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  1. Thank you. It's been referred to a couple times in other threads, but it needed it's own.
  2. Yeah! Like when you get bored dealing with it, you click that 'outfit' and morph into your giant dragon, breathe some fire, and fly away! Waving and saying.... 'bye, boy.'. (it's SL...) Seeing the avatar of your dreams morph into a green flying creature will take it down some, every time..... works for me.
  3. OMG I can't, with you oldbies.
  4. Hi there! I don't know, I don't move in 'voice' circles. Occasionally, I am contacted by a frustrated fellow deaf person who says no one will text with them, but everyone is in voice. personally, I don't know. If it's not offered in text instead of, or as well as, voice, I just don't go. It's just a non-issue for me. Great to see you tho!
  5. I need a pic with the cat on the floor reading the book, he's more my type than the bar dancing.
  6. I'd go but I'm such an introverted isolationist that I'm no fun at parties, and I like to dance by myself. I can't demand that everyone text, because I am deaf, because that isn't fair to those who prefer voice. So while I've seen the occasional party invite, truth is I've chosen not to go. I'll go though, if you'd like to try to revive the group. Just leave me alone to dance by myself. Who's paying tier over there now anyway?
  7. I don't have one. I just went and looked, that's sad. How about a notecard from 2009 telling how to donate tier to the group? That I have. I'm also a chat moderator, not sure how it happened, but I think Mo just kinda did that. But no pics, no proof! (Is this a bad thing?) Hey I am still claimin'......... oh wait, I found one.
  8. Just curious, Nalytha, is your land also open to anyone to build? And is your land on a mainland sim or private estate? Curious about how other folks are doing things like this.
  9. In my early SL, things like people in my house bothered me a lot. I cared. As time went on and I learned 'stuff', I just stopped caring. I know some people do care, a lot. My sim, Cape Able, has the residential parcels around the rim, and the middle is public land, art galleries, service center, etc, where anyone can wander. Once people know how to look at 'About Land' to see if it's owned by an avatar, to get a clue if it's private, it becomes easier. If I found someone in my house today, I might ask why but I wouldn't actually care.
  10. I was wondering why names of different universities are attached to the spam emails. Odd.
  11. So possibly my answer is correct then. The deed over-rides the group role/abilities. Apparantly cant do both, and seperate the role's abilities. Mine works, I guess, because it's 'set' and not deeded to the group.
  12. OMGosh. Thanks for pointing out the date, Rhonda. I was just about to respond about the SL memorial service for my dear RL/SL friend, who died in RL last September. We did a big service, via Virtual Ability, and it's not our first. Thanks for the heads up about the necro-post, doubt if this poster is even reading.
  13. It sounds like they are saying, if you 'deed' the land to the group, the deed over-rides any group role abilities. If you just 'set' the land to the group, the group role abilities over-ride. That's what I think they're saying. The reason I think that is, that I have a long time group, and it works exactly the way you are expecting yours to work. But its not deeded, just set. And then the role abilities work, in the group, like you are expecting your role abilities to work, but they aren't.. I hope you keep posting/updating, I am following to see how this is resolved for you.
  14. Yes, but I'm drinking wine so I don't care if my keyboard is greasy.