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  1. Best way to do this is to have the vehicle use llCastRay at a set interval. You can also do this in place of llGround. example: vector pos=llGetPos(); list ray = llCastRay(pos,pos-<0.0,0.0,10.0>,[RC_REJECT_TYPES, RC_REJECT_PHYSICAL|RC_REJECT_AGENTS]); if(llList2Vector(ray,1)!=ZERO_VECTOR)particles_start();
  2. For reference, http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlDetectedType SCRIPTED Previously, returned all objects containing a running script. Currently, is not returned if the script is not actively processing an event or has an active timer/loop. ACTIVE Previously, turned objects that had "Physical" enabled in build. Currently, returns objects with a running script, including NON-PHYSICAL. It also EXCLUDES physical objects that lack a script or is otherwise not moving. PASSIVE Previously, returned all objects that were not physics enabled, regardless of if they were scripted or not. Currently, returns non-moving physical objects or objects with idle scripting. ---- Started noticing this about 2 months ago, and it has made Sensor events incredibly unoptimized as a result as we can no longer filter returns as thoroughly which means more time and code is dedicated to checking each return - draining more region performance from an event that in and of itself can be rather region intensive. I have been unable to find any information as to if this was done deliberately or not, nor have I found any up to date information covering details of how these changes affect sensor, touch, and collision events. In addition to the issue mentioned above, combinations like (PASSIVE|SCRIPTED) [12] can inherit combinations like (ACTIVE|SCRIPTED) [10]. This behavior is frustrating to work with and its beginning to make llDetectedType virtually worthless.
  3. This is partially incorrect. You usually want to put an llSleep(0.1); before the RLV command as doing it too quickly after the object is rezzed will cause it to fail. object_rez(key id) { llSleep(0.1); llOwnerSay("@sit:"+(string)id+"=force"); }
  4. I'll avoid naming those I've encountered doing this so far, however I've had an issue where friends and associates who have purchased products from vendors and later left critical reviewers were banned from using any products they had purchased via said vendor due to external server communication used by said products. Just to be clear, this is fraud on the vendor's part. In one case, a friend was automatically unseated from any vehicle by the brand including those he owned. This rendered them unusable though others were able to sit and drive them around unabated. These vehicles were no mod so there was no way to prevent them from executing the external communication. This person later got with others who were also banned in a similar manner and had the vendor overturn all bans. In a more recent case, another vendor has banned a user from using their HUDs which were used to change textures, colors, and various other settings on avatar attachments (namely, apparel). Since the object(s) in question are no mod, this means that said friend cannot modify the attire they had paid for in any way, shape, or form. Again, this took place after said friend left a critical response to one of the vendor's products. They have not had this issue on an alternate account of theirs nor have others reported similar issues. This problem is still affecting them. Some things I wanted to ask about this issue was, 1. If this a violation of any ToS or usage agreement for the Marketplace? 2. How should we report such individuals? 3. Are we able to recoup losses endured from due to this kind of fraud?
  5. You don't need to be a premium member to sale on the MP, but you do need payment information on file. This is to prevent people from creating accounts with the sole purpose of defrauding users, so consider the payment info requirement as a "proof of ownership" for your account and store. That said, you are not taxed in any way nor charged anything for running your MP. LL just takes commission from all your sales. If you want to sell products but don't trust LL with your payment info, there are other vending services (I personally use CasperVend) that will allow you to sell your products inworld, manage vendors, and even send product updates to all who have purchased you items (something the MP doesn't do!). So you have some options.
  6. When we were last looking to hire someone, we had similar candidates who were overqualified for the work we were asking for. One was a college professor who taught 3D architecture and design.
  7. They are few and far between and those I have personally be able to hire in the past either breached our agreement or failed to deliver fully on the work they were supposed to do. As far as groups are concerned, they don't really exist. Most accomplished meshers don't do custom work because it costs them more money in the long run to do that than to supply products to either a store they're working for or their own vendor.
  8. Depending on how the land is set up and your powers in the group, 2 things can happen: 1. It won't work 2. It will only work if you are online. Since the land is group owned, the object will need to be rezzed by someone who at least has freeze/eject powers in the group in order to execute the function. Some of the tests I have run recently show that it should work regardless of the owner's status, however this information is based off estate managers owning the object so I can't say for certain.
  9. It's as big of a deal as you want to make it. Most people probably won't care, and some people may care a lot. SL hit the brickwall a very long time ago, so a change like this was only inevitable. Just don't be too optimistic about it.
  10. Any product sold will have their profits even-share. The reason this thread exists is because what my company is looking for cannot be found on the market - Understandably, for some of the same reasons you listed, and the fact no one wants to "split the pie". I'm not looking for "trends", I'm looking for original work. If you want to go copy someone else's idea, by all means do it on your own dime.
  11. Payment options and amount are discussed prior to the project being assigned.
  12. Looking for residents with experience in mesh creation. There are 2 positions to be filled. Applicants must meet the following requirements: BOTH POSITIONS 1. Must be able to texture their creations. 2. Must be able to import their creations. Any cost of materials will be covered. 3. Must be able to present examples of their work. POSITION ONE: Rigged Meshing 1. Must be able to perform basic rigging. 2. Must be able to create clothing that will fit to an avatar. This is not to be confused with "fitted mesh", which will not be supported. POSITION TWO: Basic Meshing 1. Must be able to create basic objects. (ie. Chairs, Basic Vehicles, Small items) 2. Must be able to recreate an object based on a description or visible reference. ----- Payment is offered based on the work done as well as the quality of the work and will increase over time if the work being presented meets or exceeds the standards of the agreement. Each project will have payment negotiated. ***You will not be based on the hours spent or through a static rate.*** You will be reimbused for any uploading fees which will not count against your payment. These are considered development costs and will be funded to you when needed or as part of your final payment - Whichever you prefer. More details on payments, agreements, etc can be inquired about during the application process. ----- To apply, drop a message or notecard inworld to Secondary Lionheart
  13. It mostly depends are where you're located. The poor optimization of content development in SL does not exhibit enough stress in low populated or constructed areas. More complex sim designs or areas with large amounts of residents will quickly bring some of the best graphical units to their knees
  14. Being a weapon developer myself and for nearly 4 years, there isn't one - As often weapons on the marketplace lack at least 2 of the things you're looking for and most decent weapons cannot be found there. People even go as far as to lie about the features and qualities of their items and hide critical reviews just so they can trick you into buying them. If you're looking for guns specifically for their appearance(looks, actions, effects), "Operations", "D1MTG", and "BREACH" are all good candidates. However, what they have in appearance they lack in performance. D1 and BREACH however are probably better for RP, as Operations is focused more on LLCS combat. There are other brands, but be aware that there is an epidemic of people stealing open-source models from other sites and selling them for profit. Most weapons, if not all, have little to no effect on greifing. What you're looking for at that point is an administrative hud and specilized weapons which require admin permissions to utilize. This involves but is not limited to pushing to be more specific as it is disabled in most sims, especially sandboxes.
  15. It's one problem with SL voice in general. Shifting viewers won't fix it.
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