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  1. FWIW I always over estimate what I can get accomplished when I design a new course--don't feel bad about being overly ambitious. (Do listen to the warnings others have given.) Based on skimming your comments I wonder if you have too much emphasis on virtual worlds--It sounds to me as if you want to introduce kids to a broad range of skills to encourage them to think about electronic media related career opportunities. A worthy goal, but I feel you can accomplish this while still providing some foundational lifetime skills for students who go on to careers outside of electronic media and mak
  2. Perrie Juran wrote: Oh, Tex and VR, my name is Perrie not Pierre. I may make love like a French man, but alas, I am not French. I begin by apologizing for past erroneous spellings. I continue by apologizing for the future spelling errors I am likely to make. I will try to remember and do it correctly, but spelling has always been a bit of a challenge for me.
  3. FWIW the animosity towards surveys is not unique to SL or this forum. Certain populations become over-studied by well intended, but poorly prepared, researchers and those populations often become hostile to researchers generally. Pierre does an excellent job of explaining the variety of problems with most of the "researchers" looking for survey responses. There are folks who have done successful research in/about SL. The two that I am familiar with have spent time in world understanding the environment and making friends who trust the researcher enough to participate and often help recruit
  4. The most productive is to take your avi into SL and start making some friends---go ahead and declare in your profile that you are a student researcher. When folks have had a chance to get to know you, you can pass them a note card with a link to psychdata (or whatever online service your university provides) along with preliminary informed consent information (general purpose of the study and such). Google "Simon Evans" at the London School of Economics and read the methodology sections of his papers.
  5. Treasure Ballinger wrote: Hi Togran; As others have suggested, please do contact Virtual Ability. Speak with Gentle Heron, tell her I sent you over from the forums, she'll be able to guide you. Hope to see you around the grid. Gentle is definitely the one you want to talk with first.
  6. When I send students out to chat the men report far more challenges getting a conversation going than do the women. My guess is that newbie men frequently show up looking for sex and little else and so end up being ignored. As for getting started--I agree with advice about focusing on basic movement and such first--you can do a lot without moving your camera a lot. There are several wonderful newbie places--you can find some in the destinations tab and others by searching. The busiest place seems to be NCI Kuula which is usually crowded--start with some friendly chit-chat in the public bo
  7. Avatar shape is easy, select any of the basic avatars and you can edit the shape as you wish. In the SL viewer right click on your avatar and select "edit my shape" and you will find lots of adjustable sliders. I've read about designing and editing skins--I can see why skins tend to be expensive. When buying skins use the demos--skins tend to be designed to a particular shape and may not look good on your preferred shape.
  8. On your budget I would recommend buying a basic, non-gaming i3 or i5 based desktop and think about upgrading in a few months. Even a fairly cheap build is at the very high end of your budget: Using lower price, but basically sound, components you could build with: A fairly basic case for $40 to $50 B75 chipset motherboard ~$75 i3 CPU $120 to $140 8GB RAM ~$75 Windows OS ~$100 (or Linux for $0) Power supply ~$50 DVD drive $30 Hard Drive $80 That puts you at ~$590 and you haven't purchased a GPU yet. ($490 if you go with Linux--although I have no idea how/if Linux deals with most PC
  9. How comfortable are you with editing an AO? You could buy an AO that is copy/mod and take out all the standing animations that you dislike. If you only want a couple of stands many of the vendors sell starter/newbie AOs pretty cheap. Cheap enough that you could even buy a couple and see which you like best.
  10. Here's one on sale today: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834313582&nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL122413&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL122413-_-EMC-122413-Index-_-na-_-34313582-L04C I worried a bit about the GT 745M GPU, but it has better specs than my GT 550M so it should work fine. the 17" screen size does make it more of a desktop replacement than a laptop, so maybe that doesn't work for you.
  11. Daisonia wrote: Would this be good then? (A link from your site). http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834314178 videobenchmark.net rates the GT720m as barely better than HD4000. Look for something with a GT650m or better GPU.
  12. I am a big fan of the intel HDxxxx graphics as a temporary measure in a desktop--buy a nice GPU a couple months after buying the desktop when your wallet has a chance to recover. But in a laptop, you have to buy the graphics card when you buy the computer--and the HD series is not a true graphics card. (I understand they are great for streaming video and such, but they are not for serious GPU use.) Find something with an NVidia 550m graphics card, or better (650m is better) and shop for a sale. It took me about a month to find the laptop I use....but it was worth the hunt. (graphics in
  13. Definitely check your wifi channels and hope there is some "empty" space. I live in a relatively sparse neighborhood and I still receive about 10 different signals--I cannot imagine how many you must have in an apartment complex. I have no problems with SL and wifi in my home, but if I lived in an apartment I would look into running a network cable from the router to the spot I normally sit when accessing SL.
  14. Happened to be idling browsing the web and noticed one of the benchmark sites ranks the GTX 760 as delivering th most performance per dollar spent of several GPU cards in the same category. If you (OP) can afford one (around $300 U.S.) that seems like the card to shoot for to me.
  15. You've gotten some good advice on some sensible hardware upgrades for a better computer at minimal additional cost. I'm going to add one point. Many people will deny it, but the higher end AMD processors (and the Intel i-series processors) will run Second life, all be it not well--low graphics settings at low fps rates--but it will run. I mention this because if you are currently having budget issues you may want to put a bit of extra money into the CPU, and other components today, and purchase a nice GPU in a couple of months. For me a good GPU pushed my computer's purchase price past
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