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  1. Aah, unfortunately that was a really long time ago and I didn't take note of the place. I think the only details I can remember from that trip was that it was somewhere along a hilly route that occasionally became an underwater glass tunnel, and I think it was near a bridge.
  2. I checked it out, and your guess is right! Hooray! I had forgotten where that wall was!
  3. I have a variety of odd avatars, and all of them don't resemble me at all. Right now, my entire avatar is made out of prims and someone said that I looked like a wooden emu! Sometimes I like to look like a chair, or a shark.
  4. EDIT: Aw shucks, I'm a forum n00b and posted this in the section dedicated to people, not places! I spend a majority of my time in Second Life wandering around the mainland continents, so I'd think it'd be interesting to have a general discussion about experiences with other people who enjoy wandering around as well! Favourite vehicle to travel with: If I'm not walking around on my legs, my favourite vehicle for wandering around is some sort of freebie hoverboard I found (also by wandering). It's not too fast or too slow, it can go over water, and holding the jump button makes it able to jump over obstacles as well. It can pretty much go over every terrain! Weirdest place I've found: I once found a church dedicated to Barack Obama. The building was structured like a church, only except it had pictures of Obama everywhere. It was so weird that I landmarked the place. I checked if it was still there yesterday, but it has changed into somebody's private home with a security orb... I also found this hotel building long ago. It was empty and there was no one in it. I looked around the place and eventually I found a door that looked the same as all the other doors. I opened it, and instead of being a nice-looking yet empty room like all the others, it had an ugly grey floor with a lone mattress. I clicked on the mattress, and found out it was labelled "Dirty Rape Mattress". Even though the building was empty, I promptly exited that place. Favourite place I found: Someone had made some sort of North Pole village. It has all these Santa elves, Santa's workshop, a bakery, and lots of Christmas themed buildings actually. I think it was really pretty. I think it was at some sort of region called Porvoo. Other random remarks: Once I found a really long wall with a really long tunnel inside of it. It was great. For me, I've rarely ever met many other people wandering around. If I do see other people, they're normally just sitting in their house, or they're shopping. Strangely enough, I find minor griefers really interesting. (By minor, I mean you walk past, they shoot all these stuff at you for no reason, but nothing more drastic and not enough to break the game or make you crash.) They're really open to interacting with strangers. Some were fans of vehicles, and if you rez one at a rez-zone with more than two seats and start driving the vehicle, there's a chance that they will hop along for a ride to wherever you're going for a while. I've even had odd race with one of them (though it was short lived, because eventually the sim-crossings and fast vehicles don't mix.) Once I fell in the lake and saw a giant catfish, big enough to eat you. The only sea monsters I've spotted in Blake Sea are those hammerhead sharks (which are average sized), and in Blake Sea - Kraken, there's a family of squids there. Two biggish squids, and two little squids. Well, except for the time someone remarked that they did see a sea monster in Blake Sea, only to describe my avatar! Sometimes I wish the mainland was more interesting. Don't get me wrong, you can find a lot of places of interest while wandering (e.g. temples, churches, castles, amusement parks, other interesting architecture), but the amount of houses, shops, and empty abandoned land really do outnumber the places of interest for me. Sometimes I can walk over 30 minutes, and all I've come across are houses and more houses and shops. And many aren't in neat villages or towns, they're just oddly scattered over the hills, with banlines and stuff blocking you. Maybe I'm just wandering around the wrong places... Sometimes you come across people not actively wandering, they're just standing around outside in the middle of nowhere (the place isn't any good for photography). If you talk to them, they do respond, meaning the person is behind the keyboard. So sometimes I wonder what they're doing, standing in boring places where you can't build anything. Attempting to drive a boat on land is... interesting. One of the boats I have work on land, but it can't go up slopes, and ends up sliding down. The other boat doesn't work at all. I've found a place with a speed camera. Since I don't have any money, I enjoy trying to speed past it and trying to get the highest fine I can. (Unfortunately I can't remember how many lindens the fine costed, but the highest speed the camera recorded from me was 120 km per hour). ~~~ So, share your wandering experiences and any odd stuff you've seen or people you've met!
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