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  1. My Alt is unable to open doors in my Linden Home even though they are set to owner of the group and can rez objects. How do I fix this?
  2. been mia waiting for my new computer to arrive, here's a long overdue pic with a new skin and head.
  3. Thank you so much for your compliment! Of course I don't mind Happy pride!!
  4. The theme for SL Pride this year is "together"...together in unity, life, health, harmony spirit, love, power, strength, mind, body, and peace. In light of all the recent tragedies, we should take a moment to reflect on bringing the human race together - all sexual orientations, genders, and races. Happy pride month everyone!
  5. thank you @steeljane42! When you say keep them on a different level do you mean putting them at different elevations? Thanks so much for your detailed response @Chic Aeon! You're suggestion to place a club in the corner might be a good idea. I'd like to have a venue that can host maybe 20-25 avatars at a time - nothing crazy. So placing it in a corner on one side with perhaps a park and some light retail could help if I have residential parcels on the opposite side of the sim? I have much to learn though ultimately I would like to bring in a landscaper and sim planner to help with the process since this will be my first go and I really want to provide a rock solid experience for guests. @Secondary Lionheart thank you for clarifying that bit! Since this will be my first sim I'd rather keep business on the smaller side (small-medium businesses and a small club that can host 25 avatars max) would that still bring a high latency for residents on the opposite side of the sim if there are small business and an open park (or some other large, relatively lightly used public space) between the two. To clarify I've been considering full regions since they can handle more people and have better performance since the sim will be a city/urban community sim with apartments and high-rises.
  6. Today I decided to spend a little time in my LH to sit amongst the sweet flowers, but stole a (long overdue) moment to snap some shots before heading out 🙂
  7. Hi all, I'm in the very early stages of planning my own community and had a few questions. I'd like to create a mixed use rp city sim with residential (apartments and houses) public spaces (restaurants, parks, public services), and small-mid sized businesses. Though, I'd like the option to expand those in the future if business goes well and perhaps include a nightclub(s). However, lag is real! Is it possible to expand to regions and/or divide one up so that businesses or clubs don't negatively impact those living on the sim?
  8. Not sure, I found it on MP i'll see what it says next time
  9. while unpacking , I noticed the gorgeous lighting. Here’s the result.
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