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  1. Aah, unfortunately that was a really long time ago and I didn't take note of the place. I think the only details I can remember from that trip was that it was somewhere along a hilly route that occasionally became an underwater glass tunnel, and I think it was near a bridge.
  2. I checked it out, and your guess is right! Hooray! I had forgotten where that wall was!
  3. I have a variety of odd avatars, and all of them don't resemble me at all. Right now, my entire avatar is made out of prims and someone said that I looked like a wooden emu! Sometimes I like to look like a chair, or a shark.
  4. EDIT: Aw shucks, I'm a forum n00b and posted this in the section dedicated to people, not places! I spend a majority of my time in Second Life wandering around the mainland continents, so I'd think it'd be interesting to have a general discussion about experiences with other people who enjoy wandering around as well! Favourite vehicle to travel with: If I'm not walking around on my legs, my favourite vehicle for wandering around is some sort of freebie hoverboard I found (also by wandering). It's not too fast or too slow, it can go over water, and holding the jump
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