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  1. I have a script that triggers llAttachToAvatarTemp to attach a prim to an avatar. And this is done thru Second Life Experience system. The weird thing is that these prims via llAttachToAvatarTemp do not inherit the group the avatar is currently wearing. Altho I was wearing my group tag, the prim attached to my avatar was still set to no group. Normally this was no problem with any attachment that i would wear from my inventory.The attachment would be set to the group the attachment owner is currently wearing and there has been no issue. Now that this llAttachToAvatarTemp is not
  2. Oh i am not too concierned about whether target is sitting, or anything. I was trying to develop a game where you get to shoot particle effect at your target, and i just wanted to make sure the particle doesn't fire off when there is some non-phantom obstacles like walls or rocks on its way.
  3. I am not sure if this is related to lsl but I think this is the best place to ask because scripters would be the ones using Second LIfe Experience Key. So my question is, what happens to your Experience key when you are no longer a premium member?
  4. Is there anyway i can use llCastRay to detect if there is any non-phantom prim in between me and my target avatar? For example, lets say that I am in the middle of the sim, and my target avatar is inside a house. I would like to use llCastRay to determine if there is a wall in between me and my target avatar. Would this be possible via llCastRay? If so, how can i automatically commend llCastRay to shoot the ray toward the target avatar automatically?
  5. Which is faster and more efficient? I have tons of the following code, so I thought I would make up my mind case1 if(press == nametag1) llSay(0,"I found " + (string)press); else if(press == nametag2) llSay(0,"I found " + (string)press); else if(press == nametag3) llSay(0,"I found " + (string)press); vs... case2 if (press == nametag1 || press == nametag2 || press == nametag3) llSay(0,"I found " + (string)press);
  6. Let's say I scanned an avatar and got the avatar's UUID using llGetAgentList(). I would, then, check the attachment of the avatar to see if he is wearing an item called "Umbrella" via llGetAttachedList(). So here is my question: Is it possible to get this "Umbrella" object's Description? If so, How would I go about doing it?
  7. Is it possible to ask people to temp attach (or activate) gestures via experience? or maybe without experience?
  8. I have been doing some researches on implementing EXPERIENCE to let visitors wear HUD automatically, and detach HUD upon leaving my sim. (assuming that they grant experience permission) I am trying to get the logic written down first so I know where I am heading toward to... should I be constantly scanning the entire sim to see who is arriving to the sim so I can get their uuid and request the m to attach HUD? or is there better way to achieve this? how would you approach this concept?
  9. So I can see that there are plenty of notecard dropbox scripts available in sl. People use these drop boxes so they can collect notecards from people for feedback or application purpose. So here is the real question... Is there a way for my friends to access to the dropbox contents tab without me giving them my modify right? i would like my friends to pick up some notecards from the suggestion drop box, and even delete some notecards from the box. I was looking through syntax which could do this but I seem to have hard time finding one...
  10. Wow that is so brilliant! I really admire your ability to come up with new methodology, Thanks @Wulfie Reanimator! Let me give it a try!
  11. I am creating a bomb here. This bomb is represented by the green dot in the attached picture. This bomb is initially hidden from people's sight. When someone enters the bomb range, the bomb will wait for 5-6 seconds, then detonate. Now, here comes the real question.. When I use llSensor, I was easily able to detect avatars within 8 meters. It simply detects avatars in sphere shape. (represented as the left green dot in the picture) However, I am not sure how I would detect avatars that are within the range represented by cylinder shape (represented as the right green dot in the
  12. Lets say you are scanning for list of avatar keys within 5 meters from you. Would llGetAngentList be better or llSensor would be better? lets assume the sim has 60 people. I know the fact that llGetAngentList scans for all avatars within the region and you can cherry pick those angels within 5 meters from you. when there are 60 people within the sim, wouldn't it be faster to just use llSensor?
  13. @Mollymews It was brilliant idea to combine all lists into one list first, so that you are able to sort all of them out. I wonder why I never thought of that before haha!
  14. @Mollymews @Wulfie Reanimator Thanks for your advice. But then, can I elaborate my questions a bit? What if I would like to come up with 3 separate lists for A, B, C. (and 4 separate lists if there was a record of "D" too) So I can see something like: (from highest number to lowest number) newListForA would return.... uuid1,uuid6,uuid4 newListForB would return.... uuid3,uuid2 newListForC would return.... uuid5 So I think the trick is that I have to go through "Multiple Lists" to see which list has Value A, B or C.
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