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  1. Yes I was told 2 people paid $50,000L each for 6 month tenancy. Wonderful setting.
  2. At some point will inactive account balances escheat to the state? Which one?
  3. Just not getting it---if I go to https://id.secondlife.com and look at my dashboard where the USD I uploaded from my credit card into SL to buy Lindens, pay premium, tier ---does that count as "checking my Tilia account"? What confuses me is the same/different thing - you have to make a Tilia account but if you aren't going to use it for cashing out it seems abnormal to tell us to monitor "it." And as Gertrude Stein said "there's no there there" unless her dashboard WAS her Tilia account TOO. Is Tilia like Brisbane (suburb of SF, rather a myth in local lore )? You know its there, but you'd be damned if you can ever find it. If people aren't cashing out why not send them an email every 6 months(to be safe) - "click to see your Tilia account balance." Again, unless, just the dashboard is Tilia TOO. You say paying the annual premium counts to avoid inactivity BUT some of us won't be paying their premium in some case for almost 2 years, depending on renewal date, if we prepaid to avoid the pop from 72 to 99. So we'd go inactive, right? Finally, where did the name Tilia come from, I'll be at the Brisbane Beach and Boardwalk awaiting a reply.
  4. https://www.coindesk.com/fincen-says-some-dapps-are-subject-to-u-s-money-transmitter-rules If you REALLY want to know the laws, click the links and google the terms in above article. Not saying Linden is a dapp but this article had good terms and links.
  5. https://www.theinfatuation.com/minneapolis/reviews/tilia sing to the Beatles song Rocky Racoon: Now somewhere in the Linden Hills of Lake Calhoun There lived a young boy named Rocky Raccoon And one day his cash balance ran off with another guy Hit young Rocky in the eye Rocky didn't like that He said, "I'm gonna get that boy" So one day he walked into town Booked himself a room in the local saloon Rocky Raccoon checked into his room Only to find Money transmitters’s bible Rocky had come, equipped with a gun To shoot off the legs of his rival His rival it seems, had broken his dreams By stealing the cash of his fancy Her name was Magill, and she called herself Lil But everyone knew her as Nancy (because she never verified her identity!)
  6. I hope7seas makes a 'Tilia the Tilapia' -then they can try to cash out the new income and tell us how it went...... They'd better make some trailers no owner , no security for squatters ---TiliaTown
  7. Drusilla- I think USD is USD -- no separate pot of cash so an inactivity fee applies. BUT I never cash out so won't open Tilia to look at balance OR does opening my account on the dashboard where the balance shows enough? Does this mean no activity= a fee BUT at some point will the USD balance escheat to the state? Which state --California? Linden- I get the money rules you MUST follow but we need a board game workflow chart to figure out how check balance - my deposited from outside USD appears in 2 places right- dashboard and the Tilia -- or is Tilia nested inside the dashboard?
  8. So to keep "playing" SL I need to accept Tilia terms and the account they set up for me and I will be charged an inactivity fee--when I've never cashed out but usually have cash from deposits to my account from credit cards. Of course my account will be inactive I didn't ask for it. How much will THIS feature cost me on top of higher premium? Is Grumpity filling her thermos, will she be answering comments 24/7 and then Friday we'll get the final scoop? WHY wasn't this covered during SLB16? NOW I know why the next Linden home motif is trailers.
  9. Something weird is going on, was in an event location, 6 avatars total in region, platform at 2500m, 90+ pc scripts running, 10 spare script time, got 30 FPS, my ARC 12k, had 32 m draw, 20,000 and 1 for others complexity. BUT it was a rubberbanding lag pit. Would freeze , rubber band etc. My router had been refreshed day before. So best region numbers I've seen in over a year, terrible performance.Did they recalibrate the region numbers?
  10. Stopping Group Notices from going to email Oz says not sure where on priority list. TPV group 5/31 at 10:50 on the Youtube clock. They will be working on improving group behavior "soon", which is wonderful, but not getting off line group notices is still not getting offline notices.
  11. Last time they let people buy stand alone homesteads some people overloaded them HORRIBLY and since homesteads are berthed -what 16 -to a server a lot of owners complained their new dream home/store was a mud pit. Many dreams died and great creators/builders left because of this when they had to close up because the tier was raised. It was heartbreaking. The new homestead owners were 99% existing tier paying residents so it impacted private estate owners-losing large parcel renters. Standalone homesteads berthed at , say 8 to a server, for a higher tier, would be great, but would still impact private estates.
  12. I just want to know if the regions(and which) will roll, so that if not we can roll them to help with the script issues. Keeping things as crisp as possible for the private estate residents. hums "It could happen soon I heard them say It could happen soon"
  13. May we get notice of the plans weekly again? Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6BN0B0Rks8 It could happen soon I heard them say It could happen soon But just like yesterday The ships have come and gone And we were not along Oh Tomorrow never came I've been here dark till dawn And still end up the same
  14. I don't understand the "unused groups" idea people are floating " kill them off , save the bandwidth." How ever could Linden determine an "unused group"-- are items rezzed under its tag, do people wear that tag, is it used to let friends rez in a Linden home? We need a sleek new "group" - more like a communication tool - where COMMTOOL allows chat, sends notices that ALWAYS arrive etc.
  15. Side footnotes : https://medium.com/@peacelovetrig/on-the-sexist-etimology-of-hysteria-and-what-academia-did-about-it-ef98815ddb6c "The American Psychiatric Association did not officially kill ‘hysteria’ as a clinical term until 1980, " and at time stamp 0:40 seconds , from 1995 SOUNDBITE: Cochran: "We are certainly aren't going to yell at your Honor and become hysterical." Clark: "...That kind of personal attack is very improper and inappropriate the court knows it was simply advocacy and I'm not yelling at anyone for Mr. Cochran to make that kind of sexist remark "hysterical " I take great umbrage at it and I think the court should not countenance that kind of behavior." Ito: "I don't" Cochran: "She finished?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE5FBjz_qMM Words change meaning or become acknowledged for what they are as time goes on. Just don't change the group notices.
  16. I find your language rude and sexist-- "hysterics" is a highly charged word. Why don't you listen to the TPV meetings. Listen to the words. This issue has been brought up twice. Two TPVs. That's how corporations put users on "notice" of pending changes. At the time stamp Oz Linden “I think ,I think the plan is to try turning them (group notices ) off- that is not forwarding group notices to email, globally at this point because it is the only thing we can do quickly. “ Parse that.
  17. Where are these choices? They don't exist-- and won't-- so this is not a solution. The Lab said they will not be adding additional forwarding choices.They want to flip the lever to off line group notices OFF. So this situation that bothers me will exist.
  18. Last two Third Party Viewer meetings, lead by Oz Linden, have raised the possibility the Lab "may" be stopping GROUP NOTICES GOING TO EMAIL WHEN your residents are off line. The Lab is concerned about their reputation as a spammer when people toss these messages into junk(which the resident may do to keep them in a 30 day catch basin vs an immediate delete). Private IMs off line will still deliver if the email address is verified. I feel private estates , probably more than store groups, will have their communities negatively impacted by the planned non-delivery of off-line group notices. When the group member logs in- the notice is there (even though ,for some groups I NEVER get my notices in world or off) but if your estate has events , town meetings, releases new land offerings etc. a resident would have to get in world on that account to get the notice. If they don't log in, it is radio silence. And if, as is common, your residents include an alt(or two) who rarely logs then the active tenant may not get the notice since it would no longer go to the group member alts email that the active resident can easily monitor . Oz did say they will be upgrading event listings to help buffer this proposed change but , my opinion, private estates may not want to post events for the whole grid to see. Winks. Source at listen at time stamp 19: 47 If you feel your Private rental estate would be hampered by no more off line group notices to your resident group or the community would be damaged please let Linden know however you Land Baron types let Linden know your wishes. I'm just a resident of private estates, not an estate owner, but I use group notices off lines ALL THE TIME to get into community events etc. keep current when event times change etc. Communities are the heart of Second Life, I don't want barriers to us staying in touch, especially when we pay money to rent to be part of a community.
  19. Thanks for reply, friend had her tier set for 2 full mainland regions, sold both , hadn't downgraded this tier window and Linden made her pay for a month where she owned nothing. They told her , we don't know if you donated it part of the time etc etc .
  20. So, a Bellisseria trad home pops up -- I name it click the yellow button and get told "sorry you don't have enough available land, increase your tier" something like that Right now , I do not have a Linden home , I donate 512 , I expected to be bumped from 0 USD month to 4 USD **when** I grabbed a home --- is the system for Linden homes that I have to pay UPFRONT for the extra 512, when I may not get a chance at a house/boat for days or weeks? Getting billed 4 bucks a month for nothing until whenever? If I go to a mainland 1024 parcel and click to buy it tells me my tier WILL increase to 4 USD if I consummate the purchase--it doesm't say - sorry go get more tier FIRST. I'm sad/mad. House gone of course.
  21. Was bored and tried a few old school Linden homes while waiting for houseboats. Noted the land at the old regions have a 2010 covenant saying no skyboxes BUT terms you agree to when you sign up for the old style homes says skyboxs ok for 2000m. So, skyboxes are ok at the old 512 Linden homes now?
  22. Caledon estate's three Magnums just rolled, we didn't reboot last week since they were on list by Linden. So--- why rebooted today?
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