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  1. thank you! Great info and good ideas that I will check into!
  2. I am creating boxes to store rarely used inventory items. How do I make them non-copyable so if I rez a box to the ground so I can add to its contents, I don't want to be left with a copy in my inventory. How do I fix this please? Also, how can I write a notecard and then lock it so others can not modify/edit that NC. Thanks.
  3. I hit a glitch. It will not let me set the land contribution in my group's info box. In ( ) it says 0 max. So I can't put in any increase. It is a group I created and that I own also. Help?
  4. Hey guys. I bought a Full private island region, 15k prims and what not. So: I want to share my land with a specific group, and "Deed" this land to the group, but.....what are the ups and downs of this? Also, I did try to deed the land to my group but got a message that said my group must have and maintain enough land use credits, what does this mean? I tried to deed the land to all 3 of my owned groups and got the same message each time. I had been told that the problem was in the original group and that I would have to create a new group to deed the land to so I tried the other groups I own
  5. Thank you for your response, I did receive the answer to my question.
  6. If there is a male in real life playing a female in second life, what actions by this female avatar could be considered abuse?
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