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  1. While this technology is outstanding, it's not my cup of tea. Bravo for having the patience and bravery to do this though haha.
  2. I completed a Succubus look last night that I'm going to keep on through October All these halloween hunts/fairs have inspired me. The full look image i just posted on my flickr .
  3. Thanks Cindy! I'm aware of all the mainstream events/hunts. I have a great bulky list to start off, but in conjunction with mainstream SL, I'm additionally looking for lesser known creators and startups. Over the past year, I continuously see the same male fashion creators in every event. Although those better known shops may still be included in the database, I'm also looking for lesser known creators/shops. I appreciate your feedback!
  4. First off, if this is not the right place for this, please let me know! Hi everyone! I'm conducting research to create a database of male businesses in Secondlife. In 2010, I had created a notecard of landmarks to hundreds of male stores that were my favorites in SL - I found over the years that many of these stores closed. Present day, I'm finding it more and more difficult to find quality male clothing. The marketplace is saturated with female items, and it sometimes takes a while to find a single piece for an outfit I'm putting together. I imagine I'm not the same person
  5. Yes! Welcome to SL Photography! The primary factors for beautiful SL Photography (in my opinion) is your computer's capability and your viewer. If youre shooting people, I'd suggest looking into the pose world. I havent used poses for a long while (and usually the people I shoot are using their own poses). Landscapes are easier because you don't have a 2nd party to coordinate with. I'd suggest to start by playing heavily with your graphics preferences and windlight settings.
  6. This would really depend on the media source you're trying to view, but it's never failed for me to set up a single prim as a URL source for youtube and a few other media websites. It would just take just a little bit of coordination with your viewers to all turn their media on/ be media capable. You can enable a surface via your land settings or just create a stand-alone prim with one face able to view web. Of course depending on everyone's internet connection, their viewer settings, their personal computer capability and your sim's health, there may always be just a few seconds of delay (I'v
  7. Looking for some new photog friends. I post my retouched shots on flickr and all my in-world as-is snaps are on snapzilla. This is one I lit up yesterday.
  8. To me, it looks like the skin itself is textured that way, where the underside of the arms are shaded darker (since when arms are usually down, shadows are casted from your pits down). I'd try skins from other creators! If you need some references to some great skins shops I'd recommend stray dog or avenge (Of course it depends on the body you have ).
  9. This happened to me actually a few nights ago trying to get a skin for my new mesh head. - but the difference between you and I, was that I could see my issue. My issue (not sure if its the same as yours) was the layer the skin was applying to on the head. I solved it by first putting an entirely different skin applier on my head - to give a blank slate to start with, then applied the skin I wanted. It does look like (in your images) that you have a skin applied to the bottom, and the top half has the base skin. Not sure which head you have but maybe try resetting your layers on your
  10. I'd be happy to help & answer questions about your new mesh stuff. Catch me inworld usually around 7pm SLT.
  11. Caved, and bought a mesh head last night and a new skin this evening and I'm obsessed with dressing myself please help.
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