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  1. people playing lottery and jumping from home to home, while others not getting a single chance to get one... that´s life!
  2. is there any way to join sl on android phone or ipad, now in 2019?
  3. I just found out about this from a fb post. I haven´t gotten any email about the subject, so I´m very confused, even after reading this forum. I say paypal is mentioned quite a lot. Some of us use it to pay for premium and buying linden dollarts. Does this means we also have to verify our ID in the way is listed?
  4. I read your autorefresh post. Unfortunately is not much the time I have to be with the pc on, doing that. That is why I asked for an stimate time of the day where the chances are higher and see if I can try at those hours
  5. Thanks I´ll give it a try tomorrow then
  6. Have any european haft any luck in getting a home on this rounds? If so, what is the better time to give it a try?
  7. Another round with no luck. Guess I wait til there are so many, no one is interested and camping for them anymore, and get me a very bad located one. I can´t unfortunately stay up all night to get a LH... (got the message 1am, so yes, I just read it now 7pm and they are all gone). But is good they are releasing them and doing as much as they can to be fair ( difficult task with people from all over the world trying to get one)
  8. Thanks Prudence. I Found it., Thank you so much for your help. Hope i get lucky next time!
  9. Ok. I found out how. Thanks for the help.
  10. Yes I know Angie, that is why I said other than the forum... Unfortunately I´m not able to follow the forum as often as I wish, and since the houses go puff like very fast, was wondering if there was a way to get noticed, like a email telling they are out, other than forums and threats
  11. Oshun Emor


    Is there a way (other than checking this forum or refreshing over and over again the page to get a home, or facebook) to get informed about when the new homes area available again?. meaning getting an email, or IM inworld, or something that?
  12. So... the new houses were suppossed to attract people to become premium, (or that i read) and then they raise the price for premium? I don´t get it... Is like they want people to quit instead...
  13. hello: Can anyone tell me where i can find out when the new homes are available. I keep getting the same old homes in the list of option when i go get one
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