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  1. Sassy Romano wrote: MoiselleErin Teardrop wrote: I asked a friend why they would remove the viewer part of one's tag and she said, "LL doesn't want everyone to know how few people actually use their viewer" Seems stupid tho cause it is not like LL doesn't make a killing with all the L$ that fly around ... However, it shouldn't really be a case of spite, such as it feels like with the viewer tags, LL *should* be commanding that position from one of product superiority and user respect. Yes I agree. And I'd add that it says something about LL. If you compete with LL, and you're
  2. a new addition to the TPV policy reads: I.e 2.k : You must not provide any feature that alters the shared experience of the virtual world in any way not provided by or accessible to users of the latest released Linden Lab viewer. I.e., don't do anything that would actually improve the users shared experience beyond what LL does.
  3. I was recently booted from a sim because of my viewer ( yeah I'm a technologist. ). Yes I have done quite a bit to go beyond the normal SL viewer & now & I am getting "no thanks" for my efforts. Both by the Lindens and "Phoenix" zealots. Ya know ... really this is such a sad state of technology where ppl use position rather than argument or a contest only to suppress a challenge, innovation and productivity. As long as this happens we shall just burn rubber.
  4. The Lindens are now doing rollbacks without warning ( your changes are getting deleted. A roll back is .... You fix something one day & the fix is gone the next.) ... makes my fixes look pretty bad... visitors don't know that the Lindens are doing it and it just makes my biz appear sloppy and unprofessional. And while this might be JIRA material ... I think the community should know about this. someone did this - not me ... (I suspect a Linden - I doubt a hacker .. my password is longer than 8 characters mixed case alpha-numeric characters)... I fixed it by placing it on the ground. The
  5. If you're an experienced and creative builder and would like to make a few L$ Then come build some cool scenes for me! I'm paying from 5-10K per scene - if its good... I'm picking the best at the end of April. you get up to 10,000 slim prims a build area of 512m x 512m ( that's 256,000 square meters ... a normal sim is 64,000 ) and more! and its Free now for artists ( ok L$1 ) until the end of April. see: http://www.primphilia.com/store/MorelandGrove.html
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