within a few days.
  7. I did the same way, but it's an inconvenience.
  8. also cannot disconnect the account within Firestorm
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