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  1. Great list of vids so far. Thanks for all the submissions. :smileyhappy:
  2. I think the idea is supposed to be people can continue to add answers as sort of a reference for the KB. Just my thoughts.
  3. Argus Collingwood wrote: Added mine right after Rod Tweeted that he had done his. I am adding as I discover more keywords that strike my fancy:smileywink: Your forum badge strikes my fancy :smileytongue: Nice work!
  4. Why should I do that if a mod deletes them before the community managers see them? It seems PM's are even moderated now.
  5. I logged in today to find my sent PM's missing from last week. Who allows this to happen and why is it allowed to happen?
  6. Venus Petrov wrote: Moderation in Off Topic should be with a lighter hand. That some have had hands tapped for posting off topic in and Off Topic thread is ridiculous. Just curious, why do you support people posting in off-topic to circumvent the CPG? I don't think anyone should receive preferential treatment based on which sub-forum they participate in.
  7. Eric Castanea wrote: Please think of your customers, LL. Give us a choice not to use it. Don't force it on us. LL is not forcing viewer 2 on its customers. There are many options each person can decide upon. :smileywink:
  8. It doesn't work that way. There are people who abuse the system. What's a violation for one, is not a violation for another.
  9. CiaoBella Mirabella wrote: Here I am aboard a turbo charged butterfly!!! How cool
  10. Ishtara wrote: If you see an avatar with full lips and a round face, or thin lips and a long, square face, you can be quite certain that the operator behind the avi shares these facial features to some degree. How true...some people must be famous using a long square face. :smileywink:
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