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  1. November Velde

    Winter Swaginator

    Of all the books on the shelf, I'm most interested in 'Linden Secrets". Close second 'Rolling Restarts'.
  2. November Velde

    Winter Swaginator

    Woo! I actually found this one without following anyone to it. Took lots of camming around and only when you find it, does the clue make sense. I allowed myself to be caught by a rock with a face. If you are running, nothing can catch you and damage isn't enabled so you can run/fall off cliffs and not die.
  3. November Velde

    Winter Swaginator

    I found it. And, I see you. lol. I am reminded again why I don't do hunts.
  4. November Velde

    Winter Swaginator

    Can someone please post a picture of what, exactly, I'm looking for? Been crawling over the 5 sims, with area search set to 'chest' and have come up with absolutely nothing.
  5. November Velde

    Wanted: Footprint Generator Script

    Huh...never thought of it that way. I imagine it would need to be modifiable in order to change the footprint texture. Or maybe two scripts. One with the white sand and one a dark shadow/muddy type for indoors.
  6. November Velde

    Wanted: Footprint Generator Script

    Years and years and YEARS ago, I was in a shop and the floor made footprints when you walked. If you stood in place and turned your avatar left or right, the prints would appear. When you walked, the footprints would appear; both left and right feet. They quickly faded away. This was not something you attached to your avatar. It appeared to be a transparent prim laying on the floor and would react to anyone on it. I am looking for this script. I would like the prints to be barefoot white sand prints. Or...allow me the ability to choose. This will be for my personal use so it does not need to be full permission. Copy/mod at best. If you can do this, please contact me in world so we can discuss anything that may not be clear in this post. Payment will be made when I see it working. Cheers!
  7. Up for sale is a 4096 parcel with an ocean view. L$8,000 Currently sporting a couple of sky-signs that will disappear on the next scan. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Taupentown/105/183/42
  8. November Velde

    How does your avatar look today ?

    It is just the regular teegle with lots of add-ons. I call it a Frisian/Arabian mutt. She is quite tall and stalky and you can blame my horrible picture taking skills for the stubby look! Ha!!
  9. November Velde

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I am trying to be a rescue horse today.
  10. November Velde

    The Mechanics of Selling Lindens

    Great! Thank you, Phil. I've always just gone shopping when I came into some extra lindens but if they can pay for the land...woo!
  11. November Velde

    The Mechanics of Selling Lindens

    Hello folks! I have some lindens in my account that I'd like to sell. On the "LindeX™ Exchange: Sell L$ " page, it gives me an estimate of what my entered linden value will be in USD. It also tells me that the amount I want to sell might not sell all at once. My question is, if/when my lindens sell, will their USD equivalent be transferred to the part of my balance that shows US dollar amounts? And, if so, will that automatically be used when tier comes due? If not, how do I go about using that money pool to go towards my monthly tier? I hope my question makes sense. Thanks in advance!
  12. November Velde

    Two Horizons Parcels Up For Sale

  13. Two double-prim, 1024m parcels for sale on Horizons Astrid (adult rated). These are side-by-side, in the center of the sim. Currently sporting a sky sign that will disappear on the next scan. These two are protected on all sides from neighbors. They are set for sale at 20.000 $L a piece. If you want to buy both, I will sell them for 30,001$L. The way that works, is I will set ONE for sale at 30k and after you buy it, I will set the other for sale, specifically to your avatar, for 1 linden. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Astrid/156/148/23
  14. November Velde

    Horizons Parcel up for Sale

  15. 1024 with double prims (703). Adult rated. Set for sale at $L20,000 (currently displaying a sky-sign that will go away on the next scan) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horizons Callista/170/245/23