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  1. Grab a garlic necklace and be free of us fanged beasts
  2. LOL, I can't believe they told you that...Guess they have no clue ..I am of the belief that arrogance is a quality one learns to mask their own insecurities or just plain narcissistic personality disorder, or to make up for something they are not, but let's not open that can of worms in this..I know I go out of the way to work with my customers and non-customers as much as I can. I like to think that loyalty and customer service, as well as a genuine effort to treat folks as you want to be treated still has some value ..Call me silly, but I still like to believe that some of us build for the fun, make things to challenge ourselves and are open to learn, teach and share with others...Silly me
  3. Well, half right, half wrong. As Queen of my clan and a long time Bloodlines player..I didn't ask to talk them inworld to bite and take their soul...but to offer real time assistance with their questions and to meet with them and offer them the opportunity to meet others involved, for a more objective choice. A bitten non-bl person doesn't go in the abyss, their soul goes into limbo....Wormwood: if you have been attacked by a Bloodlines monster, but you haven't joined the game yet, then your soul is considered to be "in Limbo". If your soul is in Limbo, and you drink the wormwood potion, then your soul will go to the next person to bite you, instead of the first..BL players have HUD's that tell us these things....I am in total agreement with the turning down of random requests, the idea and concept is to build a family, make the RP fun and meaningful, and mostly enjoy the social interaction. There are, as with any SL large groups, those that make a mess by scamming, not having honor, or simply just asses...I have always suggested that someone wanting to join a family, shop a little bit, visit, chat and see for yourself before diving into the world of Bloodlines..and I will glady chat someone about it inworld while leaving my fangs and claws out of them.....quality versus quanity is a age old question......I prefer quality family versus total soul count anytime....
  4. Sighs, sadly I have to agree with ya.....MP is a ongoing mess of messes that needs to be fixed,
  5. I'll have to check yet again, A old SL pro told em that the support for all of it is gone, not sure if they know what they are talking about or not......do you use a "group only" vendor from them? Thanks for the response )
  6. Nods nods, that seems to be the report that I get for everyone, and looking at their packages, seems they offer a lot of things. My friends really like the system too, so maybe a change is in order:) Thanks
  7. That's what I heard, and thankooooo so much
  8. Awws Thanks Zanara My concern is that my current system has no support...the group only vendor was just one of the few issues I had.. I will try what you suggested for it......any vendor system reccomendations?
  9. I need an animator that read and design the ideas for couples animations without much supervison, I am a little behind and need help catching up. Also need a scriptor that can design a demo animation mat that can be distrubted to my affiliate vendors..
  10. I have used Hippovend for a long time, it is easy to use, but seems to have limitations as far as adding a group only vendor that can be rezzed on other land...and I heard that the support is gone...I have not needed it, but just curious if anyone knows if this is true....Regardless, I was looking at Caspervend....it has come with recommendations from a few friends that use that system.....So was looking for a little feedback in here.. My business is animations....if that helps ;p Thanks:)
  11. I hope you got all the answers you needed, if not , feel free to contact me inworld.
  12. Lots of families out there, you kinda have to choose your interests and go visit and meet them....each has it own unique features and personalities
  13. Thanks Peggy It's not so much the power, a few years ago I bought a laptop that had a AMD card and when I logged into SL it just did awful, since then I have chatted others and they have said it was better/fixed...My question, two cards better than one, and the xfire configuration ...I am more a nVdia myself also, though I have one now that is being wonky
  14. Awws, thanks gadget, that's what I have heard too, by the way a friend of mine says I need to chat you about making some things in SL
  15. As a vampire queen, I have to kinda giggle and shake my head at some of the posts. While some were on point, and some, though outrageous were simply honest. There are as many varieties to vamps as there are people in SL... Nasty, filthy, evil creatures. That's what vampires are. They only look beautiful on the outside, but their intentions are terribly dishonorable. They swoop down on us from the dark, they grasp us in their unbreakable grip, they suck out our blood. Sometimes they seduce us into having sex with them. Really great sex. Sometimes they even make us into one of them. Awful. No wonder we hate and fear and despise them. Hmm. They have inhumanly spectacular sex with us. They convert us into beautiful, seductive immortal beings. Doesn't really sound all that bad, does it? Oh, right, we hate them. Fear them. Despise them, the nasty, filthy, evil creatures. Sort of.
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