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  1. thank you all for your help. i will follow your suggestions and hope everything turns out ok. i'm still surprised that linden lab would allow a stalking tool that basically lets somebody know everytime you log in or out and get that information outside of secondlife on their phone. it seems different than just checking their profile too if they're on. it's knowing personal information about somebody's life, like when they sleep. for me that's private information, and almost as bad as the redzone tool.
  2. no i know it's not a script i'm wearing. he told me it was something he bought called texty. he bought it right around the time that we were starting to have problems, so he told me how he knew just to freak me out. he says he just has to put it on his land and he gets a text whenever i come online. he told me there's nothing i can do about it.
  3. i have ar'ed him but it doesn't help because he makes new alts. but no he doesn't actually know my phone number. i didn't explain it right. i don't know how it works but he gets a text message on his cell phone whenever i log in or out. it makes it easier for him to stalk me because he knows when i'm on even when he's offline. when i was friends with him, we kept very different hours so we didn't overlap too much (he's in a different time zone). but now he knows as soon as i sign in, so he signs in too, probably even when he should be sleeping. i have thought about changing my avatar, but then i'd lose 2 years worth of no transfer clothes. as it is, i have had to hide my groups and picks.
  4. can somebody please give me some advise? there's a guy on SL who knows everytime i go online and offline. he gets a text message on his cell phone from something called texty so even when he's not on, he knows whether i'm on or off and he signs himself or one of his alts in. he's not even on my friends list anymore and i have him blocked, but he brings one of his alts to the clubs where i hang out and harrasses me. or he says bad things about me to the people around me. is there any way i can hide from this? i don't think linden lab should allow this kind of product. i think it should be illegal. please help!
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