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  1. I wish LL could cut their Tier fees....but i don't think they could, because of their large overhead costs. I think it will only be possible once LL generated other popular income streams (e.g maybe an app for mobiles)....and become less dependent on Sim/ Land income. They're losing Estate sims gradually...but it's high risk to assume that the hole would be plugged with new Sim owners if LL reduced the Sim tiers by 30 or 40 or 50%
  2. LillyBeth Filth wrote: The problem iies in the fact as merchants, we train consumers on what to expect so if there is even 1/4 of the available content being sold for 10L or free then even in a healthy RL economy, consumers start to question " Why should I buy X product when I know I can find something similar for free?" In the current economy that sentiment is doubled or tripled. It's a case of Merchants (collectively) killing their own economy over time.....we're not entirely there yet! It will be once you see quality Houses and large builds ending up as freebies.....or what
  3. ....but you are right in my opinion! I was warning about Freebies an age ago, as far back as the SLEX forums (if they can be googled)....ever since when BIAB first came onto the scene......now the problem has come back home to roost! :smileysad:
  4. Morgaine Christensen wrote: What really concerns me, we as merchants, are cutting our own throats. So, if you are a resident, new or old, you slap these boards...say 10-15 a day for a week...you have a whole new wardrobe for FREE. Now, if you can get all these FREE items...and we are not talking mediocre items here....why in the world would you want to spend real money and BUY something when you can get it for free? Or, you can join a group and get their group gift for free then drop the group? I can't tell you how many times people in the various groups make it known they are not g
  5. lol...in UK it's about $10 usd per gallon...and has been around that for a few years now. Most of the price is made up of taxes. (Fuel Duty & VAT)...i can only dream of $4-5 usd per gallon. We probably paid that in the the late 1990's!!
  6. Medhue Simoni wrote: I talked to a number of the merchants over at IMVU. From our conversations, I got the impression that the majority thought that SL content creation was far more complex than it actually is. Maybe it was the coding aspect, cause they don't really seem like the coding type of crowd there. This was all somewhat funny for me, as the IMVU animation creation workflow is far more complex than SL, but way more limiting as to what your avatar can actually do with those animations. The biggest impression I got from them, was that SL was super expensive. They generally thought t
  7. Medhue Simoni wrote: Although, IMVU does do some things right, they do quite a bit very wrong. IMVU does not rent out land, they take a massive cut on the content that they sell. You must "derive" everything you make from a default IMVU created object. This is also why they spend more on getting people to buy stuff. Animation is heavily promoted there. I made 2 animations there and sold both a number of times, even tho I've never been back. IMVU made more on them than I did, and I have no way of even cashing out, unless I want to pay some 3rd party 30% to get some real money. So, to any me
  8. There were only a few hundred Teen sims to begin with....probably less than the size of the Zindra continent. It wasn't solely for costs.....it was Phillip's initial vision. The gamble was expecting the large influx of teenagers (just like IMVU)...but it never materialised.
  9. Things on SL have been broken for over 8 years....depends which parts really irritate you! Smooth Sim crossings would be nice. Freebies in themselves are not bad, it's the sheer quantity that's hit the grid over the years that's taken it's toll......it's bound to! How can you have an economy "loosely" based on supply and demand...when you have such large quantities of Freebies available. Can you imagine how Shopping Malls & High Streets would look like if that were hypothetically the case in the RW too? (for argument sake, ignore costs & manufacturing processes) IMVU has 6 million pr
  10. Madeliefste Oh wrote: Rene Erlanger wrote: Second Life could scale upwards, but they would have to make changes to their architecture and adopt a totally different approach. For instance they could decrease the loads by splitting the Main grid into different logins e.g all Mainland sims on one networked Grid and all Estate Sims on another..so effectively 2 different login screens. They already have that now with agni and aditi (Beta Grid)....and could use or develop Interoperability Grid technology to travel from one Grid to another without having to log out....and with Inventory trans
  11. LillyBeth Filth wrote: Perhaps the amount of freebies and freeloaders is at least part of the problem - it drives prices down and it drives consumers to "expect" freebies were once they expected to pay. I predicted this scenario over 3 years on these SL forums.......so here we are now! :smileysad: The gradual effects of price dumping!! You know the SL economy is in bad shape, when you see half decent Skins being sold for 100 L !! Over 50% of SL regular users, don't spend a single Linden dollar during any given month! LillyBeth Filth wrote: IMVU.com have around 140,000 logge
  12. A couple things, as entertainment budgets are cut....it's usually RL activities like holidays, restaurants, theaters, subscriptions to any hobby activities. Actual home entertainment increases (computers, movie subscriptions, Cable TV, XBox etc etc) as it acts as a cheaper substitute. Other MMOG platforms have grown during the recession but not Second Life. That's because Linden Lab have failed to market their own product, whilst others have. You have to remember Second Life is FREE to play, you don't need to own land...and there's plenty of content that's freely available to improve Avatar a
  13. There you have it! It's including words & phrases in Description (or Details) box. Search "relevance" should be based on Product name and Keywords box. For 2 or 3 word phrases, it should be based with exact match being weighted higher than any partial matches.
  14. By Linden Lab standards.....if MP is working for 51% of SL Users.....the system is ok and working! :smileywink:
  15. It's not only if SL had all it's functionality working properly....and had all the shinies bolted on.......and it was the best 3D platform around, it still requires Linden Lab to market it, to the outside world. If the userbase doesn't grow...we're stuck in limbo.
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