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  1. It was down? Huh I should spend less time on market place...,, Not
  2. Nods yes.. in crowed sims, usally happens, often followed by a crash... So clear the viewer cache also make sire that the computer is viewer friendly.. I miss the sl viewer 1xxx. Also try the computer cache is clean, and defraged...
  3. Hellos can you send me a in world LM? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
  4. Have tried a for month or 2, but have failed.. Now have a vow of chastiy... Sighs....
  5. Could not have said that better.. just a month away from a real beach, with noisey and nosy people without pose balls..
  6. Uhmmm I don't spend much time on SL as I did, but can you please explain what a griefing prim is..?
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