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  1. I have the same problem with a hat I wear. I see it on properly but my friend who also uses Viewer 3 sees my hair sticking out through it. I run SL on low graphics settings while my friend runs SL on ultra graphics settings with all graphic features turned on.
  2. I am new to SL. I am not very familiar with computers but have been told my computer is too slow and too old for SL. I plan to buy a new one. On help island, very helpful people told me that the graphics card is the most important item along with a Core i7 for SL. However, I know nothing about video cards. Someone on help island gave me this chart of video cards to show me their Second Life performance. Which Amd or Nvidia card should I get? Are other brands like Microsoft or Logitech video cards less expensive?
  3. I am a new SL resident. How do I apply for Auburn school role play game?
  4. Hello, I am a new resident of Second Life. I like RPG games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Dungeons & Dragons on the Sony Playstation 3. Are there any similar games in SL? What are the most popular role play type games within Second Life?
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