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  1. Also, OP, please see our website at: https://virtualability.org/
  2. Hi Lindal; Virtual Ability Island still exists, as do our 3 residential sims, Cape Able, Cape Serenity and Cape Heron. We also have a sim for our educational and professional projects and a private sim for our group events. We're still here.
  3. Haha, I'm here. Been a heck of a 2019, sorry for my absence. I donated a kidney in RL, and my RL husband is in the midst of recovery from a kidney transplant. I'm still here though, and more importantly, yes, Virtual Ability is still going strong, and yes, Gentle Heron is very much 'still around'. I would hope the OP would indeed contact Gentle inworld. Cheers to all!
  4. Thanks so much. If the houseboats are all gone already, I'll just keep the house. thanks everyone.
  5. Hello, long time no chat! I have a house in Bellisaria that I want to give up, I assume I do that by abandoning the land, like any other land? Where do I go if I want to try to return at some future point? What's the website to sign up again? And, last, how long before it shows that I've abandoned the land? Thanks!
  6. Hello Avatars; hope all are well, been a minute since I've been here. I am wondering, did LL ban camping? The articles I find in Google are basically stuff from 2011, 2014, and just about traffic bots (the green dot crowd). Is actual handing out lindens to avatars in any given area, a banned activity? (I am not talking about skilled gaming here). Thanks for what you can tell me, or articles. Can't find a thing in the TOS either..... Treasure
  7. /me chuckles. Actually, Amythyst, LittleMe Jewell answered your question perfectly. It's just complicated, you kinda had to be there. There are a bunch of us, that have been chatting together on the SL Forums for many years. MANY years. This wasn't always the forum, there were a couple other ones prior to this. One of our friends, made a post, back during the first SL forum, and then changed her mind about the post, and changed the subject to: Just Ignore and Let this one die. She thought the post would just fade away after that. Well of course we couldn't possibly let it die after sh
  8. I'm following, to see what others say. Have been an estate manager for Virtual Ability, since 2007, and far as I know, there is no way to use your Premium SL membership to pay rent on a private estate. She said she saw this in some Linden article, so I'm just watching to see, how that is going to be interpreted. My residents pay to a Hippo or Casperlet box, and it goes directly to Virtual Ability, who owns the sims. How one would pay a private estate owner with using tier from a premium membership is beyond me, UNLESS it means donating your free 512 parcel tier, to a group on a private e
  9. OMGoodness. I remember him. Thank you, Elora. RIP P2. Condolences to Sammie and all of his SL and RL family.
  10. Came running over here thinking *this* thread, our Ignore thread had been removed. (cause, they don't know who we are......) I see I was mistaken, and Jewell, I hope you find your thread. Waves at my Forum tribe, are we still here? Happy New year, hope you are all well.
  11. Virtual Ability has 3 residential sims (plus some others that aren't residential) and I manage one of those, Cape Able. I've managed it since before Virtual Ability acquired it, in 2008. We are 'geared' to people who are disabled in RL, but we're open to all. We have an art gallery where disabled artists exhibit (I'm a facilitator, not an artist!), a service center for disabled, etc. That's my main home. I also maintain a parcel on Justitia, the SLBA (Second Life Bar Association) sim. I'm on their executive board, so I keep a parcel there to support the sim. I used to have a parcel on W
  12. Haha Hi Bree! I guess you got your answer! Welcome home! Or Chad, or whoever started this thread!
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