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  1. Yes.. love it and ths upport is not bad either... Had alot of dumb questions yesterday.. took it for some tough test drives yesterday.. a few crashes , but think that was more on my end..the disappearing camera pointer annoying but that is the extent...
  2. Hellos.... Hi I had to do a windows restore back 14 days from the28th to the 14th. THe Pheonix viewer goes to the logging in.(screen).. then next messgae processing response and crashes out.. after 4 reinstalls ... forgets to dumb the HD cache.. grrrr 2 clean installs.. still getting same message.. Both Firestorm and SL V.2 work fine but a little tough on a laptop.. should I 1. see if the graphic card driver need updating 2. do total clean install on viewers Thank you for your time J
  3. Oh uhmmm the single life was good , but being married in sl , ahs made life easier.. THo I have male freinds just hangout when the partner comes on ... I don't even need to spend every waking moment to know that I love them.. there is even a good chance they could beocme my rl partner also.. uhmmm going to have to look into a visa.. okies rambling now..
  4. I am annoyed, too... That I just read that post on 1 cup of coffee after a long weekend .. *Sighs* Have a wonderful week and please give to the needy this winter..
  5. If they were a band, would they be Mister Mister Representive?
  6. It is Probably a script on the sim.. i.e. a collar or dance script.. time for crtl+alt+T....
  7. hi.... can you please turn the fonts down just a bit.. it's killing my hangover....
  8. Pardon? I need to take a nap after a short day work and read it again.. sighs....
  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, yes I realize that not everyone celabrates turkey day and it is not yet Thursday.... But, be thankful for all you have for some have much less, and please donate to the local food bank..Ok I have a half day at work.. yay!!!: Love you Shery Jen
  10. Thinks that forced tp still work.. (smiles) But as mention Dari Haus (sp) still works good. But OC is still the best.. But you may try T&T chasity belt has forced tp's also... Have a wonderfully short week
  11. Yes first of to the Military hospital, and feed the wounded warriors.. then A homeless shelter..Then home, get drunk and dance...
  12. As a payng customer.. uhmmmm This not like the electric company, and complaing when the lights go out, or a mechanic not fixing the car just right. This is not an entitlement.. I can withdraw my account and not think twice about it.. It is just an online service I pop in and out of.. I have not vested interest nor monetarily bound to.. Just here for fun.. Just my 2 sense Yay time to go home
  13. Pheonix works good with RLV, as does Hippo.. But the RLV viwer is still the best.. seach restrained love viwer...
  14. Washington DC...57 degrees.. rainy as usual.. But not snowing so can't complain to much.. Have a wonderful whooshing wednesday
  15. Hi... nervously, folds hands in lap.. slow stands.. looks around.. Hi, clears throat...My Name is Jenny..."and........uhhhhh" (sqeakes) "I thought this was Alts anynomous" "Isn't this the right room" Blushes....
  16. Hi, can you tell me what viewer you are using.. Clearning the cache is not necessary that often. The viewer defaults a certian amount of space for that. A crash is not the result of cache.
  17. It is smart marketing, tho annoying.. I hate getting stuck in a corner..
  18. I know , it does bother me a bit. I dislike being asked to provide proof of gender.. I know what I look like. Why do they need to know..Def gives me the creeps.. Love the mute button Have a wonderful breezy tooosday
  19. Yes last week had an eye put out with one oof my bouncy bits.. I have found lag cathcing up with the avie is one cause also a slow net connection also.. So when the Bit transfers catch up, the bouncy bits tend to go boucny bouncy.. Detach the physics and re attach.. Or go to a less sentsitive physics
  20. Hi, I normally don't like to promote people or places, but Satyriasis Sheryffe Very smooth jazzy and sultry voice... mmmmmmmm.. ops my bad.. But check him out.. Have a pleasant day.
  21. Thankfully there are right to work states where you can't be forced to join a union in order to get a job. SL is a US corporation, should they then set up Right to Work sims where the unions hold no sway ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you .. that was rattling around in my little brain...
  22. it's because LL is charging them way too much for tier. Direct your complaints against the real culprit: LL; ______________________________________________________________________________________ Och a jab at the big business, and the free market econmy.. At the last look at the TOS. It nowhere states gameful employment, and a right to work. Perhaps one needs to step in the RL.. I am not certian what a strike would do, when there are so many choices.. But if makes you happy..
  23. Hello, have done the pregancy thing twice, with differnt partners (wow what a tramp..oppps) .. I think my love just liked me being pregant, with a tummy talker.. /thinks adoption is a better route to take. Tho I enjoy my partner. I'd sometime forget to attach the baby.. Uhmm as a matter of fact have to findout what happend to my baby.. Amber alert... crosses fingers on the folder being there.. Is there a child services for sl? (hiding crack pipe) smiles
  24. Sounds interesting, tho my SL partner/spouse/SO would not be to enthuisastic about a me bringing home a hooters girl. Nevermind trying to explain what a hooters girl is, through translation.... Also might not be the right forum for this ad.. Just my 2 sense Have a wonderful Wednesday
  25. I have found banging on my laptop extremely helpful.. But also pressing the WIFI connect is also helpful.. Uhmmm maybe that is my problem... Darn after thoughts... Happy Tuesday everyone
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