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  1. I use v.1.23 and I just tested this. I can use SLurls and they open my viewer for me and transport me there, I do use a Mac though. I should learn to read, I guess my observation isn't very helpful.
  2. just to confirm, there isn't
  3. I just want to add my welcome to SL.
  4. Yes it is probably related, thanks for the link.
  5. In world, in the IM window and the communication window the areas I type into are black, so you can't see what you type, but it shows up normally on screen for others and yourself to read, this as only happened once last night. any ideas what might be going wrong?
  6. the first thing to check is what you are wearing, have you attached something new recently? boots with 450 resizer scripts are not good for example, first start by removing all attachments, just wear basic clothes. if you've done that then others should give other suggestions.
  7. but I'd rather, like you, that they fixed the big things like antialiasing not working on Macs. Only five percent of home computer users use Macs. Mac users aren't a "big thing". Yeah but… I'm a Mac User, and I'm really important, and all those 5% use Second Life, and that's a lot of people. This isn't fact based at all.
  8. The above chnages makes me interested in trying viewer 2.x out now too.
  9. You know Lorraine, I have been in SL for nearly 4 years now and I have been all over the place on a weekly basis, it used to be daily, but I travel about less now, but i can honestly say I have only once landed in a place that made me fell like I was watching porn and that was before Zindra and adult restrictions, I have long ago assumed that people who come across porn so often in SL are the same people who used to open all those porn spam emails that one used to get (do people still get them?), but those who are not seeking it, never come across it. Not that I am saying your one of those people though.
  10. Not that I think increasing non-profit tiers is a good thing, but I assume that this will mean that non-profits can use their islands for profit now, the educators could offer the children out for sale to do exciting work opportunities like chimney sweeping maybe?
  11. I'd be quite happy for them to release version 2.3 if it worked as well version 1.23
  12. but remember to spell it 'oriental' :-) Hey, serious question, how does search see 'Oriental/Japanese' as two words or as gobbly gook, does not one need to type 'Oriental / Japanese' which wastes two charcaters, but more certain it can be recognised?
  13. Sonya, there are many public sandboxes out there, some are far better than others, look for public sandboxes on private sims, hardly any problems occur on these.
  14. Irene, the maximum height for building in SL is 4,000 meters, thereabouts.
  15. the capital for Peru is P. :-)
  16. My understanding is that Linden Lab only allow a transfer of an avatar through legal documentation, which is usually in the form of a will.
  17. the best option is to use a copy of your hair, place it on your head and place the hat in position, modify the hat to the desired size and tilt, then grab the hair and move it to such a position that it stops poking through, you can also delete hair that can't be seen too. Select hair and hat and link, whilst I'm not sure this can be done whilst attached, you can hop on to a pose stand and place the hair and hat as accurately as you can on your head and link them this way, then take back to inventory and wear on head and do your final touching up then.
  18. SimonT Quinnell wrote: If what you are saying is true, why are you bothering to use bots to inflate your traffic? All that ends up doing is create lag. Something doesnt add up.Scruffy ================================== "play our hud based game in peace" maybe they use bots for abuse, like killing them?
  19. I have always shopped in Xstreet while not logged into SL and I have never had a problem, yet.
  20. I searched for the colour coding but can't find it anywhere The pulsating pinkish/purple prim is the avatar bounding box The reddish/orange colour indicates prims with scripts in them, or maybe more accurately when a script is active/moving, it appears only when I open a door, but is constant when a prim is rotating. green is just prims yellow is the root prim light blue indicates the bounding box of the terrain dark blue indicates the bounding box of SL in the void ahh pulsating appears to be prims that move, my flexi prims (also indicated with the reddish/orange bounding box) all pulsate as well as all the prims I wear I hope that's more helpful somewhat? I can't see any other colours than those. Edit: Oh yes there is a third blue, more royal blue that indicates particles Found another, grey is for clouds, which also pulsate. NB the reddish/orange bounding box doesn't seem to be consistent with my observations at all times, opening another door the colour didn't appear. OK I have worked this out, when a item moves independently by itself the reddish/orange bounding box shows, but when movement of a prim occurs when it is part of a larger linkset the bounding box does not show.
  21. All I know for sure that purple on the minimap indicates a prim or a item that you are the creator of, but not the owner.
  22. only way to control this is through group.
  23. about land => options => build and check 'allow all', remember to turn it off later.
  24. Is this Pep's daughter? By the way, how the way the majority of the 'mature' adults have handled this is disgusting, your answers are somewhat reactionary and little more than unintelligent. This is a 14 year old, who I think has shown more maturity, integrity and intelligence than 90% of the adults in here, you should feel ashamed and embarassed and before you come back at me, it's your arrogance that stops you from seeing that your behaving in a more immature way than the OP, God some of you adults grow up, your attacking a young woman who is merely asking for solutions. Luckily some have given her good advice.
  25. I could only comment on what I knew and what was most likely in past incidents, so I'm sorry your having problems. So you have nothing to worry about then when you sort out your ticket problem with Linden Lab, everything will be as it was, and I am assuming that you having so 'many' tickets, didn't cause the problem.
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