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  1. Where do you live in SL

    Virtual Ability has 3 residential sims (plus some others that aren't residential) and I manage one of those, Cape Able. I've managed it since before Virtual Ability acquired it, in 2008. We are 'geared' to people who are disabled in RL, but we're open to all. We have an art gallery where disabled artists exhibit (I'm a facilitator, not an artist!), a service center for disabled, etc. That's my main home. I also maintain a parcel on Justitia, the SLBA (Second Life Bar Association) sim. I'm on their executive board, so I keep a parcel there to support the sim. I used to have a parcel on Whitesun, right near the Forum Cartel property. It was my RL son's, and I held onto it while he decided if he was ever coming back to SL; He's not, so I sold it, just last year.
  2. Does anybody from the Forum Cartel use these forums any more?

    Haha Hi Bree! I guess you got your answer! Welcome home! Or Chad, or whoever started this thread!
  3. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Waves, hi Katheryne!
  4. Just Ignore and let this one die

    *Jumps up and down in excitement* ((((ELORA!!!)))
  5. Is It Possible To Transfer Land?

    Sure; do the sale. When you are setting your land for sale, there is an option to choose 'to anyone' or 'to a specific person'. So you are going to choose specific person, then select your old account name, from the selection menu that will come up. Be sure you 'select' it and that it shows before you save. then no one can buy it but that account. (be sure you save, and look at the 'About Land' before you leave to switch accounts to be sure it's set to sale to your old account name. then you're good til your old account comes in and buys it. Assuming of course, your old account is premium too. On mainland, I think that matters.
  6. Does anyone know where i can get this house? HELP.

    You're pretty amazing and knowledgeable! You should be a Linden! Since the forums re-opened, I've seen you go totally above and beyond, inworld and online more than once, to help someone with an issue. Kudos for being a downright nice person!
  7. Search for Survivors

    OMG, I'd (thankfully) forgotten about him. Heeeeeeee!
  8. How do I question an unexplained ban?

    It's mean, and non-inclusive. I'm not saying you have to be best friends with everyone in the world (any world) but this tendency we have to isolate 'some' is just plain mean. In the case of this group, why is it like that? Because a bunch of us know each other from 'back in the day'. From the old-old SL forums and inworld. Is there any other reason?
  9. How do I question an unexplained ban?

    Bet the OP learned something about posting to the forums, the way this took off and his (alleged and assumed) character has been shredded, stitched back up, and shredded again) Ya larn early 'round here. I wouldn't have posted something like this, because I know how people turn to attack mode, on the slimmest possible info. (what was he REALLY doing) Bet he won't do it again.
  10. Just Ignore and let this one die

    Thank you. It's been referred to a couple times in other threads, but it needed it's own.
  11. How do I question an unexplained ban?

    Yeah! Like when you get bored dealing with it, you click that 'outfit' and morph into your giant dragon, breathe some fire, and fly away! Waving and saying.... 'bye, boy.'. (it's SL...) Seeing the avatar of your dreams morph into a green flying creature will take it down some, every time..... works for me.
  12. Does anybody from the Forum Cartel use these forums any more?

    OMG I can't, with you oldbies.
  13. Does anybody from the Forum Cartel use these forums any more?

    Hi there! I don't know, I don't move in 'voice' circles. Occasionally, I am contacted by a frustrated fellow deaf person who says no one will text with them, but everyone is in voice. personally, I don't know. If it's not offered in text instead of, or as well as, voice, I just don't go. It's just a non-issue for me. Great to see you tho!
  14. Does anybody from the Forum Cartel use these forums any more?

    I need a pic with the cat on the floor reading the book, he's more my type than the bar dancing.
  15. Does anybody from the Forum Cartel use these forums any more?

    I'd go but I'm such an introverted isolationist that I'm no fun at parties, and I like to dance by myself. I can't demand that everyone text, because I am deaf, because that isn't fair to those who prefer voice. So while I've seen the occasional party invite, truth is I've chosen not to go. I'll go though, if you'd like to try to revive the group. Just leave me alone to dance by myself. Who's paying tier over there now anyway?