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  1. I've been keeping an eye on it and a Traditional has been there for hours. I also saw a houseboat a couple of times, a Victorian three times (the same one), and a camper a few times.
  2. One more I would have checked is "Used SL for work purposes". 🙂
  3. Inspired by "Portrait in Black" by Jack Vettriano.
  4. I just spotted thigh high boots over jeans today at this month's Kustom9 event.
  5. I have an organised inventory with categories and subcategories that work for me: ! Basic Jupiter -- The items I wear every day, e.g. copies of my system and mesh bodies, mesh head, eyes, body physics, AO, etc. I also have this saved as an outfit with all the necessary HUDs. Body CATWA head ORIGINALS Eyes and eye lashes Maitreya Mesh Body ORIGINALS Omega System Kits Skin Appliers Makeup Eye liners Eye shadows Lips Sets Nails Skins Organised i
  6. I RP at Cocoon, which is a cyberpunk sim. I also like 1920s Berlin Project. You might want to join the Got Roleplay? and Roleplay Partners groups inworld. There are often posts in those groups about RP sims looking for players or RP sim events.
  7. 4,740. I recently deleted 12k in system clothing and high prim furniture.
  8. Check out https://cocooncorp.enjin.com/. Very cool sim, friendly people, good, active RP happening there.
  9. I'm a woman with a female avatar and I find it hard to find appropriate RP clothing. I would love: Historically accurate-ish clothing. Ancient Roman women and flappers didn't wear mini-skirts. Steampunk styles that aren't skimpy. Futuristic/cyberpunk/post-apoc styles that aren't skimpy. If I'm scavenging in a toxic wasteland, I'm not doing it in a midriff and mini-skirt. And I want it all in fitmesh. There's a theme here. It's a big ask, I know.
  10. Oh, I just posted this elsewhere. Sort of, kind of. My partner and I met online eight years ago online, but not in SL. There was a lot of physical distance between us, so we came to SL together. I loved it; he didn't. I flew across the world to meet him six years ago, and stayed. We got married seven months ago.
  11. Yes. We met eight years ago online, but not in SL. We came to SL together. I loved it; he didn't. I flew across the world to meet him six years ago, and stayed. We got married seven months ago. I've also become real-life friends with people I met here, and some real-life friends have joined SL. I don't have too many hard boundaries between my RL and SL though I respect that others do. And, like real life, you have to be cautious about who you let in.
  12. It depends on the kind of roleplay that you wan to do and the sim. If it's simple and you're looking to play a relatively normal human being, you may just be able to dive in. Ask the sim owner or mods for advice. For example, it's okay to rock up to the 1920s Berlin Project (with an appropriate outfit) and your own back story. Read the instructions, observe for a little while, then go to the bar, introduce yourself to the bartender, and have a good time. For RP with more complicated lore or themes, I suggest looking for a roleplay area that has developed resources beyond notecard ins
  13. It's worth noting that Linden Homes, which you can't remove, take up an area of 512sqm. You could otherwise acquire a 1024sqm parcel on the Mainland with no Linden Home. It may come down to what you want in the neighbourhood. Some people love the diversity of (most of the) Mainland - a rustic beach house next to dance club next to a steampunk air ship next to a castle with high walls. Some people don't like that and prefer a themed and tidy neighbourhood, which Linden Home neighbourhoods are. I live in a Tahoe Linden Home. I'm currently looking for a Mainland parcel, but I do like h
  14. The heart of the roleplay would be the battle between the the totalitarian, theonomic government of Gilead and Mayday. Oppressive government vs. rebellion is a common theme that is played out in some rp sims now (such as Cocoon and, presumably, Little Mos Eisley). It could be very interesting. I've never run an RP sim so I don't know how many players it takes to be successful, but I would agree that it would require dedicated people.
  15. I was exploring today and was happy to find a Linden Bear, one I didn't have - Bruiser Bear by Constantine Linden. If you would like to add it to your collection, message me. I'll give you the location.
  16. It depends. If your avatar is along the lines of what's popular in SL - the young, very tall, very slim fashion model with eyes half-closed and full lips - it's easier. There are people for whom the avatar is an extension of their "real" selves. They prefer their avatar to look like them. That might mean shorter, fatter, with bumpier curves, a flatter butt, etc. It's not impossible to achieve that with a mesh body, but it's more challenging not only because of the mesh bodies themselves, but also because what's made for them (e.g. skins, clothes) also leans towards young, flawless, and s
  17. It's a big leap from 'fix this one thing' to 'remove all creative freedom'. I'm not sure how you landed on fascism, but let me assume that I didn't express myself well enough. I was not referring to content. The avatar is not user created. It's user enhanced. Mesh bodies have become something creators make, and that's fine, no issues with that. But the avatars were created by Linden Lab. The mesh bodies solved some problems, but created others. We've come a long way from Ruth, but mesh bodies show us what's possible. If LL had done this work, we might not have the complicated mesh body s
  18. How do you know that the user base is declining? Has Linden Lab made the numbers of user registrations and active users public? Can we see those analytics over time? If not, anything else is speculation. How do you know that mesh bloat is a huge problem? There are many reasons for lag including, for instance, texture bloat, which I would argue is a much bigger culprit than mesh bodies. Professional standards? What professional standards? The problem of avatars and mesh should never have been ours to solve. Linden Lab should have taken care of it years ago. The pressure should be on t
  19. You're not supposed to be doing anything in Second Life. It's not like a game in the sense that there are objectives, missions to complete, or manufactured conflict (though can find that in SL). It's up to you to explore and create your own experience based on your interests. Just like in real life, it can be hard to make friends in Second Life. Because it's so easy to be duplicitous, people can be suspicious. But, as mentioned above, there are places that are good for newbies and also many nice communities. I've always found the steamlands to be very friendly as well as the fishing and surfin
  20. Hello. I've stepped back into Second Life after six years. A lot is still familiar, but I'm stumped on some other things. I'm struggling with windlight settings. A lot of tutorials, such as this one, are showing the old environmental editor with RGBI sliders. Mine does not look like that. I'm seeing a colour picker. I've got a bunch of old notecards with windlight settings and and I don't know how to translate the settings (e.g. R 0.25). I guess another method would be to download them and install them on my PC? I'm running Windows 10 and using the official viewer. Thanks!
  21. This was my second time around through Octoberville and I loved it just as much as the first time. It's one of the most enjoyable events in Second Life. It's smart, creative, challenging, and loads of fun. The OV community is warm and friendly, always ready to lend a hand. I look forward to doing it again next year and see what the creative team comes up with next.
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