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  1. Well it is the question asked and if it is a available option why don't not worry about the question and keep your perspective to yourself and shut up and let someone answer it!
  2. Awesome pic Duchess congrats on pic of the day!
  3. How do you get a photo in here in this competion? I have asked before and never got a response. Hope to hear something. Thank you
  4. Ok found this but how do you enter pic of the day??
  5. lol, can't find an answer anywhere about how to post or about how to enter pic of the day. What kind of forum is this?
  6. How do you change the server? I can't log in I have tried other viewers and locations.
  7. also it takes long time for screen to load white at first, then takes a long time to type to log in, then once in frozen, have to put another screen on top of sl viewer to see that I have moved. some how the other screen on top causes sl viewer to jump too but still froze.
  8. I am having same trouble, I have a brand new 27" iMac specs: 2.7 GhZ Intel Core i5 16GB Memory AMD Radeo HD 512 MB OS X Lion 10.7.3 This is rather frustrating. I have tried all viewers all do the same.
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