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Found 13 results

  1. Are you wanting to make someone's wedding the best? Like a Dream Come True Wedding? Serendipity is looking for detail oriented, well organized, SL reliable, and exciting individuals that are wanting to be a part of making magic REALLY happen for every couple. Who is to say we stop there at weddings?! Any kind of party! Date Nights, Birthday Party, Rezday Party, Baby Shower, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party & much more! Our Current positions that we're looking to fill are Servers, Wedding Photographers, and Wedding Officiants! In order to be a server, we are looking for individuals with an impressive sense of emoting/rping skills, customer services, enthusiasm, and over the top professionalism. You will be expected to provide a service that consists of a 3 course meal. This is a paid position plus 100% tips. We do offer Full Training and uniform! For a Photographer, It takes a person with a good eye for lighting and position to do a beautiful studio shot, exceptional editing skills, and a lot of experience taking photos. It takes an entirely different person to do shots at a wedding. You much have patience, be assertive, be super organized and communicate well. We have several highly skilled photographers on staff but there is just too many photos to work on and so little time. SO we are looking for a couple of photographers that already have the skills needed and we can just train them on how to do weddings. This is also a paid position plus 100% tips role. As a wedding officiant, we are looking for someone with excellent writing and grammar skills, and wonderful communication between the couple and staff. You must have compassion and enthusiasm for weddings to bring individuals together. This is a paid position plus 100% tips. If any one of these positions sound like you, please take a moment to fill out an application and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Serendipity Weddings & Events Applications
  2. If you are interested in any of the paid positions above, please fill out an application at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeMxpnIaZYMVASmHo5OqgEs9NI3hJGz56kfuayaX6KcjHW7pQ/viewform
  3. Cherry Blossom Medical Center was started in September 2019 by Maelani [RaidenRose]. The clinic strives to give a realistic experience to the childbirth process in Second Life. We strive to give excellence to all of our patients and even have incentives for referrals, staff, and sponsors! We try to give everything and more that is expected in a package! We are striving to take a wholesome approach to provide the most innovated, most beautiful, most realistic, and most welcoming experience of having a child in Secondlife! You will not be disappointed!Questions? Feel free to contact one of us down below!❀ Working for us ❀❀ Paid Work❀ Staff Incentives❀ Lots of Opportunities❀ Small Staff❀ On-site Training❀ Requirements to be Hired ❀Each position varies on requirements. If you need a detailed requirement please message Mealani!❀ Discord❀ Email (Gmail preferred)❀ Room for up to 2 Groups in-world (depending on position)❀ Roleplay Experience (3+ Months, paragraph & medical rp is a bonus)❀ Real-Life Experience (Optional)❀ Friendly Customer Service Oriented Demeanor❀ Must be at least three (3) Months on Second LifeMaєℓαиι Cнαяℓσттє Äмaяa (RaidenRose)Owner & FounderDisclaimer: We do have the right to reject anyone, we feel is not a fit for the clinic without explanation. Please give us up to 48 hours before contacting us. To Apply: https://mayivy.wixsite.com/cmbcsl/apply
  4. Giving the recent changes on Second Life server handling.... is there any reason still for this?
  5. Spice is currently looking for servers, a chef, and bartenders who are well experienced in 'role-playing'. (Training is optional for those who feel they need it.!) If you are looking to work in a positive and fun atmosphere Spice may be the place for you. Apply Now: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYqyqW4KIrw67GB8ZmfKsB13hddrDmxPxLM30Vw2ZyytHRtA/viewform
  6. Hi there, I keep getting the same message over and over, each time I attempt to fish. Have attached the image of it, to this. Any type of help is much appreciated! Cheers.
  7. Spice Restaurant is now hiring for the following positions. - Servers - Chefs If you do enjoy interacting with those with thin your community and enjoy a nice good ol role-play, Spice is the right place for you! Come and check us out, we are located at Orchard Heights.The Application will be placed below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYqyqW4KIrw67GB8ZmfKsB13hddrDmxPxLM30Vw2ZyytHRtA/viewform
  8. A V A N T I' S is [NOW HIRING] for the following positions ... - Servers - Chef's - Bartender - Pianist - DJ's Requirements: Your account must be at least 1 years old. Flexible Availability Dependable & Adaptable to different job roles. Quick Learner Must have a least some experience with Role-play. Here is our application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScbb_VB78xWTkl3fARzmf0c2U5pkqa7PQ5sQvZaCEe1U06ZRg/viewform Serious Inquiries ONLY!
  9. EDIT 2: After trying the Lumiya viewer on a 4G network and doing a synchronised computer and network restart, everything seems to be working again. Yesterday I've been getting this error message: "Darn. You have been logged out of Second Life. This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the internet." I'm using Blackdragon viewer, and every time I try logging in I'm unable to move or sit on in-world objects, but I can teleport to other areas and send/receive messages - until I'm forced to log out with the error message above. It usually takes less than a minute for my viewer to log me out of SL. I tried clearing my AppData/Roaming folder, but that didn't fix anything, so I tried installing a fresh copy of Firestorm, but I'm still getting the same issue. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: The computer is a model VN7-593G-75AG Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro running 64 bit Windows 10. The same issue applies to the official viewer. Pinging the server I connect to with CMD results in no lost packets.
  10. We are looking for servers for our new Restaurant • Must not have lag/crashing issues • Must be comfortable doing Roleplay ** Must be voice during the interview ** Required to provide an email we will hook you up to our airtable spreadsheet. Is that you? Please fill out our online application and someone will be in touch with you ASAP! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScbb_VB78xWTkl3fARzmf0c2U5pkqa7PQ5sQvZaCEe1U06ZRg/viewform http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calypso Cove/194/105/22
  11. Can someone please give me some clue what the problem is with the Nude Beach Region, specifically, Naturist Sunland Beach?? Been down for almost a week! Owners claim LL server issue, but can't believe it's taking this long to fix! Getting extremely frustrating! I have my home there and can't access it all week! Does LL intend to reimburse all those losing L$ daily because they can't fix their problems?? Any info from anyone with any knowledge of the situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Everlasting Love Weddings & Latitude Landing Restaurant We are now hiring 'Servers' for our Restaurant. You must not have lag/crashing issues & must be comfortable doing Role Play. Pay rates will be commission plus any tips you make are all yours. Please fill out application form (link below). https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeai2qLYT_CsjqistgIuWu9lai4jKP8sFQmAmcsZO7KQlAkEw/viewform
  13. Hello community! We have been working on a special project, and are looking to make streaming as easy as ever. We just need some DJs willing to stress our servers. If you are a DJ, and you want to try an alternative streaming-service, send me a notecard! We will give you a start-capital of 1.500L$ (not useable inworld) to test our services with. Any feedback would be appreciated too! The beta will run until monday, the 24th of April, 8:00AM (SLT). Please note: As of now, we only have icecast 2 available as server-type. We are looking forward to seeing you!
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