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  1. You watched four of those videos? Lawdy, Skell, you've got way more patience than I have...
  2. Is this the right video? No hair is mentioned at all. It's an instructional video for an inventory management system.
  3. Doux? Doe? Is there a prize if I get it right? 😄
  4. Yeah, it's at the top of the chat window, farthest to the right. I think. At any rate it's one of the four buttony things up there. Play with it. ☺
  5. That's your hairbase. If you look around you can pick up one that fits better, either in hair demos or mesh head demos. It's a pain, but a fixable one.
  6. Work through this page (no skipping!) and I bet you'll find the solution... https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_bake_fail
  7. Mmm, yeah, but the video capture in with my Nvidia card (it used to be Shadowplay?) won't let me record only a section of the screen, something I need to hang all the facial animation HUDS I use off-screen. And OBS has only marginal graphics quality. It's light on your disk space, it's free, but it doesn't give you good video. I'm using OBS now and I'd like something better.
  8. It's time to upgrade from FRAPS, and I wondered what people were using these days for video capture software. And recommendations or bad reviews? Does anybody use Movavi?
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