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  1. Keeping with my theme...today's skypad pic.
  2. 100% agree. My everyday is Catwa, but I have purchased Laq (x3), Lelutka (x2) and Genus (x2) for when I have to blog skin appliers for those heads. I'm indecisive when it comes to which looks good when blogging.
  3. It's probably best you snap up demos and try them out.
  4. You have an incredible eye for detail and such a unique style. Bollocks to what anyone says! You do you!
  5. Harsh much? I often grab freebies off MP for my alts and if it's "garbage", I simply delete it - no inventory pollution! And don't forget, one man's garbage is another man's treasure. And if you don't believe price disparities exist in resells, you obviously do not know the gacha community!
  6. My everyday shape was one I got as a group gift back in 2012 and I loved it so much I stuck with it. Luckily when mesh and Bento happened, all I needed to do was tweak the eye size and boob size (big ones just don't do it for me) and over time I have shortened myself as SL heights have shrunk from where they were back then. But I have bought oodles of shapes for my alts, because I suck at the whole "adjusting sliders and not ending up looking like Quasimodo" thing. I have never liked how they always look better in the vendor pictures than on my alts, so I tend to copy over my "Jordan" body numbers and tweak the bought shape's facial ones. That being said, shape makers do put time and effort into creating something and they should be compensated for it. Not gonna get into arguing prices, as I have my own line in the sand as to where I won't pay, and everyone has theirs.
  7. Over the past year I have found myself being incredibly introverted and less willing to put myself out there in SL. I spend my time alone on my skypad, take pictures, blog, shop far too much, obsess about sorting my inventory and work. It's become pixel dolls to me, with occasional interactions with other people.
  8. I ran out of places to bury the bodi...um I mean, I use it as a pizza oven.
  9. The Genus giveaway annoyed me...cos it was the Genus head I bought when it came out! But like an adult, I sucked it up and grabbed it for my alts and was thankful for that. It has become a world full of entitled people and choosing beggars. When did this happen?
  10. Which is why I have things like a cremation oven...
  11. Guess where I am... ...Yup I'm back on my skypad, standing around looking pretty!
  12. E v e r y d a y...and yet it doesn't stop me! Although I have stopped myself buying things I really really like because I know I just won't use/wear them.
  13. I lost 60+ FOLDERS of no copy gacha items that LL just couldn't return to me. Talk about broken hearted - and walleted!
  14. Oh I do get it...which is why I am grumpy facing at DOING something TS related! And now Conall up there ^^^^ is making me ponder getting my M-Alt that Deadwool Jacket! Curse you men making me shop!!!!
  15. Can't say I know the song as I avoid anything TS related, but he made me go buy it too! You look adorable btw.
  16. I left the skypad!!! Today I am standing around looking pretty in my empty Linden home whilst I am pondering decorating it.
  17. Tonight's "standing around on my skypad looking pretty" look.
  18. New vent - Demon Spawn has broken her cemented in mouth brace and it needs to be either removed or fixed and her orthodonist is closed and not checking their emails so is no help at all, and emergency dentists refuse to touch someone else's work so she is slicing up her mouth and tongue with a broken wire we cannot break off or remove! Here's hoping her orthodonist comes back on Tuesday when we go down to level 3!
  19. Trompe has started including kitchens in their homes, so if you see one in a picture of a Trompe home, it is probably because of that. As far as I know, they aren't being sold seperately.
  20. The oldest pic I could find of my original ID back in 2008.
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