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  1. I have found banging on my laptop extremely helpful.. But also pressing the WIFI connect is also helpful.. Uhmmm maybe that is my problem... Darn after thoughts... Happy Tuesday everyone
  2. Yes I have, not done well with my sl relationships, either to clingy/needy, or distant. Yeah I have screwed them up. So I have exiled myself to my sim. Even tried to mute myself. For the 2 bridges I burned, sorry. For the ones that burned me. Such is life, as it applies to sl as it does to rl..... Have a fantastic Monday There is a postscript to this.. but has been edited for content..
  3. Kiss my alts goodbye. Say goodbye to everyone on my friends list... Finally while the clock is ticking, get partnered to a male.. hihihihi
  4. Nacy, agreed perhaps that is why I spend so much on my sim terra-forming it and then re-doing.... But think Breakfast Cub is better....
  5. for making my own shapewhat is agood skirtshape.. thanks peace
  6. Hello's.. In this tough economy were every RL counts towards bills. I am trying to justify the expense. Even though I am single and answer to no one. I am pondering dropping the account... I will still buy the money... Having a house can not be reason enough to keep the account. just a thought. Have a wonderful almost end of the week
  7. Heys, was Ruthed for a while 3 weeks ago, and nothing helped. Eventualy did a viewer clean reintsall.
  8. Just curious atm to know what it is how many prims it is and where.. Thinking about a a small project.. Have a wonderful Wednesday
  9. Not really a hint but wondered. What type of suntan lotion (SPF) does your gf use..? Hope you make it back from the bottom of the sea/ocean.. And I lost a phone at the beach a year or so ago, so if you find it please let me know. happiest of Mondays
  10. Bindweed Elfspider She is cheerful and friendly. She lives at the bottom of tangled gardens and in hedgerows. She is only seen when the dry seed cases pop. She wears tangled multicoloured skirts made of petals and has transparent green wings like a cicada. Oh that cheerful got me banned and ejected... this weekend
  11. Hey, hope ths is the right forum to use. but can you send some links for skybox rentals. My partner has translation issues and gets frustrated easily (understanble) So please looking to rent skybox first. Would like at least 100 prims. Cost between 300 and 600 ls weekly. So please feel free to send me your sales info. Thank your time. jen
  12. Spent 3000-4000 on shapes and skins, but was not truly happy. Kind of mixed the shapes and skins looking for the right look. Though I am still well mixing the 2. I think I have the right combo. As for the single status.. TBD
  13. Hi's... I got divorced (again) and need some good shaped ideas.. the best of the best please.. Thank you
  14. Blessings to all. Have a wondeful Wednesday, and for the rest of the week, may the wind be at your back
  15. i guess i am just tired of a two party system --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uhmmmmmm better then the one party system.... /me thinks
  16. After reading this fastinating post. I have to think of all the songs with the words "Breakup in them" 1. Breaking up is hard to do Neil Sedaka Uhmmmmm had a few more but lost track of them.. darn work
  17. Yes noticed the sun go down the the moon to fallow on a visting sim. For a moment thought I was in Alaska.... Hopefully this will not cause a Green house effect.. Have a wonderful and peaceful day
  18. Take your physics off, then no more boucny bouncy.. Tho I never deeply concern myself , what others think about me. I personally think the physics is a nice addition, to SL.. Burr... the temperature has dropped today, can't wait to get in SL weather. Have a wonderful Thursday
  19. Try this: Re-read your list, and then think of Michele Bachmann _____________________________________________________ Thank you for your bloated polictical interjection. Don't think I could have made it day without reading such insight. Love ya, mean it
  20. I would suggest that you ask other to also file AR's if they feel this is warranted. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dose this not set a dangerous precedence, asking for a lynch mob mentality. Personally would never ask someone else for an AR, for whatever reason..
  21. Ihope he will rest well now. My Iphone, my Itunes, my OS will miss him very much, rest in peace my friend...
  22. Love my boo.. First time iin a long time.. can't wait to see my boo boo tonight.. Love you ,miss you..
  23. It ok to think what you think.. Pretty certian the constitution gurantees both your right of free thought and my right to express my "alternative" life style..So, while you may not aprrove of my partners/SO's, we promise tof keep it behind closed doors.. Life liberty pursuit of happiness Thomas Jefferson
  24. Farwell, goodbye.... have a nice day, preety certian sl will surive... Happy Mondays Love you boo...
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