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  1. When my partner and I moved in together, we threw a little houswarming party and also celebrated a friend's birthday. We live across a Linden beach in a pretty quiet corner of the grid.
  2. I have alts going back 10 years for various reasons (e.g. work account versus personal account, dedicated roleplay), but my primary reason today is land. I have a few alts that I upgraded to Premium for either their Linden Home or to use the 1024m² tier allotment to expand my mainland parcel.
  3. Last year, it took a week and a half of constant watching and refreshing to nab a Victorian. Now, it took less than 24 hours. I picked up and abandoned two and kept the third. It's a beautiful location, on a cliff overlooking the ocean near a rail station and @Chloe Dolores's Cabinet of Curiosities. I'm really surprised, pleasantly.
  4. I've been keeping an eye on it and a Traditional has been there for hours. I also saw a houseboat a couple of times, a Victorian three times (the same one), and a camper a few times.
  5. One more I would have checked is "Used SL for work purposes". 🙂
  6. Inspired by "Portrait in Black" by Jack Vettriano.
  7. I just spotted thigh high boots over jeans today at this month's Kustom9 event.
  8. I have an organised inventory with categories and subcategories that work for me: ! Basic Jupiter -- The items I wear every day, e.g. copies of my system and mesh bodies, mesh head, eyes, body physics, AO, etc. I also have this saved as an outfit with all the necessary HUDs. Body CATWA head ORIGINALS Eyes and eye lashes Maitreya Mesh Body ORIGINALS Omega System Kits Skin Appliers Makeup Eye liners Eye shadows Lips Sets Nails Skins Organised i
  9. I RP at Cocoon, which is a cyberpunk sim. I also like 1920s Berlin Project. You might want to join the Got Roleplay? and Roleplay Partners groups inworld. There are often posts in those groups about RP sims looking for players or RP sim events.
  10. 4,740. I recently deleted 12k in system clothing and high prim furniture.
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