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  1. it does the typical start up before any viewer opens, then right after it says lntializing VFS, it'll give me an Error saying Update your Graphics Card. Before I installed the newer SL Viewer, it would just instantly crash after it says Initializing VFS, no matter how many times I opened it, but now I'm just dealing with this Update Graphics Card problem.
  2. I've been trying to use Viewer2 for a while now, it has worked fine in the past couple months, but since your last updates, it won't work AT ALL. I've been using third party clients just to play and I'm tired of it. I tried reinstalling it, deleting the caches, etc etc and none of it works. I waited a bit then I reinstalled the more recent SL viewer hoping it might've solved whatever is wrong with it, it says I need to update my graphics driver. I checked how old my driver is..it's UP TO DATE. I doesn't need any updating at all, can someone please help out what the heck to do?
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