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  1. Happy Thursday.. Happy last day of work..Happy Holidays best wishes to all.. Love ya all
  2. Happy Wednesday, Merry Christmas, happy Chanukah.. Blessing to all. Safe travels and be well...
  3. Walmart should sell better computers. Computer manufacturers, like Dell, should not misrepresent the products created by independent contractors at the lowest possible price with the cheapest possible materials. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------' Actually I get refurbished laptops with a 30 day warranty.. If my kitty would stop kocking the laptop on the floor., they would last longer.. Happy Holidays!!!
  4. Happy Tuesday!! Happy Holidays... YAY not freezing my stocking off today.. 2 more days of work...
  5. Happy Mondays all... Happy Xmass, good tidings to all.. Be safe and well everyone. xoxoxox . Message powered by 2nd cup of coffe and Strawberry Parfait...mmmmmmmm
  6. Good Morning Hippie and Venus.. Happy Friday to you both and all...
  7. I don't know but this seems like a rehashed question, from last month or 2 months ago...uhmmm HEY! Good Morning happy FRIDAY!!!
  8. Other then my spending time with my SO, I just hang out on my sim listening to group chat.. i have streams to switch the music up. sooooo Iam a boriing person.. Thankfully Happy hursday... Please donate any warm coats to the nearest shelter
  9. Yes it did occur to me.. but I was giving Strom( i mean him) a chane.. oppps
  10. Hi, yes check you setting switch on and off... Voice can get really laggy at moments.. or perhaps relog.. but doubtfully muted.. just lagging
  11. If you weren't going to try to be helpful why did you bother posting? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /me sighs.... please don't feed the trolls.. tho even they need love...
  12. Good morning hippie... happy Wednesday... crosses my fingers that my Xmas present to me is in the mail today... Big warm ((((huggss))) all...... Yay for coffee!
  13. Hi Sofiee.. I love shopping alone... never really certian when I'm dressed.. Yikes.. But express your interests, please.. EHere do you go dancing, what type of musis.. and you can friend me also.. (when I get my lappytop fixed) /kicks HD... ohhh right sorry (mubbling) But what do you like to do while not shopping?
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