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  1. I appreciate everyone for giving me some thoughtful answers
  2. Thank you all for sharing all the knowledge! I have decided to cast 3 rays with the same filter i mentioned in the very first post. It seems like the easiest solution i can come up with my given skills. speaking of the multiple rays, I came up with the following: list results1 = llCastRay(start+<0.5,1.5,0.5>, start+<60.0,1.5,0.5>*llGetCameraRot(),[RC_REJECT_TYPES, RC_REJECT_LAND | RC_REJECT_PHYSICAL | RC_REJECT_NONPHYSICAL, RC_MAX_HITS,2]); list results2 = llCastRay(start+<0.5,0.0,0.5>, start+<60.0,0.0,0.5>*llGetCameraRot(),[RC_REJECT_TYPES, RC_REJECT_LAND | RC_REJECT_PHYSICAL | RC_REJECT_NONPHYSICAL, RC_MAX_HITS,2]); list results3 = llCastRay(start+<0.5,-1.5,0.5>, start+<60.0,-1.5,0.5>*llGetCameraRot(),[RC_REJECT_TYPES, RC_REJECT_LAND | RC_REJECT_PHYSICAL | RC_REJECT_NONPHYSICAL, RC_MAX_HITS,2]); I am assuming that these are all parellel, and 1.5 meters apart from each other. But without the actual visualization of the ray, it is really hard to tell if I am going into the right direction??
  3. @animats Thanks for clarifications on the attachments. I feel like llCastRay was not the only answer to weapon system. I am recently exploring lsl scripting and more insight on this "touch detection" would be helpful. Could you give me some example syntax I could be using or any reference to lsl wiki page so where I can start reading documentation on touch detection? How does that concept exactly work? Does it detect anything that are touchable? @Wulfie Reanimator That is quite interesting that avatar would appear like a oblong sphere for cast ray. I thought it would be some kind of cube block or something.... So if I shoot multiple rays, i guess more than one rays could detect the same avatar. Does that mean those rays will report the victim multiple times and may take multiple damage while the victim actually got hit once?
  4. I am creating a simple weapon with llCastRay, I have the following following filters set for llCastRay: llCastRay(start, start+<60.0,0.0,0.0>*llGetCameraRot(), [RC_REJECT_TYPES, RC_REJECT_LAND | RC_REJECT_PHYSICAL | RC_REJECT_NONPHYSICAL, RC_DETECT_PHANTOM, FALSE, RC_DATA_FLAGS, RC_GET_ROOT_KEY, RC_MAX_HITS,1]); I assumed that this will allow my llCastRay to penetrate any objects until it finally hits an avatar. Then I realized there is a problem. I *think* llCastRay doesn't seem to detect the avatar if it happens to hit some physical attachments worn on the victim's av. Therefore, The victim doesn't register as getting a hit. Am I mistakened? What would be the best filter to put so that I would have a high chance to hit the Avatar and nothing else? llCastRay also shoots such a tiny ray that it is almost impossible to shoot someone who is moving around fast. aAe there any suggestions or advice i can take on how i can make it eaiser to shoot a victim?
  5. I have a HUD that receives messages thru llRegionSayTo. The problem is this message could be sent to my HUD from anyone who has the "message sender script". When I receive the message, I need to find a way to identify if this message is legit or not. For example, lets say the sender has the following script. default { touch_start(integer total_number) { integer ch = -99; key recieverskey = llDetectedKey(0); //this is me wearing the receiver HUD llRegionSayTo(recieverskey,-99,"this is the message."); } } I want to ensure this message is being sent from the item created by me. I want the receiver to be able to tell if the message sent to me is legit or not by seeing the creator of the item who sent the message. Lets say the receiver HUD has the following script: default { listen(integer chan, string name, key id, string msg) { if(chan == -99) { llOwnerSay("--------------------------------------"); llOwnerSay("sender's name is: " + name); llOwnerSay("sender's uuid is: " + (string)id); llOwnerSay("the message is: " + msg); } } } I know inserting a line of llGetCreator() won't let me tell the creator of the object who just sent the message to my HUD. Is there anyway to tell the creator? would there be anyway to identify that the message being sent to me is legit and came from the item I created??
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