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  1. I didn't think Altamura is very popular. I picked up one of their free bodies with head for an alt. I find that a lot of Maitreya clothes fit well; I recommend you demo before buying. @Lucia Nightfire, thanks for that! It's interesting.
  2. Perhaps it's a little reminiscent of Bay City, but I think it would be nice to revisit Art Deco.
  3. I've been playing with the LeLUTKA gift head, Lilly. I like it, but I'm not sure if it will become my go-to head. I'm used to my look with CATWA.
  4. Hello. I updated my Firestorm viewer and was glad to see all my windlights in a new Library folder called Environments. I copied these into my Inventory, and they still appear in Phototools Environment Settings lists. Great! But I want to get rid of most of them. I've got about 1k windlights, and I don't use most of them. Considering they're in my inventory (it all feels a bit redundant), I'd prefer to have a few favourites in the Phototools list. If it's possible to remove them, how is it done? Thank you 🙂
  5. I got very lucky. I happened to be inworld when the the landowner at Snow Globe sent a group message saying she was going to add a few houses on the ground, first come, first served. I was the first one to IM her and she gave me a choice of house. I always wanted a small one given the LI limits, but it's 100 now! So, I'm breaking the rules of this challenge, but here it is at 98 LI.
  6. I moved from the Snowed In Skybox to the one with the built-in kitchen. It's my favourite of the three skyboxes. The built-in kitchen means I don't have to fill a large empty space and that gives me more wiggle room to decorate. Here I am at 49 Li.
  7. I've been stalking the Winter Homes at Snow Globe and nabbed a Scenic Skybox. As I was decorating it, a Snowed In Skybox became available and an admin was on so I was able to move immediately. The 50 LI limit is definitely a challenge and I didn't do as well as some folks here! I'm missing art and details. It makes me glad to have a lot more LI at my normal home. I'm still hoping to grab one of the smaller Winter Homes at Snow Globe though.
  8. @Eddy Vortex I'll adjust for sims with requirements, but I've largely given up on realistic sizes. Off topic, I know! Just look at my cute outfits 😉
  9. So, take two pictures at the display area, caption them "My new stilt house!!!" and it's just wishful thinking. Okay! 🤷‍♀️
  10. Unfortunately, I can't join the group; it's for tenants only. You have to be in the group to know when they become available and to be able to reserve them, but you can't join the group unless you're already a tenant. I subscribed to be notified by CasperTech and managed to get in fast enough to see a skybox was available, but I'm after one of the houses on the ground. I chatted with the owner yesterday and she honestly told me I had a very slim chance of grabbing one. So, I'll have a look when I get the notice in my email, but I'm not getting my hopes up. In the meantime, I'm looking ou
  11. You're so lucky @Chic Aeon. I've been trying to get a home on the ground and subscribed to be notified, but no luck. And I learned they can be reserved, but I can't reserve one. I'm going to keep trying, but I'm getting the sense it's not gonna happen.
  12. I love your hair and makeup here, @Jordan Whitt. A lovely and elegant look.
  13. I picked up this dress in burgundy, a favourite fall colour.
  14. I'm totally up for this challenge, but I really want one of those homes on the ground. What a lovely place. I grabbed a skybox, but it just doesn't have the same feel for me. All the cottages are taken at the moment, but I've signed up to be notified of vacancies. Hopefully I can grab one in a week.
  15. When my partner and I moved in together, we threw a little houswarming party and also celebrated a friend's birthday. We live across a Linden beach in a pretty quiet corner of the grid.
  16. I have alts going back 10 years for various reasons (e.g. work account versus personal account, dedicated roleplay), but my primary reason today is land. I have a few alts that I upgraded to Premium for either their Linden Home or to use the 1024m² tier allotment to expand my mainland parcel.
  17. Last year, it took a week and a half of constant watching and refreshing to nab a Victorian. Now, it took less than 24 hours. I picked up and abandoned two and kept the third. It's a beautiful location, on a cliff overlooking the ocean near a rail station and @Chloe Dolores's Cabinet of Curiosities. I'm really surprised, pleasantly.
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