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  1. Yeah, I'm not swapping out accounts, too much invested into this one. Like I've said, I do those things, but they just keep making more and keep coming... 20 and counting (which is against the rules I think of having only a certain number of accounts per household?) Sometimes they will leave me alone for a little while... perhaps a new victim, but always comes back. Apparently my in game reports, screenshots and details therein fall on deaf ears. I never respond and usually block after the first message i get from each new account. Coming here is kinda my last ditch effort in trying to g
  2. So for the past few months I've been on and off dealing with a user that makes it their job to constantly harass and grief people. They seem to have been stuck on me quite a while. Crashers, pushers, voice screams and foul language (in text too). Usually this isn't so much of a problem, you just block them and move on right? Well, 20 alts later they still come for me. Now they've managed to find where my house is. So it's all just flared up again. I've submitted countless reports on every time they or one of their alts (i know cause most of the names have the same formatting or theme) harassed
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