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  1. https://saltlickbbq.com Pretty close to my IP address location. I recommend a couple pounds of the brisket!
  2. I've been in SL since 2005, exploring the grid has always been one of the more enjoyable things to do in SL. And its constantly changing, which sadly means many of my favorite places are no longer. But there is always something new and interesting to see.
  3. I'm throwing away everything in my files created by Starax Statosky after reading this.
  4. Looks like you missed the SL files in the "Library->Saved Application State" folder that Madealine (sp?) described. I have no idea how important they are but have never seen them mentioned in doing a clean install before.
  5. In the past when the black areas, that normally indicated objects owned by others, turned a dark reddish tint, it usually meant I had crashed and I could verify that by trying to move and find that I could not, had to relog. For several months now I have been noticing those same parts of the mini-map turning red and finding that i have not crashed, I can still function normally. So does anyone have any idea what the dark reddish tint means these days? Thanks, Arch
  6. All I have every used in SL has been a wireless laptop, a Mac of one type or another. I'm currently using a 2011 MacBook Pro. I have built hundreds of creations on my laptops while connected with WiFi, I had experienced many quirks but still managed OK. If your machine specs meet the minimum standards recommended by SL you should be OK.
  7. If the HUD contains any no-mod objects or scripts it will appear to be a no-mod object it self when worn if you check it using the edit window. Therefore it will not allow you to add anything to it while worn. Remove the HUD and rezz it in world then you can add objects to it with no problems.
  8. There are numerous boat hull shapes made using basic prims in SL. You can check out several simple ones here Blake Sea - Half Hitch (120, 132, 22). Contact me in SL and I can give you several free examples you can take apart and examine.
  9. Thank you both, Codewarrior and Madelaine, for such excellent explanations, I am going to have fun playing with this. A tip to anyone thinking of trying this. Set your objects to temporary before blowing them up, so they will delete themselves if they fly off to some far distant sims.
  10. I noticed this script in the Library http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/ExplodingObjects and had learned some years ago that sets of linked objects, if set to physical and unlinked will blow up in a fun way, scattering prims far and wide. Some objects blow up better then others, and I would like to understand why, to optimize this phenomena. But even afte reading the Havok wiki page I could not find an explanation as to why objects blow up like this. I would appreciate understanding this phenomena better. Can anyone here explain it?
  11. That is pretty cool! It works on the mainland too where I do not own all of the land, gives a prim count for every parcel.
  12. I am an architect in RL and enjoy building stuff in SL. I have been doing it for years in SL and can share the following observations with you. You are very unlikely to earn a living wage in SL. Very few people will pay you even minimum wage to build stuff in SL, and there is tons of competition from non-architects and third world countries where people work for almost nothing. There is no easy money to be made in SL these days. Unless you have a lot of money snd time to invest in creating a lot of really great stuff before you open a large store, your best bet for earning lindens in SL, i
  13. There used to be a forum where you could share new things you created. Does that not exist anymore? I can't seem to find it when looking through the varioius forum titles here.
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