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  1. Hi, everyone. I'm going to abandon my Victorian within half-hour. It's a lovely location at a crossroads near a railroad line with two ponds out front and backing up to a stream (I derendered the bushes in the back). I've enjoyed living here for the last year. I hope the next owners enjoys it as much. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Collins/177/128/34
  2. I didn't think Altamura is very popular. I picked up one of their free bodies with head for an alt. I find that a lot of Maitreya clothes fit well; I recommend you demo before buying. @Lucia Nightfire, thanks for that! It's interesting.
  3. Perhaps it's a little reminiscent of Bay City, but I think it would be nice to revisit Art Deco.
  4. I've been playing with the LeLUTKA gift head, Lilly. I like it, but I'm not sure if it will become my go-to head. I'm used to my look with CATWA.
  5. Hello. I updated my Firestorm viewer and was glad to see all my windlights in a new Library folder called Environments. I copied these into my Inventory, and they still appear in Phototools Environment Settings lists. Great! But I want to get rid of most of them. I've got about 1k windlights, and I don't use most of them. Considering they're in my inventory (it all feels a bit redundant), I'd prefer to have a few favourites in the Phototools list. If it's possible to remove them, how is it done? Thank you 🙂
  6. I got very lucky. I happened to be inworld when the the landowner at Snow Globe sent a group message saying she was going to add a few houses on the ground, first come, first served. I was the first one to IM her and she gave me a choice of house. I always wanted a small one given the LI limits, but it's 100 now! So, I'm breaking the rules of this challenge, but here it is at 98 LI.
  7. I moved from the Snowed In Skybox to the one with the built-in kitchen. It's my favourite of the three skyboxes. The built-in kitchen means I don't have to fill a large empty space and that gives me more wiggle room to decorate. Here I am at 49 Li.
  8. I've been stalking the Winter Homes at Snow Globe and nabbed a Scenic Skybox. As I was decorating it, a Snowed In Skybox became available and an admin was on so I was able to move immediately. The 50 LI limit is definitely a challenge and I didn't do as well as some folks here! I'm missing art and details. It makes me glad to have a lot more LI at my normal home. I'm still hoping to grab one of the smaller Winter Homes at Snow Globe though.
  9. @Eddy Vortex I'll adjust for sims with requirements, but I've largely given up on realistic sizes. Off topic, I know! Just look at my cute outfits 😉
  10. So, take two pictures at the display area, caption them "My new stilt house!!!" and it's just wishful thinking. Okay! 🤷‍♀️
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