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  1. As of today the situation has grown so bad that groups are being forced to use notices to communicate. People are giving up. In this age of cell phone calls and texts around the world, Zoom, Instagram, etc. Linden Labs can not provide a reasonable communication system for the residents. I was led to believe nearly 15 years ago that the residents created this world. But back then we were at least able to communicate. I know group chat was broken some times in those days but we didn't have anyone telling us it had be uplifted(fixed) and then have it crash so badly. And don't even get me sta
  2. Sorry, still having group chat fails. I hope someday it truly gets fixed.
  3. I for one second Aishagain's request. Have known Main Channel (where are private sim cluster resides) and RC channel for a long time. Does SLS mean everything finally going to be uplifted by Thursday night? Right now the Raglan Shire cluster is 4 cloud sims and 4 regular sims. We would really like to have them all in the cloud. Hoping a lot of the little issues that folks have had in the last week would go away. Also we end up wondering if we should restart our non cloud sims, which are our busiest ourselves. I know this frustration is being felt by other private clusters.
  4. Ok, here we go again. It is Sunday June 2nd and for Friday, Saturday, and now today events all I am getting is "Problem Uploading to Flickr" . Again??!!!! Everyone is raising prices and cutting service??? I have a great desktop, a kick rear end video card, and direct cable internet 300 m. So the problem is not on my end. Won't work with either Firestorm or the SL management viewer.
  5. This issue appears to be resolved. I changed nothing on my flickr account but the link for sending photos from Second Life to flickr seems to be repaired. I never did see any response from the 3 tickets I filed with flickr support. Thanks to Whirly Fizzle and the Lindens for looking into the issue.
  6. Thank you for posting the BUG report. I am now watching it. Have gotten no real response from Flickr whatsoever. Neither has anyone else I know. One of the major things is that at events in second life when you put up the pictures it includes the location data. Which is great for people wanting to visit Fantasy Faire or Second Life Birthday or just general exploring. Now you have to manually upload the pictures without that data. So maybe Second Life can talk to Flickr. I hope.
  7. This is basically the form letter answer from Flickr Support. I have just filed my 2nd request for support to Flickr. They doubled my Pro service cost and then took away my ability to easily load photos and location data from SL. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention.I appreciate you reaching out to us to let us know that you are experiencing an issue with not being send snapshots directly to flickr. At this time, our engineers have been alerted and are working to resolve any issues that may have popped up recently.At this time we are in the process of migrating Flickr away
  8. There is another thread here in the forums on this topic. Some explanations are there. Flickr is changing the way you login and moving to "THE CLOUD". Oh you should all say amin at that . lolol Anyway look here and please file a ticket at Flickr support. Thank you.
  9. Yes it is Thursday evening and I just heard about this and discovered that I can't post to flickr from Second Life as well. I thought I did on Monday. And with Fantasy Faire as well as our sim events going on this is no fun. Guess the new continent broke it. lol I also filed a support ticket at Flickr later. 24hours later still no reply.
  10. Thank you for letting us know what happened. Work in tech myself. Your team's efforts are much appreciated.
  11. Hi, I downloaded and upgraded newest viewer a couple of nights ago. Last night while trying to prepare notecards and announcements for a memorial service and 2 other events I ran into this problem. Whenever I was in a notecard that had text and I tried using my physical keyboard Ctrl-C command it would erase the contents of the notecard. When going to new notecard and typing Ctrl-V a small v appears in notecard. However, if I right click on text in old notecard and select copy from the drop down menu and also when going to the new notecard I right click and select paste it works. Just can't
  12. I am at a concert right now and it best watched with Midnight Settings.  Someone shows up with Facelight that will give a sunburn.  Can't find the old command you could check  so you didn't see them in Viewer 2.4 beta.  Thanks in advance.
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