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  1. Hello! I am looking to hire a someone to make a script. I don't know what all needs to happen so I'm going to explain how it works? Lets say I have a bucket. It needs to be filled with water. If it doesn't have water, its useless. The bucket has a hole in it so you need to keep adding water for as long as you need to use the bucket. The bucket sees the water when said water is rezzed near it. Once the bucket sees the water, the water is consumed (no longer on the grid). One unit of water lets you use the bucket for x-amount of time (which I determine). When I say "use", this can mean access to another function of the bucket. Lets say, you can now sit on it and get access to animation options. (sit beside it, hold it, kick it ect). This animation picking script is handled by an entirely different set of scripts. Lets say AVsitter. The unit of water is created by a specific person. (which I determine) The unit of water also has a specific name. (which I determine) The unit of water is also no-copy no-mod. If this is possible and you can do it, please contact me in-world. If you have questions, please contact me in-world. Yes, I will pay for a finished, fully-functioning product; please contact me in-world and we can talk price.
  2. If I could get a proper updated skeleton from SL into Poser, that'd be great. I've tried getting my SL avatar into Blender then exporting that and importing into Poser, but Poser doesn't seem to see it. I know I'm doing something wrong but I've yet to find a guide or "how to". I don't have DAZ and am not sure how to edit BVH files. I used a friend's computer who has Avastar loaded on it, thinking if I could figure it out, I'd get myself a copy. But all the Avastar and even Blender video tutorials are too outdated. Cheers!
  3. Ahh. This is most unfortunate. Thank you for the information.
  4. Hello! I'm hoping to get started with creating animations using Poser. Im running into problems getting a clean SL skeleton in there. I've found one or two but when I load them, they are all wonky. I have tried exporting my skeleton (I assume its called a skeleton. I just want a body that moves like it does in SL) out of blender. This creates a file but I can't 'see' it to import it into Poser. Can any of you point me to some kind of step-by-step tutorial?
  5. I am not a UK resident. However, I wanted to reply in the hopes of shedding a different light on it. I am Canadian. It costs me 1.32 to purchase a single US dollar(at the time of posting this). This makes (and always had made) owning and/or renting estates financially impossible over any kind of long-term situation. I can't speak for anyone but myself yet I'm sure there are plenty of other Canadians in the same boat who just...get on with it. If you can afford it, great. if not, also great because there are other avenues available to people for less money per week, month, year. If LL decides to lower their rates for UK residents, then they would have to do the same for every other country on this planet. That's not going to happen.
  6. For sale, grid-corner 4096 water parcel on adult land. 70,000 L$ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Inca/226/226/22 https://i.gyazo.com/a3ca12c9d493cdc8bcb9f3e1c83eb9a3.jpg
  7. Thank you for explaining it in terms I can understand. I get lost in all the legal speak and instances and "if's" or "when's". I was in a right panic! lol As far as this company demanding SS#s' that's going to go over like a lead balloon. In my country, the only "business" who can demand our number is the government. For all the people who will be forced to use this service, I wish you the best of luck and strongly advise you not to give out such information.
  8. Am I reading this correctly? Everyone will be given some account called Tilla. And if you don't use it, you must pay for it? And in order to use it and be forced to pay for it, I must give out all kinds of personal information? Is this correct?
  9. Yeah, no need to speak for me. I'm capable to skillfully advocate for myself. This whole thing doesn't sit well with me. Speak for yourself or name the people you are speaking for.\ Edited to say that I know CoffeeDujour didn't say what I've quoted. I got the quote off her amazing response!
  10. I really, REALLY hope those on 1024's with traditional homes will be able to choose one of these. Love my plot but the house is too big! A small gypsy caravan would be perfect!
  11. I have a 4096 grid corner. And while I do have neighbors and generally don't agree with some of their decor choices, there's nothing to be done about it. I am happy to be able to use some off-sim objects to make it seem a littler larger than it is. Far corner looking out: Different View: Inside my home: One last picture from my favorite perch:
  12. what or who decides if a sim is "doing well"? My 'sim' is doing amazing. Few people know about it and fewer still are permitted to teleport onto it. It's my perfect oasis that I have paid for, just like anyone else who pays for one or more sims. Who is to say yours is better than mine? Or that the next person's is better than both of ours? I believe rewards for 'sims that do well' and without rules for said popularity contest, has potential to turn into a drama-llama factory. Or do you mean rewards for renting from the lab for x-amount of time equals a discount at certain milestones? I very much agree with the logic of loyalty rewards. Time spent being active (not simply signing up many accounts) is rewarded with something useful. Evidently, group slots are popular so sure. Personally, most all of the 40ish groups I am in are silenced as far as chat and notices. I do a lot of shopping as I am forever the consumer but I have never depended on groups and their spam, to inform me of places to throw cash at. On rare occasions I'll join a group to get a freebie and leave it once I've acquired my prize. I'm not sure if you were the one who said it (this thread is HUGE ) but I absolutely agree with premium being a requirement for selling. Both in-world and on the marketplace. This might even give the lab an opportunity for 'vendor package'. A person who wishes to sell only on MP must maintain a monthly/yearly fee. A person who wishes to sell in-world and MP pays the normal premium fee as it enables one to occupy mainland and/or island regions. At the end of the day, a real 'perk for premium', even with the increase, would be to lower the amount of mainland required before being permitted to pay for island regions.
  13. I suppose an option will be to call them, record what is being said AND have a text chat at the same time. it will be somewhat of a record for down the road if the wheels fall off the wagon. Another way would be to calculate the time left on one's current subscription and issue a refund. once that happens, a person pays for one more year and their new renewal date would become that day. Personally, I'd love for my membership to NOT be due on New Years Eve (PSA: recreational alcohol use can have lasting consequences! lol )
  14. I thought that was the case as well. I can see it being complicated, though. Lets say I pay today. There are 215 days left in this year. So if paid, that would leave me with 580 days of membership. My concern is what happens on December 31st? Do I get zinged again, at the new rate or will it skip and not bill me until December 31st, 2020?
  15. Perhaps someone here can help me understand about locking in another year at the original price? The blog stated that between June and July, a person could get one more year. My problem is that my premium is not due until December 31st. Does this mean I'm SOL for being able to do this?
  16. I'd be down for a trailer park provided said trailers were open concept and still on 1024's. I'd also like the option of smaller houses, close to 'fancy' single-room in-law suite. Again, only if they are available on a 1024 and perhaps even an option to existing home lots. I'd like an option for a modern looking all glass, or more glass than solid walls. A play on modern shipping container homes. This may even offer a multi floor/deck combo like seen on the houseboats. Mostly anything small and quaint with large yard space. Nothing like the McMansions that take up the entire plot. Ohh and please! If there is a path from the road or sidewalk, please ensure it lines up properly. Or leave them out completely and allow the current resident to make a path if they so choose.
  17. You just abandon the land. its gone instantly. there may be no going back, especially if you are wanting one of the new ones. To get another one, simply follow the same process you did the first time.
  18. Heya, come celebrate our newest region at the Squishy Pickle Shack. There is even a DJ playing some great, pumped up tunes! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brodovima/130/65/25
  19. I motored over in my boat, along with my horse (lol) stayed for a bit. Got a new "Pickle Watch 2019" texture that I plan on making a flag of. Its super laggy but that's to be expected.
  20. Some members pointed out that was probably the case. Your plot looked amazing and was by far the best one I saw during my travels!
  21. So nude sunbathing, or just being naked in general are things I do. Now, lets all say that being nude on your linden home parcel is well within the scope of Moderate-rated land and I'm sitting on my deck with a friend or two who also enjoy being nude. Lets say that I don't have parcel invisibility enabled (because its nice to have a body to one's radar message that "XYZ Resident entered chat range) and along walks a group of people, one of whom is playing as a child. I am fairly sure that this group will AR myself and my friends for just existing, on land that they happened to see. I could almost guarantee it if myself and my friends were at the public beach that is just outside of my linden home. LL may not act upon the AR and the point is that I have made people uncomfortable enough that they took the time to not only whine and complain but they've also probably taken better pictures of us than I ever could. lol *note to AR-senders: send me a picture too!* My desire for adult rated linden home land is a double sided street. People playing children make me exceedingly uncomfortable. Just as they do in RL. Child-playing avatars generally tend to stay off Adult sims/regions (whatever we're calling them now) and that is why I also desire the ability to choose the maturity rating of my linden home's location. Sure, I could AR the child avatar 'for making me uncomfortable" which, in reality, would be the reason THEY would AR me, for not having clothes on. The reality of it is, I don't care what you do with your SL. You should also not care what I'm doing if it doesn't directly involve you. The only time I do care, is when you attempt to smother me with your beliefs. If "AR what you don't like looking at" becomes a fad or solution to this, then I fear we're all missing the point by a long shot.
  22. I love the idea of being able to choose the maturity level. I lived on Horizons for a bit and it was a great lesson in how to de-render but I outgrew it and moved onto a 4096 on Zindra. I would really enjoy not needing to keep my new Linden home locked down as it is now. I don't actively participate in love-making but I DO enjoy not wearing clothes. So having a Linden home community in adult rated regions would be wonderful!
  23. Just stumbled onto a new style home, I think. It is not owned or created by a mole so who knows. It takes up most of the plot. Here is a link to the public access side-walk next to it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Everfaire/86/147/23 Found another plot with no house and seemingly free reign on design and decor: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holliday/64/219/33 How do I get one of these?
  24. I am totally against the idea of seasonal changes. Most fall terrain textures look like vomit and I get more than enough snow in RL. Sl snow scenes are incredibly bright - with everything being white - and I keep most everything computer related dark. Please no seasonal changes! People can put up skyboxes and have all the orange/green/red or retina-searing white ground and decor up there.
  25. I was fortunate enough to get a home there. However, now that I've used up all my prims decorating, I've been wandering the continent on my trusty steed. I'm trying not to go into people's yards but I may have cut through one or two by accident. I've been trying to follow the shoreline since I keep getting lost on the roads. No, I didn't spend far too long making the same loop...who does that? Region crossings are still challenging but the over-all feel of the place is amazing. There are some stunning properties and people seem to really be getting into this. Just now I saw a home with a moving van. Great stuff!
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