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  1. To be clear, actually it's nothing about Davidson Brand. I created Millennium Falcon Space Ship. and it was unlisted from market place. 😋 https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am7Lg3UW7uqijp1sHBtRO2Bx9Gcfsw?e=JRXHL8 It's exactly the same name and appearance in the movie. As I wrote, I'll create another one by my own idea from scratch. but a little inspiration from that ship too.☺ https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am7Lg3UW7uqijvZUhV_3aTRZdzthNQ?e=1USeu1 Anyway, I like my new one more. but wonder that the name I give it just the same as another ship from somewhere in the internet.
  2. Hi, I'm just curious and try to not touch the grey line, as I know for now. to be safe from grey line is 1. no brandname, no logo, no model name, no trademark, and avoid the same No trademark. and 2. item must not look as if it is a copy or a very close imitation of a real world brand.
  3. Hi thanks RoxyCYn What if we create an item that inspired by RL thing, But modified to another item but there're some part that look like RL thing (shape, apperance). Then we name it another name or general name, no brand name , no logo, no trademark , by this way, Will it be considered illegal by intellectual property policy?
  4. One good thing in SL is we can do what we can't in RL, fly , drive, ride, live ,etc... we have many favorite items in RL, so regret 😞 if we are not allowed to create, sell, buy, share, play them in SL by the reason they look like trademark items in real world. And I do respect this rule. thank you guys once again, I do believe I can create my own item and also better than those real-world items. ❤️
  5. Thank Skell : very clear, I guess this is just for item that created for sale (make money and profit) only. excluding own use or sharing items?
  6. Thanks Animat. it's really complicated. Thanks Skell : I've one more question as intellectual property policy stated. "If you're creating objects inspired by real-world objects, take care that your objects have an original appearance and shape. That's the best way to avoid trade dress issues." "Be wary of imitating distinctive and recognizable product appearances. For example, the well-known appearance of the Eames lounge chair and ottoman from Herman Miller is protected under trade dress law." the 1st quote suggest to have an original appearance and shape but 2nd quote suggest
  7. Hello, 😇 I experienced item blocked on the market place by intellectual property policy. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Intellectual_Property So I open this topic for anyone can give me an advice. My question. 1. What if I create my own item and put to sell on MP. - my item is 90% look like real world item - I name it to something else ( not use their trademark, brand, name of that item in real world) for example I put a big bike motor cycle on MP that look like harley davidson model
  8. I know , just go with the flow. thank you. 🤣
  9. What if I accidentally double click and suddenly TP to where I'm standing. Will I be charged 10 L$?
  10. I've tried add white texture on those surface , this can correct those media play on prims surface, but I've found another problem https://prnt.sc/1115at9 when I start playing media player on parcel. my hair texture also became media player too. or even create new empty box prim. all surface will became media player as well. https://prnt.sc/1115fmt I guess this is viewer bugs. it never happen before since last update. I use firestorm viewer..
  11. I am the owner of a parcel. I set media player on media tab of land setup dialog. Whenever I play media (by pressing media button on the top right) , I found that some faces of object in my parcel turn in to media player surface, they show youtube page. but when I stop. they turn on normal texture. How can I fix this ? https://prnt.sc/10ijym0 https://prnt.sc/10ijz1j Thank you.
  12. Thank animats, I have no problem about sl domain name. I used key value mapping web service to update new sl server URL evervytime it restarted. I currently can remote control my item from outside world without problem SL http server use port 12043 as show below. https://simhost-03efdf8b1d043ec69.agni.secondlife.io:12043/cap/b87 But only some web service deny to use this port. I might use relay server between this web service and sl http server to fix this issue, but that is more complicated. I just want to avoid it.
  13. Requests one HTTPS:// (SSL) url for use by the script. The http_request event is triggered with the result of the request. HTTPS-in uses port 12043. as I read the document, default port for LSP https server is 12043, Can we change it to another specific port , for ex, ,88,443 or 8443 ? The outside world server need only some few specific port and deny to connect to in-world server.
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