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  1. oh no.. totally freak, when I have red eyes, or even no eyes.. Green, seafoam, black, yellow, purple, whatever makes me happy.. who care a about popular.. plus I ahve blue eye in RL..
  2. 3) Be completely unhibited in chat regarding grammarr, spelling and syntax. Nobody cares about korrect speling. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use spill chick
  3. I found quality time with myself or another alt, getting more alone time . I enjoy the quiet time I have in SL. Acutally even more then talking to my "friends" I like going into some of the groups chats and helping out the new residents.. Also instead of going dancing I have found myself taking classes.. Evolving, perhaps.? Anyways I enjoy my "me time" I have in sl.. So if I don't repsond right away it does not mean I don't love you it just means I am busy with me.. Happy Moday everybody
  4. Persoanlly would like multiple partners... But that would require multi-tasking, on a Friday
  5. Hellos... My first partner divorced me by email....lol (it was all my fault) yeah... My current wife, starting to sound like Elizabeth Tyalor.. Vanished from sl for about 3 months, not a word, or goodbye. Soon found her at the usual meat market., (no no not stalking) hihi.. we got back together in May or was it June? But wait ,be patient, exchange some not to sensitive info.. If anything else, stay single have fun
  6. Good luck Storm . As a DC resident (ok just outside of DC) I'm ready... Hurricane party on my sim until the power goes out.. Seems very aprapos That's great, it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane - Lenny Bruce is not afraid. Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn - world serves its own needs, regardless of your own needs. It's the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it. It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. REM
  7. Hey, when I get in world, will give you a script monitor, sadly another hud,,, but look at the shoes, jewery, attachments... currently wear 6 scripts.....
  8. lol, my wife and I have a baby together, tho I have to ttell her, that it is lost in my inventory,,, did the talking tummy also. Iam very it is over for now, and she can carry the baby next time...
  9. No.... but IM's can be blocked... sighs..but can view open chat..
  10. Greetings Zakiyoshi, Washington DC here waves to neighbor...
  11. Maya, et al: Agrees with you, even in SL releationship have been hesitant to give out numbers. Think it is best to with much thought, Was just wondering out loud...
  12. . But no, I'm not changing my shape into a pre-made one for each clothes I buy.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maya, i could not agree more, perhaps been in sl to long, or just happy with what I have.. but see no need to change what I am happy with
  13. Happy whooshing Wensday. So very pleased to ask everyone a dumb question.. Since I don't have a serious partner/S.O. in the Rl, would you provide contact info (other then email) to another trusted person (very trusted) person in sl? I ask this after my Government building was swaying yesterday, and a potential hurricane coming up the East coast.. I know not all relationship are shallow, many have depth and feelings do you have that on in SL you can rely on in the RL?. Thank you for reading, I look forwarded to responses PS Im not talking about providing life information, but a si
  14. Ohh, to be a Newb again... Enjoy the Newbs, you were them once (although maybe not quite so Newbish) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ohh my ohh my, I do so remember my first months in sl.. I was so clueless, often wearing 3 diffent layers of clothes.. So I have found myself not being so critical to the residents.. Thou thinks they can be goofy at times so can I.. And it sort of flatering to be "hit" on.. no bothers.. Happy tuesday everyone...
  15. f the object is so nice that you really want your new avatar to have it, show your appreciation to the creator & buy it again -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agreed "IF" I had an alt.. ahem.. and want something the old avi had would just buy it again.. Support the merchants..
  16. Happy Firday as the ad states.. plese feel free to contact me.... Jennylongview innovia
  17. yes..... happy Firday From bob marley Is This Love lyrics I wanna love you and treat you right; I wanna love you every day and every night: We'll be together with a roof right over our heads; We'll share the shelter of my single bed; We'll share the same room, yeah! - for Jah provide the bread. Is this love - is this love - is this love - Is this love that I'm feelin'? Is this love - is this love - is this love - Is this love that I'm feelin'? I wanna know - wanna know - wanna know now! I got to know - got to know - got to know now! I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I - I'm willing and able, S
  18. /me wonders what kind of Miss you are to need to advertise.. perhaps meet at persian later... smiles
  19. Val.... Excuse muy... My mistake.. Looks for hidden microphones.. Certain thing can't be done on Govn't computers.. But.. If you would "the literal interpretation of "total Eciplise of the heart" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj-x9ygQEGA Perhaps it is just me or the xfiles are real.. giggles
  20. the words " I am sorry" is such a shallow phrase... "i am sorry for hitting you in the face." I'm sorry,I didn't mean to knock your teeth out" "I'm sorry for the black eye" .. Keep the sorry's I fI was any of the shallow expression just apologize with a smile and move on.. Music: Elton John Lyrics: Bernie Taupin What have I got to do to make you love me What have I got to do to make you care What do I do when lightning strikes me And I wake to find that you're not there What do I do to make you want me What have I got to do to be heard What do I say when it's all over And sorry see
  21. don't find them sexy at all, because I just cant shake the feeling that a female avy armed to the teeth can only belong to a teenage boy. Weapons as fashion accesories is fine, like a dagger with jewels or something similar. Interesting. How does that translate for you into RL when you see women in the service with .... _____________________________________________________________________________________________ As A proud member of the the military.. With secret service agents, FBI agents.etc. and of course the Military family it is not unusal to see women with armed.. Tho have t
  22. smiles...../me thinks if you have never had gf that could carry and shot a M4 or M16... The smell of sulfur on there skin after getting back from the down range.. hmmmmm curls my toes...
  23. /thinks that I did have something to say.. normally I respond to the forums in the early morning. This is right before second cup of coffe at work.. Perhaps this is wrong place to do this but it seems appt for the subject.. Nevermind
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