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  1. Hello! I am looking to hire a someone to make a script. I don't know what all needs to happen so I'm going to explain how it works? Lets say I have a bucket. It needs to be filled with water. If it doesn't have water, its useless. The bucket has a hole in it so you need to keep adding water for as long as you need to use the bucket. The bucket sees the water when said water is rezzed near it. Once the bucket sees the water, the water is consumed (no longer on the grid). One unit of water lets you use the bucket for x-amount of time (which I determine). When I say "use", th
  2. If I could get a proper updated skeleton from SL into Poser, that'd be great. I've tried getting my SL avatar into Blender then exporting that and importing into Poser, but Poser doesn't seem to see it. I know I'm doing something wrong but I've yet to find a guide or "how to". I don't have DAZ and am not sure how to edit BVH files. I used a friend's computer who has Avastar loaded on it, thinking if I could figure it out, I'd get myself a copy. But all the Avastar and even Blender video tutorials are too outdated. Cheers!
  3. Ahh. This is most unfortunate. Thank you for the information.
  4. Hello! I'm hoping to get started with creating animations using Poser. Im running into problems getting a clean SL skeleton in there. I've found one or two but when I load them, they are all wonky. I have tried exporting my skeleton (I assume its called a skeleton. I just want a body that moves like it does in SL) out of blender. This creates a file but I can't 'see' it to import it into Poser. Can any of you point me to some kind of step-by-step tutorial?
  5. I am not a UK resident. However, I wanted to reply in the hopes of shedding a different light on it. I am Canadian. It costs me 1.32 to purchase a single US dollar(at the time of posting this). This makes (and always had made) owning and/or renting estates financially impossible over any kind of long-term situation. I can't speak for anyone but myself yet I'm sure there are plenty of other Canadians in the same boat who just...get on with it. If you can afford it, great. if not, also great because there are other avenues available to people for less money per week, month, year. If LL decides t
  6. For sale, grid-corner 4096 water parcel on adult land. 70,000 L$ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Inca/226/226/22 https://i.gyazo.com/a3ca12c9d493cdc8bcb9f3e1c83eb9a3.jpg
  7. Thank you for explaining it in terms I can understand. I get lost in all the legal speak and instances and "if's" or "when's". I was in a right panic! lol As far as this company demanding SS#s' that's going to go over like a lead balloon. In my country, the only "business" who can demand our number is the government. For all the people who will be forced to use this service, I wish you the best of luck and strongly advise you not to give out such information.
  8. Am I reading this correctly? Everyone will be given some account called Tilla. And if you don't use it, you must pay for it? And in order to use it and be forced to pay for it, I must give out all kinds of personal information? Is this correct?
  9. Yeah, no need to speak for me. I'm capable to skillfully advocate for myself. This whole thing doesn't sit well with me. Speak for yourself or name the people you are speaking for.\ Edited to say that I know CoffeeDujour didn't say what I've quoted. I got the quote off her amazing response!
  10. I really, REALLY hope those on 1024's with traditional homes will be able to choose one of these. Love my plot but the house is too big! A small gypsy caravan would be perfect!
  11. I have a 4096 grid corner. And while I do have neighbors and generally don't agree with some of their decor choices, there's nothing to be done about it. I am happy to be able to use some off-sim objects to make it seem a littler larger than it is. Far corner looking out: Different View: Inside my home: One last picture from my favorite perch:
  12. what or who decides if a sim is "doing well"? My 'sim' is doing amazing. Few people know about it and fewer still are permitted to teleport onto it. It's my perfect oasis that I have paid for, just like anyone else who pays for one or more sims. Who is to say yours is better than mine? Or that the next person's is better than both of ours? I believe rewards for 'sims that do well' and without rules for said popularity contest, has potential to turn into a drama-llama factory. Or do you mean rewards for renting from the lab for x-amount of time equals a discount at certain milestones?
  13. I suppose an option will be to call them, record what is being said AND have a text chat at the same time. it will be somewhat of a record for down the road if the wheels fall off the wagon. Another way would be to calculate the time left on one's current subscription and issue a refund. once that happens, a person pays for one more year and their new renewal date would become that day. Personally, I'd love for my membership to NOT be due on New Years Eve (PSA: recreational alcohol use can have lasting consequences! lol )
  14. I thought that was the case as well. I can see it being complicated, though. Lets say I pay today. There are 215 days left in this year. So if paid, that would leave me with 580 days of membership. My concern is what happens on December 31st? Do I get zinged again, at the new rate or will it skip and not bill me until December 31st, 2020?
  15. Perhaps someone here can help me understand about locking in another year at the original price? The blog stated that between June and July, a person could get one more year. My problem is that my premium is not due until December 31st. Does this mean I'm SOL for being able to do this?
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