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  1. The offerings from AMD are not really suitable for a dedicated SL rig. The Ryzen and Ryzen2 CPUs are multicore monsters that can eat Intels for lunch in certain situations like workstation and rendering machines but SL is a single threaded application first appearing in 2003 and although vastly better than back then, it still runs best on a fast CPU with a few cores. Running SL on 28 cores only doing 1.8ghz will be a very disappointing experience compared to a 6 core 8700k easily overclocked to 5ghz or a 4 core 7700k overclocked to 4.7ghz. SL is like most games needing a fast CPU and can only
  2. Just wanted to share my experiences with Second Life on some different hardware so you could get an idea of what you might see if you decided to upgrade. I recently purchased a Gigabyte Aorus external GPU box and hooked it up to my HP Spectra 360 15" laptop. Basically it is an an externally connected video card which connects through a Thunderbolt3 type-c port and turbocharges your laptop to near desktop performance. The laptop is no slouch itself and the Nvidia MX 150 internal graphics can run SL adequately itself but with the Aorus Nvidia 1080 box connected it steps it up from adequate to go
  3. That is far more dependent on what the motherboard can support. Rule of thumb I use is put in the fastest memory in the fastest configuration the motherboard and CPU can handle without overclocking. Unless you are advanced enough to overclock your memory and willing to cope with the instability that may induce, it isn't worth the bother or expense. There are lots of vendors out there that sell "Superwhamadyne Doucheinator Memory, DD4 3200 (oc)." That usually means no motherboard supports that RAM natively at that speed without overclocking so save yourself some bux and buy the memory your boar
  4. I'm on a 5820K with 32gigs of ram running 4.7ghz on liquid as well and the 980 should not even come off idle unless you have AA filtering maxed out or something. SL doesn't tax a graphics card much at all. Now, that being said, you need to realize SL can't use the extra power the card offers. A 960 or 1060 or better card is more horsepower than SL can draw on. SL can run quite well on a higher end laptop and even better with discrete graphics onboard so a mega monster card and rockin' CPU should make SL run 200fps but it doesn't. When I started SL in 2004, everyone said SL runs best on compute
  5. Linuxgod4u is right on the money for the most part but I would recommend no less than a dual core CPU, four is better and anything else is overkill just for SL. The key here is the CPU single thread speed as SL is not optimized for multiple cores. A $3000 multi-core processor will not run SL anywhere as well as a $180 one with just two cores. i3 7350K or i7 7700K CPU's are the fastest available right now with single thread speeds and they are on the lower end of the price range. They tend to overclock easily so a 7700K overclocked to 4.7 or better would make SL run very well. Another po
  6. Not to burst your bubble but you really have a somewhat middleware computer rather than what is considered high end these days. SL is basically legacy software and it cannot take advantage of multiple CPU cores. AMD processors rely on many cores running at less computational power than Intel. In fact you can go into the bios and turn off all but two cores and SL will still run the same (but will generate less heat, an old overclocker's trick). The Nvidia 1060 is roughly equilvilent to a Nvidia 980 and is by no means a slouch card> I have a Nvidia 1080 with an Intel i7-5820 CPU and 32 gigs
  7. I would rather give my Lindens to a Japanese based charity where 100% goes to the aid of the victims but then again that's just me. I'm not a big fan of the ARC because in my experience, while they are handing out coffee and doughnuts to disaster victims, other charities like the Salvation Army are handing out blankets, tents, MRE's and water.
  8. Take the majority of user options off of the viewer and put them in the download page. In effect, build a custom viewer for each person at download. You have that now really except it is presented in a disjointed and unorganized way. You have the social viewer (Viewer 2), the builder's viewer (viewer 1.23) and the bleeding edge viewer (Snowglobe). You could take it further with viewers like a Machinima's veiwer (Kristain's Viewer for example) and a furry viewer (one with different morph targets for things like paws and muzzles). If you could pull out a lot of code out of the viewer, you would
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